CMT Award Winners

You just never know where life will take you. Former broken hearted bachelorette, Melissa Rycroft has danced her way to a new job on ABC. Melissa will be a special contributor on “Good Morning America”. Melissa will appear on GMA 8 times throughout the summer “bringing lighthearted, uplifting  and fun stories to GMA”. That sounds just perfect for the girl next door who won America’s hearts even if she couldn’t win Jason Mesnick’s from “The Bachelor”.

It seems that its 3 strikes and you’re out for Billy Joel and his third wife, Katie Lee. The two are amicably calling it quits after 5 years of marriage. Katie is 27 and Joel is 60. Katie has been spotted on several occasions with an Israeli fashion designer, Yigal Azrouel who is 36.  The final word also seems to be in for T. R. Knight from “Grey’s Anatomy”. His return to the show has been in question and after the shows season finale it looked grim for the doctor who was unrecognizable after being hit by a bus, but anything is possible in TV land. As of this week however, he has been released from his contract. Still unknown though is the fate of Katherine Heigl, and like T.R Knight the finale left her return very questionable as she was unconscious and being resuscitated after her battle with cancer. So we still have to wait and see. I for one will miss George and although I do not love Izzy, she is part of the show and I hate to see her go, and how sad will the show become if everyone is mourning the loss of George and Izzy for the season?

Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift won big at the CMT awards. These awards are based on fan votes and let’s just say they love Brad and 19 year old Taylor. Swift won  Video of the Year Award and Female Video of the year for “Love Story” , while Paisley won Male Video of the Year Award, Collaborative Video of the Year award for “Start a Band” with Keith Urban, and CMT Performer of the Year. Rascal Flatts won Group Video of the Year for “Everyday” for the 7th year in a row and Sugarland won Duo Video of the Year for “All I Want To Do” for the 3rd time. Zac Brown Band won the USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year for “Chicken Fried” and Kid Rock won Wide Open Country Video of the Year for “All Summer Long”. There were some great performances as you can imagine.  Lady Antebellum sang “Lookin’ For A Good Time”, Taylor Swift sang “You Belong With Me”, Brad Paisley sang “Then”, and Dierks Bentley sang “Sideways” and Darius Rucker sang “Alright”. So it was a fun filled night of great music and great winners.

Just wanted to give you and update on the cause of death of Mia Farrow’s brother. The autopsy determined that Patrick Farrow died from a “self inflicted gunshot to the head.” That was quite a shocker to read about. How sad for him and his family.       

Octo Mom and Lindsay Lohan in the News

I have not talked about her for weeks but this cannot go without mention. It is absurd and shocking and I will try to just tell you the story without my soap box. Nadya Suleman is contemplating a new pet…possibly a small PIG!!! Really…does she really need one more mouth do feed or excuse me…but more poop to clean up??? She says that if she did indeed decide on a pig is would live outside and wear a diaper. A pig????  Another possibility is a teacup Pomeranian or some other little dog. Like taking care of 8 newborns plus 6 other children is not enough…but the kids have been asking for a pet for awhile she says.  Have you heard the saying…Just Say NO!!!! Nadya has been busy looking for someone to give her a reality show as well as trying to trademark the name, Octo – mom. Nuff said!

Here are few odds and end stories. Jay Leno was admitted to the hospital for undisclosed reasons on Thursday and has been admitted for observation. He had to cancel “The Tonight Show” for Thursday but is expected back to work on Monday. Jay’s people say he is doing ok and has been joking around with the doctors and nurses. And since we can never have enough Lindsay Lohan scoop… it seems that Lindsay and ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson spent about 6 hours together yesterday. Maybe Samantha caught Lindsay on The Ellen show, telling the world that she still loves Samantha. Ronson has actually even changed her Face book status to “complicated”…interesting. Stay tuned – I am sure this will not be the last we hear of these two.   Bruce Springsteen’s wife, Patti Scialfa, was not with him at his Wednesday night concert because she fell off her horse. She is bruised up but luckily that is all. She is at home recuperating.  Have you seen Susan Boyle recently…she is hardly recognizable. Check her and her new makeover out. She looks 20 years younger – which brings her to her age and not a grandmother. She really does look great. Amazing what a good hair cut and color can do for a woman. So the overnight success named Susan Boyle looks like a million bucks!

