Funny Gossip of the Day

Today I am just writing about crazy stuff that we seem to be interested in. First off if you haven’t already heard Mel Gibson and his wife of 28 years are getting divorced. But are you ready for this…she is entitled to half of his $1 billion fortune. After all the trouble he has been in over the years, no wonder she stuck around. This will probably be the biggest divorce settlement to date in Hollywood. And there have been some big ones over the years. Michael Jordan’s wife, Juanita, received $168 million for her divorce settlement, while Neil Diamond’s wife got herself a whooping $150 million. Steven Spielberg’s ex – Amy Irving received $100 million. I just think those numbers are staggering! And while we are talking about crazy things the world is talking about…what comes to mind when I say the name Bo? If you said the new first dog living in the White House with the Obama’s you would be correct. Bo is the new Portuguese Water Dog that will now live the sweet life in the White House. But that is not the crazy part…the crazy part is that people can not just be happy for the family, there has to be plenty of contrversy to go along with something so simple as a new puppy. The controversy that has some people outraged is the question of, is this really a rescue dog (like the President said they would do) since the dog was from a breeder who had the dog returned to her. So technically not really a rescued dog. Anyway really people…let them have the dog they want. Does everything have to be politically correct? To make up for the perceived misunderstanding the Obama’s did make a donation to the humane society in the District of Columbia.

And here is something to add to the crazy news we want to know… Mel B, former Spice Girl, has been using hypnosis to help calm her stage freight as she gets ready for her new racy show that will debut in Las Vegas, at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The show is called “PEEPSHOW” and will feature Melanie Brown as well as Kelly Monaco, who you might remember from “Dancing with the Stars”. The actresses will appear with a cast of topless dancers but they will keep their tops on. The show debuts April 18th with a calm and lovely Melanie B. Ok and if you want a good laugh and who doesn’t when talking about Lindsay Lohan, you have to check out her new dating video parody for eHarmony by She is totally making fun of herself and it is so funny. So check it out and please…don’t call her for a date…it’s a joke!! And last but not least on the crazy meter for today, Spencer Pratt, from the reality series, “The Hills”, says “he’s definitely running for political office one day. Don’t know if I’ll get elected any time in the next century or so but definitely going after mayor of L.A. or at least governor.” Nothing like setting your sights high. From “The Hills” to the White House, one just never knows. Don’t quit your day job Spence.