The David Beckham Tug of War

As of today it seems a bit unclear if David Beckham will be back in Los Angeles playing for the Galaxy or staying in Milan to play soccer. If David had it his way, he would be staying in Milan but unfortunately it is not his choice.  David has been on loan playing for the Italy’s AC Milan team. He has already played seven games for them and would like to continue playing the European circuit. In fact he has even commented that it would be “difficult” and “awkward” to go back to play for the Galaxy since he has made his feelings so well known.  On the other hand he says should he have to return to his LA team he would “be professional and do what he needs to do”.


At this point the AC Milan team has offered a mere $3million for Beckham to stay which are nowhere near the millions he has been offered to stay in the states. The clincher however is that Beckham is under contract and the Galaxy expects him back at work on March 9th since the European team missed the deadline set by Don Farber who is the MLS commissioner to make him a better offer.  In the time that Beckham has been playing for the Italian team he has made a big difference and the coach really wants him on the team. So we will see what happens.

No matter where David ends up, wife Posh and the boys will be staying in LA in order to provide continuity for the family. That is their home now and that is where they will stay. Posh has a new career for herself. She just showed her second collection of her clothing line in New York. Her first collection was well received and sold out immediately and this collection is expected to do the same. If you are thinking of buying one of Posh’s dresses be warned her clothes are definitely styles for the red carpet and not the everyday woman. So for now we will just have to wait and see what the final offer ends up to be and where David Beckham will really play this season.