And how about those Brits? Two famous British celebrities have decided to donate their brains to help Parkinson’s research and are asking others to do the same. Wows…talk about using your star power for good. Jeremy Paxman is a TV host and Jane Asher is an actress as well as the president of the British Parkinson’s Disease society. Already 1000 people have agreed to do the same. Two of our famous celebrities here in the US suffering from the disease are Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali.  Let’s end on a lighter note this Friday afternoon…. It has just been announced the Taylor Swift will be performing at the CMT Awards on June 17th in Nashville.  Also performing will be Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts and new daddy, Brad Paisley.   

American Idol News

American Idol” just keeps on giving. Here is a great story about Chris Sligh who was a finalist from season six. He wrote the new number one country song, “Here Comes Goodbye” for the group Rascal Flatts. So here was the guy who joked about “bringing chubby back” when he was on Idol and he himself claimed not to have the look of a rock star but the guy has found his calling. After “American Idol” he moved to Nashville in 2007 and look at him now. I am sure this is not the last we will hear from him.  What is so ironic though about this story and his writing abilities is that he was brought up a strict fundamentalist Baptist and was not even allowed to listen to pop or rock music. He has not ventured that far from his roots though and has a Christian music album out called “Run to You” which has been successful and in the top 10 on the Christian music charts. He hopes to release his second album soon. He says “we’re trying to make a record that transcends the genre of Christian music and can stand up to U2 or Coldplay or something like that I think it could blow a lot of people away.” And in other Idol news…Condoleezza Rice is a huge Randy Jackson fan and when she was recently in Los Angeles to appear on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” she had a meeting with Randy Jackson where they hung out and talked for 90 minutes. No love connection however since Randy has been married since 1995. She is totally into music and Randy, and has always wanted to meet him and she got her chance and had a lovely time.

The controversy has not died down yet on the whole Miss California, gay marriage and Perez Hilton question from Sunday night.  This morning on the “Today Show” Miss USA shared what she would have said and you know she was prepared for the question. Kristen Dalton from North Carolina would have said if asked the same question that, “the beautiful thing about America is that we have the right to choose, we have the right to choose what partner we want to love, commit and spend the rest of our lives with. I think all couples should be able to recognize legally, and they should be able to enter into a union. Whether or not that should be defined as marriage…I’ll leave that up to the politicians.” Ok, that was a good answer. She also goes on to say that her and Miss California, Carrie Prejean have become good friends and “I respect her opinion.” Leave it to Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus to get in on the action. Both girls have twittered that they both support gay marriage. Britney says “Love is love” and “People should be able to do whatever makes them happy.” Miley says “Jesus loves you AND your partner and wants you to know how much He cares! Like I said, everyone deserves to be happy.” Thanks girls for sharing your thoughts.

On a lighter note…magic man David Blaine got engaged on April 4th to his French model girlfriend, Alizee Guinochet. He is 36 and she is a young one at 23 years old. On the baby front… Jill Scott welcomed a baby boy, Jett Hamilton on Monday. She is in the new show on HBO, “The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency”. Good show great books.         

Beatles Reunion

Tonight is Country music’s big night and all the stars are headed to Las Vegas for the 44th Academy of Country Music Awards. The show will air live tonight on CBS at 8:00 so tune in to see all the big winners (and losers.) IT should be a great show with scheduled performances by Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, Toby Keith and Taylor Swift, and as I mentioned earlier this week Miley Cyrus will be on stage singing “The Climb” from her new Hannah Montana movie. Reba McEntire will be hosting the event for her 11th time.  There is big competition tonight for the Entertainer of the Year award. Carrie Underwood is the sole woman up against 4 men in this category. She is competing against George Strait, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban.  I am personally hoping she can do it and beat those 4 men…good luck Carrie; you have had an amazing year!

