Barry Manilow Helps Fight Crime

I have to say this story gave me a bit of a chuckle but I totally get it and hope that the plan works. A new approach in New Zealand is being tried to help deter unruly teens from coming to the mall and causing havoc.  Remember the saying “music can soothe the savage beast”? Well it seems that the research shows just that and an outdoor mall In New Zealand is going to put that theory to the test.  This mall is going to start broadcasting Barry Manilow tunes “in hope that the music will either change the teens’ behavior or force them to go elsewhere.” Music has been proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as stress hormones. Music can also improve the immune system and speed up the recovery process. Now if it can calm unruly teens too that would be a feat.

I love that concept and I hope that it helps change the teens behavior because let’s face it if you are listening to Barry Manilow you would hope there really is a positive calming effect compared to  what listening to rap music does to effect the kids behavior. This isn’t the first time that Manilow’s music has been used as a deterrent. Recently a judge sentenced a group of kids who had been arrested and convicted for listening to their music to loud in Colorado, to having to listen to Barry Manilow and other easy listening music for one hour a day.  Love that idea but how crazy is our society that listening to Barry Manilow music has become a punishment for teenagers of this century?

In other news, funny man Robin Williams was hospitalized yesterday for heart trouble. He is currently in the ICU in a hospital in South Florida where he had been scheduled for 4 performances of his one man show “Weapons of Self Destruction”.  Williams went to the hospital after complaining about shortness of breath. At this point the doctors are just recommending a week of rest and Williams is planning to be back out on his tour March 11th in Jacksonville Florida. The tour has been exhausting for the 57 year old comedian. He has been on an 80 city tour since September and in the past 3 weeks alone has been in 11 cities. So hopefully some rest is all he needs because his fans just can’t seem to get enough of him.