Siegfried and Roy – The Final Show

It was a bittersweet day for fans of the famous illusionists, Siegfried and Roy. The two performed their final performance together in Las Vegas Saturday night along with the infamous white Bengal tiger, Montecore. The final performance took place at the Bellagio hotel and casino and was for a benefit for the new Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Previously the two had done all their performances for the last 13 years at The Mirage but have not been back there since the incident with Roy and Montecore. The entire performance with be on 20/20 this Friday night.

To this day Roy feels that Montecore did not attack him but was merely trying to save him when the tiger saw him stumble. It was just an unfortunate accident but he does not hold it against him. Now there seems to be a bit of controversy about the performance. The two men did an incredible job and it was wonderful to see Roy on stage again after 6 years. He is frail looking and has a limp but it is a miracle that he was able to be on stage and do what he loves after all he had been through. What was interesting about the performance was that the two men appeared on stage completely covered in robes and masks. One of the men did have a limp and was very frail looking and did need to be helped around a bit. The question comes in as to why did they feel the need to be covered until the end.  Why did they need to be wearing masks when everyone knew it was them and wanted to see them? Were they hiding something? Was it them (Roy) the entire time? Was it all just part of the illusion?

Their publicist says it was them and hopefully it was. Really it doesn’t matter, they were there and the show was incredible but it is an interesting question as to why perhaps they did what they did. They have been missed in Vegas and though there are many incredible shows to see, Blue Man Group or any of the Cirque du Soliel shows, there is no one like Siegfried and Roy.