A Jonas Brother Gets Engaged

I have some odd and ends to tell you about today that includes some TV and Broadway news but first and foremost I have a big engagement to share with you. Oldest Jonas Brother, Kevin, got engaged this morning to a very surprised and happy girlfriend.  The 21 year old flew to New Jersey after his concert last night in Vancouver. Kevin showed up early this morning and on bended knee asked 22 year old Danielle Deleasa to marry him. “She said yes, yes, yes, like 500 times super fast in a row”. The two met in the Bahamas in 2007. Brothers Nick and Joe are very excited to welcome Danielle to the family as are Mr. and Mrs. Jonas who are also thrilled with the news.

In TV news, Hillary Duff will be joining the cast of “Gossip Girl” in October for several episodes. She will be joining the gang at college and will be roommates with Vanessa. Also spending a little time in a new drama will be Paula Abdul from “American Idol” who will be a special guest star on the new Lifetime series, “Drop Dead Diva”. The concept is not a new one…a beautiful shallow attorney dies and her soul gets inside another attorney who is smart and plus sized. You can imagine how upset the beauty is when she realizes what has happened and cannot quite figure out how do deal with her new figure. Paula will play a Judge”in a case about a store that refuses to carry plus-sized clothing“.  Lifetime has all their favorite lifetime movie stars scheduled to make guest appearance as well. You can see Sharon Lawrence, Delta Burke and Gregory Harrison as well as Rosie O’Donnell, Tim Gunn, Nia Vardalos, Kathy Najimy and Liza Minnelli.  The show premiers on July 12th.

T. R Knight formerly of “Grey’s Anatomy” is going to try his hand at Broadway. He will be staring in “Lend Me a Tenor” starting in February. The production will be directed by actor Stanley Tucci. This will be his first time directing. Also heading to Broadway is Jude Law for a 12 week performance in “Hamlet”. The production will be at the Broadhurst Theatre opening on October 6th. Law has performed on Broadway before but not since 1995 when he did “Indiscretions”.

U2 just kicked off their world tour in Barcelona Spain in front of an audience of 90,000 people.  The band took some time and did a tribute to Michael Jackson and sang “Man in the Mirror” and “Don’t Stop till You Get Enough”. Bono even dedicated their song ‘Angel of Harlem” to Michael who they called “a great talent”.

 Speaking of great talent, Karl Malden died today in his home in Los Angeles at the age of 97. He was in the popular 1970’s show “The Streets of San Francisco with a young Michal Douglas. He was also in the movie, “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “On the Waterfront”. He was the spokesman for American Express for 21 years when he urged travelers not to leave home without their travelers checks. Remember that slogan? He was one of the greats from the old days.

Mourning Our 80′s Icons

I have been sitting here trying to figure out how to write about the sad events of the day. I was already so sad to hear that Farrah Fawcett had lost her battle with cancer. Even though we knew it was coming and she had been suffering so long, to actually hear about it was still so hard to believe. I have been sitting here reminiscing about when I was a kid me and my friends used to play “Charlie’s Angels” on the playground after lunch. We thought we were so cool, running around with our pretend guns, trying to get the bad guys. We all used to argue about who got to be Farrah and it was always the pretty blond girls. I always ended up being Kate Jackson. My mom had a t-shirt store and let me tell you I had so many Farrah Fawcett t-shirts and of course there was the famous swim suit poster and I even had the matching button that seriously I used to wear. And if only my hair had been straight instead of curly…I longed for feathered hair just like Farrah’s – weren’t the 80’s great?? So just like everyone still reeling from losing Farrah I was SHOCKED when my neighbor called to tell me about Michael Jackson. It was so hard to believe that at 50, he was gone, just on the verge of his comeback. And even though he was surrounded by controversy and really we haven’t heard much from him lately…he was still Michael Jackson, an amazing talent and the King of Pop. I have been sitting here watching the tributes and comments from all his Hollywood friends and it is just so hard to believe. Elton John was right in the middle of singing at his annual “White Tie and Tiara Ball” and he sang and dedicated the song “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” to Michael. Liz Taylor couldn’t even release a statement she was so upset and Madonna couldn’t stop crying. Lisa Marie Presley who was married to Michael for 20 months is “sad and confused with every emotion possible.” She also says she is “heartbroken for his children who I know were everything to him and for his family. “  You can imagine the twittering that was going on today. All the celebs have left their thoughts on the icon. Miley Cyrus tweets, “Michael Jackson was my inspiration.” MC Hammer, “I have no words…I loved Michael Jackson…RIP”. Ashton Kutcher “RIP Sending love and light to family and friend but especially his kids.”

