They’re Back…Heidi and Spencer Want Back on the NBC Reality Show

Summer time fun has begun and the top twenty concert tours have been released based on top grosses per city here in the states. There are really no surprises especially with some of the big names touring this summer. Find your favorite and check them out this summer because more than likely they will be coming to your city. I will just rank them real quick for you to give you an idea.

1. Elton John and Billy Joel   6.Fleetwood Mac      11. Neil Young          16.Yanni Voices
2. Britney Spears                    7.Kenny Chesney     12.Lil’ Wayne             17.Celtic Woman  
3. Eagles                                  8.Nickelback              13.Motley Crue          18.Slipknot
4. Bruce Springsteen             9. Leonard Cohen     14. Jeff Dunham       19.New Kids
5. The Greatful Dead             10. Il Divo                     15.Kings of Leon       20.James Taylor

Here are just some gossip tidbits I wanted to share. First are you ready for this, the adorable little girl, Rubina Ali, from “Slumdog Millionaire” is writing her memoir. She is only 9 and luckily the book will not be about her rise to fame but rather her life growing up in Mumbai. If her reality is anything similar to the movie, I am sure it will be heart wrenching and gripping.  The book, “Slumdog Dreaming” is actually due out July 16. Something you will not want to miss Monday night…Heidi and Spencer Pratt return to the NBC reality show, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”. After quitting 3 times and for some reason then wanting to return to the jungle, the two must spend the night in the “Lost Chamber” while the cast decides whether to vote them back in or out. I am sure NBC is praying to let them in. The ratings have never been so high with this crazy pair and their antics. They do seem perfect for each other. Do they not know that they are a spectacle… even Matt Lauer from the “Today Show” was making wise cracks about them during an interview with an NBC guy in regards to the show.  Only moments into the chamber, Spencer starts crying for a medic saying he dislocated his thumb. The medic says basically can you move it? Spencer says yes and the medic tells him to get over it he is fine.  They are a couple of babies and to watch them you just do not want to believe they are really like they are and then you also can not watch them to long without wanting to rip your own eyeballs out. Like I said you won’t want to miss Monday’s episode or maybe actually you do. Congratulations to Lance Armstrong and his girlfriend, who welcomed a new baby boy into the world, Max Armstrong, who weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long. 

How bizarre are all the conflicting stories on the shocking death of actor David Carradine? So first the police suspected suicide, but Carradine’s people are insisting that is not the case. He was in Thailand filming the movie “Stretch” and had 3 more movies scheduled for when he returned. His people say, “He was too full of life” to kill himself.  Originally it looked like he hanged himself but the police do admit  that is looks suspicious. Right now the case is under investigation and at this point the police just do not know yet what happened.

Performers and Their Sexuality

You know I find it interesting how people just love to talk about their sexuality and then are surprised when others are upset by it. The latest person “opening up” about her sexuality is Lady Gaga. She has a new interview coming out in Rolling Stone Magazine and she talks about being bisexual. She says that, “she’s been highly disappointed by her boyfriends reaction to the fact that she’s sexually attracted to women. It makes them uncomfortable.” I am surprised that she is surprised by such a normal reaction. It is not the norm, so of course it makes people uncomfortable. She goes on to explain that it is just the physical feelings and attractions she has towards women. In the interview she does talk about a man that she was in love with several years ago who was actually the inspiration for all her songs on her first album, “The Fame”. Right now she is dating someone new but she also says she is fine to be alone as well. She talks about her music in the interview and how she is happy that she is not the typical “perfect little pop singer.” She wants to be different and stand out and hopefully her music can do the same. Speaking of sexuality, there is a lot of speculation about Adam Lambert and his preferences. For now he is not sharing. He is all about “embracing who you are and what makes you different is actually what is really cool.” That is the kind of role model he wants to be, do not be afraid to be who you are. When asked if he will address his sexuality in his upcoming interview in Rolling Stone Magazine he says, “maybe”.

New information continues to come out about “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. This news is coming straight from the TLC network itself. Although the season premiere was surrounded by controversy, the network says not only is the show not being cancelled but they have plans to air 40 episodes this season which is double over last season. A network representative says that the show has changed, “it went from a feel good show about this young couple raising eight children to a show about two parents trying to keep their marriage together.” It has changed but that is not necessarily a bad thing for the show, in fact the premiere was the highest not only for the show but for the network as well. Although they may lose the family viewers who watched with their kids people are fascinated by this real life drama. Kate’s brother and sister in law are not as happy about the recent developments however and they are out making the TV rounds and letting everyone know that they feel the kids are being exploited. Kevin is currently estranged from his sister and the two feel they are only looking out for the children and their best interest and having cameras in their bedrooms and watching them when they cry is not in the best for the kids. Jodi (the sister in law) has said that the kids have told her they do not like the cameramen all around. When you are earning between $25,000 – $100,000 per episode, and you are looking at 40 episodes and providing for your family, there are definitely going to be controversy and hard choices.

