Jennifer Hudson is Pregnant

Secrets are hard to keep in tinsel town but this one was a doosie….Jennifer Hudson is pregnant. And the Chicago Sun – Times is reporting that she is not just newly pregnant but 7 months along. It seems that word got out as she was attending her own baby shower this weekend in the windy city. Hudson is from the South Side and the gathering was kept pretty quiet with just friends and family attending. Jennifer got her start of course on “American Idol” and then received an Academy Award for best supporting actress for “Dream Girls." It definitely seems like things are looking up again for Jennifer after the devastating losses of her mother, brother and nephew. She recently went back out on the road to tour with Robin Thicke, is engaged to be married, and now a baby on the way. Congratulations on the baby news and for keeping it a secret for so long. And in other baby news, Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou are new parents to a baby boy. Simmons has two daughters from her previous marriage to Russell Simmons. Two of the girlyist girls I have ever seen, Ming Lee 9 and Aoki Lee 6 ½, so adding a boy into the mix should be interesting. Simmons is the CEO of her company The Baby Phat and she made sure to keep all her fans in the loop by Twittering out the news to them several times throughout the labor and delivery process, and she promises more to come. And last but not least in weekend baby news…Brandon Flowers from the band The Killers and his wife are expecting baby number 2.

Good news for those of us who can’t seem to get enough of reality shows with lots of babies in them. It seems that Nadya Suleman has finally gotten her wish and is taking her brood to TV. She has a deal with Eyeworks, which is a British production company. For the moment her show will only be aired on British TV but that is only because they haven’t sold it to any of the networks here yet. Nadya also does not want her show to look like “Jon and Kate Plus 8”, which she thinks is pretty boring. She also does not want camera men hanging around and filming 24 /7, so for now they will just be filming milestones, such a birthdays and special events. But you know with 14 kids I am sure there are milestones pretty much all the time. In addition to her new show, her new autobiography is also in the works. She will be working with Wendy Leigh, who will be her ghost writer.  Wendy recently wrote, “Life with My Sister Madonna with Christopher Ciccone."

The results are in from “Britain’s Got Talent”, and Susan Boyle came in second place. The winners were a dance troupe called, Diversity, who did an amazing job.  Susan was the fan favorite to win, especially after all the attention she has received these last weeks, but she was very gracious regarding her loss. At this point Susan says she is not sure what comes next, maybe an album. Diversity on the other hand, has won $150,000 and will be opening at the Olympics.

The first couple had a night out in New York this weekend. It is amazing that they just look like your average happy (beautiful) couple, holding handing, having dinner and going to a show, yet they are the Obama’s. I think it is pretty cool. Actually the President was fulfilling a campaign promise that he had made to his wife that was when the campaign was all over, he would take her to New York for dinner and a show. The first couple dined at Blue Hill in Greenwich Village and then they saw “Joe Turners’ Come and Gone”, then back they flew to Washington. How sweet are they???  

Demi Lovato Announces Summer Tour

Disney’s new “it girl”, Demi Lovato is heading out on tour this summer, starting June 21st in Hartford Connecticut. If you don’t have kids you might not know who I am talking about but this 16 year old girl is the next Miley Cyrus. She currently stars in the new Disney channel show, “Sonny with a Chance” or you may know her from the show “Camp Rock” which she was in with fellow co – stars the Jonas Brothers. Demi is going to be quite a busy kid doing 47 shows this summer which is basically a different city every night. David Archuleta from the 7th season of “American Idol” will be her opening act and Jordan Pruitt and well as KSM will also be helping her out during the tour for special dates. Not bad summer plans for a 16 year old kid.

You know it must be time for,”Project Runway” to come back because Heidi Klum is pregnant again. I swear it seems like she is always pregnant during the show, and season 7, which will begin shooting this summer will be no different. So getting back to the facts…Heidi is pregnant with baby # 4. Talk about supermodel – supermom. Heidi and husband Seal, already have 2 sons together, Henry, 3 and Johan 2, and Heidi has a daughter, Leni 5, which Seal has adopted. Busy and beautiful – congratulations!

Yesterday I shared with you the news about Mel Gibson and his wife of 28 years going through what will probably be the most expensive Hollywood divorce to date, and today I am here to tell you that Mel does not seem all that worried about it because he is vacationing in Costa Rica with a 24 year old. The woman, Oksana Pochepa, who is a Russian pop singer, told The Sun magazine, which is a British publication that “she had a romantic relationship with Gibson and is in love. This is serious and I hope our union will be real and strong and long – lasting.” I am sure she does hope that. Good luck with that!
Who do you think will win this race?  So get this… Ashton Kutcher has challenged the CNN network to see who can be the first to get 1 million followers on Twitter. In fact he really doesn’t believe he can do it. He is one person and CNN is a media company. He says if he does to it however he will go to Ted Turners’ house, who is the founder of CNN, and play ding dong ditch on his house. Kutcher is actually in 3rd place with the highest number of followers coming in with 896,947 and Britney Spears is 2nd highest with 905,640 followers and currently CNN is in 1st place with 937,787 followers. No one yet has reached 1 million twitter followers. Now that Ashton has put it out there, I bet he can do it. He has offered his 1 millionth person a copy of Guitar Hero, and he also twittered that he would donate 10,000 mosquito nets for beds to charity if he wins and 1000 if he loses.  Larry King and Ashton have been chatting and are both hoping for their own victory. Stay tuned.