There were some other things that happened today that I will try and fill you in on, as well as take a break from the sadness of today. Love her or hate her, Rosie O’Donnell is back, and this time she is getting her own daily radio program on Sirius XM. You will be able to tune in this fall and hear Rosie talk about various topics including pop culture, stay at home moms, politics and, much more. She will also have celebrity guests and everyday people on the show, as well as people will be able to call in and talk to Rosie and her guests. The clincher for Rosie was that she will not have to go far to go to work everyday.  She is having a studio built right into her guest house on her New York property. This will allow her to be close to her 4 children. “Rosie Radio” will air from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m ET.

Staying with “The View” theme – Joy Behar who finally agreed to marry her boyfriend Steve Janowitz of 26 years, has gotten cold feet and has called off the engagement. Joy jokes, “I’m getting my own talk show on HLN, so I don’t have to get married anymore.” At this point she just can’t decide, who knows one day that may actually do it and that is fine with Steve. The couple is still together and all is good just the way it is.

Twitter Saves a Life

Twitter and Demi Moore save a life. Demi Moore and her husband, Ashton Kutcher love Twitter and have over 380,000 followers.  The other day a woman sent Demi a message that said “Getting a knife, a big one that is sharp. Going to cut my arm down the whole arm so it doesn’t waste time.” Interesting use of Twitter. Anyway, Demi felt she needed to respond to the woman and just couldn’t let her comments go. So she put the message on her page and added a comment, “Hope you are joking.” Several of her followers called the police to notify them of this suicidal woman and the police were able to track her down before she did any harm to herself. Both Ashton and Demi as you can imagine were grateful that this woman was ok. Kutcher then tweeted “Wifey reported a suicide attempt based on a reply tweet she got and saved someone’s life. The woman is in the hospital now.” Demi herself tweeted back as well saying “I am inspired by the enormous response of humanity here and thank you.” She also wrote “Today was a prime example of the power of collective consciousness and our incredible ability to create change when we come together.” Go tweeters!!!!

IT’s a big day for Metallica – the band is being inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Lars Ulrich from the band says “its mind blowing. It’s very very cool. We are ready for this and we’re psyched.”Over the years there has only been a handful of heavy metal bands that have received this honor which includes, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, so it makes it all the more special. Metallica has definitely had their ups and downs since starting the band back in 1981, but they have survived and are stronger than ever. The group even has a new Guitar Hero game out so that is pretty cool for them. You can watch the event live on Fuse TV tonight at 8:00 and you can see Flea, from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, present Metallica with their honor.

Here is an interesting pairing….Star Jones and Rosie O’Donnell are getting together all in the name of charity. The two have teamed up and are auctioning themselves off for a lunch date together with the highest bidder. Is anyone else thinking food fight???. In fact Rosie called Jones “delusional” for telling people that she lost all her weight through diet and exercise alone.  Later Jones did admit that she had gastric bypass. IT is for a good cause, Figure Skating in Harlem, “Skating with the Stars” Gala, so I am sure the ladies will provide an enjoyable lunch for one lucky bidder and a friend. The two have agreed to answer any questions asked during the lunch. If you are interested you can go to CharityBuzz.com to place your bid up until April 15th.