SYTYCD Taking to the Road?After the Hospital

So You Think You Can Dance has more to celebrate than a week without a trip to the infirmary. The television show deemed the “biggest hit of the summer” by Fox’s voiceover guy also will be extending its season into late summer and early fall with a national tour.

The sixth season contestants notably skipped a tour after the experimental fall season ran too close to the auditions for this current seventh season. So You Think You Can Dance tickets, or SYTYCD tickets as the kiddies will type into Google, will first be available for a show in New Orleans on September 19, 2010 at the Lakefront Arena. This will be the first of 40 shows (tix go on sale July 30).

The question is will the SYTYCD Top Ten, the likely dancers to be on this national tour, still be standing once the road trip ends on November 17th? It seems like all dance shows end with medical care, and those are just for shows with performances once a week. I know the SYTYCD crew is a little different than the Dancing with the Stars group. They are young, aspiring dancers in better shape than 99.9 percent of the population not aging C- and D-list celebrities fearful of disappearing into anonymity, but being in peak physical condition has hardly kept these earnest performers safe.

I think Las Vegas is going to be forced to open a whole new line of bets, placing odds on whether Alex Wong will re-tear his Achilles tendon at the first show or if Ashley Galvin’s injured rib becomes to painful to bare half through the schedule. It is sort of a sick thought, but so is this program’s acronym (seriously a six-letter cipher, even baseball is not that ridiculous and it has hundreds of them).