It looks like 3 year old Mercy James from Malawi will not be going home with Madonna as planned but is going back to the orphanage. First the judge rejected the adoption claim based on the fact that Madonna hadn’t been a resident in Malawi for the 18 -24 months requirement before adopting. As one can imagine Madonna was very upset and has already started the appeal process, but Lourdes as well, was devastated by the turn of events. In addition to that, it seems that the baby’s biological father has stepped forward. James Kambewa is claiming he is the baby’s father and he never knew that she was alive. After getting the baby’s 15 year old mother pregnant he fled. The baby’s mother then died several days after the baby was born and Kambewa said he thought the baby had died as well. So now he is back and claiming that he wants his daughter. HE of course will need to take a DNA test to see if he is indeed that father and then he says he will be ready to meet Mercy. So we will just have to wait and see what happens. All I have to say is regardless of the new information about the father, why would the government make you be a resident for so long? I just feel that if there is better opportunities for these children besides living in the orphanage why make it so difficult? Absolutely, take some time and make sure you have a good family to adopt these children but asking perspective parents to live in the country for almost 2 years seems a lot to ask and who knows what other requirements there are. Hey Madonna can adopt me. Regardless what you think of her and Angelina Jolie they are truly helping these children and giving them a better life then they have in an orphanage. I just think anyone who is willing to bring these children into their lives and try to provide a better life them should be commended.  
It was a night to remember at David Lynch’s “Change Begins Within” concert and benefit at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall this weekend. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr both performed solo sets during the night. Paul was actually headline the show and after his set he did what everyone hoped he would….he called up his old friend Ringo and the two performed on stage together for the first time in 6 years. How cool is that??  The two sang “With a Little Help From My Friends”, “Cosmically Conscious” and “I Saw Her Standing There”. I bet that was incredible not only to hear them together but to see them together as well. The event was a bit out there but I guess that is no surprise with David Lynch. He organized the event to increase awareness and funds for his foundation for “Consciousness – Based Education and World Peace, a charity that works to promote the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation technique. A lot of stars and performers showed up to show their support including Howard Stern, Jerry Seinfeld, Sheryl Crow, Eddie Vedder, Moby.       

Entertainment News

It was a huge disappointment last night in Sweden for fans of Metallica. Just minutes before the concert was to start the guys came out to deliver the news that lead singer, James Hetfield, had just been taken to the hospital. Luckily it was just a bug that he caught and he ended up dehydrated, but he is fine and returned to the U.S with the rest of the band. Can you even imagine how bummed out those fans were, but what can you do?

Jessica Simpson is back in the news and back in her daisy dukes. Jess performed last night in Florida in what many are calling a “major improvement” compared to the dreadfully unflattering photo of her in those high wasted jeans. Not only was Simpson out in her daisy dukes but she was also wearing a corset as a top (although the brown flannel shirt that accompanied the corset did nothing for her) Overall she looked great and compared to her last few concerts, she did great. There were no tears and no flubbed lines. Jessica is opening for Rascal Flatts and their next stop is in Phoenix on Thursday.

In other Simpson news, its official, Ashlee Simpson will be moving into the new “Melrose Place”. She will be playing Violet, who is a small town girl with a secret. She is one of those that will look sweet on the outside but watch out because she will get you.  Hey, it wouldn’t be “Melrose Place” if she was just sweet.  Although it is not official Heather Locklear has been in talks to return to the show as well as the possibility of Mischa Barton joining the cast too.

I know you are probably on the edge of your seat waiting for more Octuplet news and it is your lucky night because there is more to tell. The latest news is that Nadya Suleman just bought a new house for her family and will be moving in later this week. Although larger then her other house it is still just 2,583 square feet with just four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The house listed for $564,900. Now that sounds like a great house for a family of 4 or maybe even 6 but 4 bedrooms for 14 kids and 8 being newborns – it still sounds a bit cramped to me. It seems that doing all those interviews paid off – literally. In addition to that good news for the family, Dr. Phil has also arranged for round the clock nurses to be at the house to help Suleman when the babies start coming home. Angels in Waiting, a nonprofit organization, are truly the angels that will be helping the family. There will be 14 nurses a day which will be about 4 to 5 at a time working with the babies. Typically that kind of care would cost about $135,000 per month. And you wonder why everyone is so angry at this woman?