Don’t forget the “MTV Movie Awards” air this Sunday, with Andy Samberg, from “Saturday Night Live” hosting the show. Eminem will be performing along with Kings of Leon. I wonder what song Eminem will choose to sing and if any fights will break out. This is one of my favorite award shows and I am sure this year it will not disappoint. “Twilight” and “Slumdog Millionaire” are both looking at a lot of potential Golden Popcorn trophies.    

Hollywood Weekend Weddings

Wedding bells were ringing again for 2 couples this weekend. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag from “The Hills” said their” I do’s” this weekend in front of 200 family and friends in California on Saturday afternoon. That is quite a change from the private ceremony they had together when they eloped to Mexico 5 months ago.  In attendance were Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner, Audrina Partridge and Kristin Cavallari to name a few. Now you might be thinking that Lauren Conrad said she would never be at their wedding and here she was. IT seems that everyone was a bit shocked. And then there was Brody Jenner and his ex Kristin Cavallari while Brody was there with his new girlfriend.awkward! The wedding was filmed so you will be able to see it for yourself on MTV sometime in the future. Should be interesting to see it all unfold. The other couple to celebrate with family and friends this weekend was Salma Hayek and her hubby Francois – Henri Pinault. The two got married Valentine’s Day at city hall but this time did it Hollywood style. They were married at the famous Venice Teatro La  Fenice Opera and were joined by many of their famous friends including, Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Ed Norton and Ashley Judd. Bono from U2 was there and even did a little singing for the bride and groom. They had 150 guests join them for the event and the party lasted until after 3:00 a.m.

Can Beyonce get any hotter these days? IN addition to touring, her new movie “Obsessed” came out this weekend and topped the charts as the #1 movie pushing aside Zac Efrons movie, “17 Again”. The movie is great and also stars Idris Elba and Ali Larter. It is all about a successful corporate man with the beautiful wife and who meets the beautiful temp who turns into crazy stalker girl. Sounds familiar but the 3 of them are great and Beyonce shines as always.  John Mayer and his love life are in the news again. This time he is setting the record straight and telling the paparazzi that he is not with anyone right now. Well good to know John thanks for sharing. In other news a Golden Girl passed away this weekend at the age of 86. Bea Arthur, known for her hit roles in sitcoms like “The Golden Girls” and “Maude” died in her home this weekend. She had been battling cancer. Her two co stars from “The Golden Girls” and the only 2 left, Betty White, who is 87 and Rue McClanahan who is 75, appeared on “The Today Show” to remember their dear friend.
The premiere of the new movie “X – Men Origins: Wolverine”, staring Hugh Jackman, was due to premiere in Mexico City this Wednesday. However it has been cancelled due to the swine flu outbreak there. Currently over 100 people have died and the government has asked its residents to stay home and they have shut down schools. Many movie theatres have also been shut down so of course canceling the premiere was the only option. Pretty scary.
Ending with a little love news…how cute is this? The two lovebirds from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” are a real couple. Dev Patel is 19 and Freida Pinto is 24, and Patel’s mom says the couple is happy as can be.

Oscar Night Fun

Well by now you have probably heard about all the big winners from last night. “Slumdog Millionaire” swept the evening with 8 wins, including Best Picture and Best Director. Then there was Penelope Cruz who won Best Actress and Sean Penn won best actor. One of the most touching moments of the night was when Heath Ledger won for Best Supporting Actor and his award was accepted by his family on behalf of his daughter, Matilda. Oh did the speech and watching the family up there, not just make you want to bawl your eyes out? Best Supporting Actress went to the very lovely, Kate Winslet. Now with that all being said and done let’s talk about the fun stuff at the very stuffy and oh so long event that took place at the Kodak theatre in Los Angeles.

First off, it is no wonder that Hugh Jackman was voted sexiest man alive by People Magazine! I thought he did a great job, but honestly he could have stood there for 4 hours and not said anything and I would feel the same way. His opening number, which was his version of a downsized number due to cut backs and the economy, was hysterical.  I must say I never knew what a great singer Hugh was and that Anne Hathaway could belt it like she did?

Beyonce stole the show with her number with Hugh Jackman. The woman is an amazing performer and the musical performance they did together was great. Beyonce is just captivating and when you watch her you just can’t take your eyes off her. I have to say though, that the funniest part of the evening, was the spoof of the Joaquin Phoenix debacle on David Letterman that Ben Stiller and Natalie Portman portrayed as they presented the nominees for cinematography. What is it about Joaquin Phoenix that I just can’t get enough of? And for all those waiting to see what happened when Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston crossed paths for the first time, you will be happy to know the world did not come to an end. Jennifer Aniston presented Best Animated Film with funny man Jack Black, right in front of Brad and Angelina. IT’s seems that everyone was all smiles throughout the evening. Angie and Brad smiled while Jen was onstage and in turn Jennifer clapped when Angelina was introduced for Best Actress and Brad for Best actor. The two couples were also seated just 12 seats away from each other during the show. IT was nice to have a drama free event.  All in all, although a bit on the LONG side the show was a success.