NFL Week 17 Preview, Fighting For tickets to the Postseason

This is the final week of the NFL regular season and there are still several games that are actually worth watching if you are not from that city or have become an indentured fan thanks to your family lineage.

Yes, these games matter. The most interesting to me perhaps is the Minnesota Vikings game with the New York Giants. They get to play at home and they get to play a Giants team that already has home field advantage throughout the NFC-side of the postseason.

Still, after the embarrassing loss to the Dallas Cowboys the New York Giants bound to want to continue to climb toward a pinnacle of play, even after last week’s exciting 34-28 win over the Carolina Panthers. I think Eli Manning needs to find his new number one receiver and the entire Giants coaching staff knows it. New York may be a run happy team, but the team needs to know that have one receiver who can make the diving catch for the first down in the pivotal third and long.

The Vikings need this win or they can possibly lose the NFC North to a Chicago Bears team that has fumbled, stumbled, and just plain lucked its way through the season. Minnesota is down a serviceable quarterback (Gus Frerotte) and is starting Tarvaris Jackson, a player whose suck-tastic play lost him the confidence of his head coach.

Luckily the Vikes have Adrian Peterson to march down field. Now Minnesota does not lose the postseason appearance automatically. The Bears still have to beat the Houston Texans, but with a defense that could surrender 40 points to the Pop Warner team Dante Culpepper was coaching before coming back to the Detroit Lions it is not safe to assume Chicago will blow this game.

The other game of interest to obsessed professional football fans is the Denver-San Diego game. After building to an almost definite stance above the pile of mediocrity that is the AFC West, the Broncos failed to keep a single running back healthy and watched the year dwindle closer and closer to a pathetic close.

That incredibly scenario has come to Week 17 with a match up with the very team that has had a late season surge toward the middle of the NFL, the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers have been riding the arm of Philip Rivers as the legs of LT have finally given way to some wear and tear.

This one is difficult to call. The Chargers are on a three game winning streak and playing bad defense that has allowed the Bucs and the Chiefs to score 20-plus points. They also get to play at home at Qualcomm Stadium. The Broncos have lost two games in a row and have been struggling to score points. In the end I think the Chargers will win a shoot out that will go out down in history and be an instant classic on the NFL Channel.

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