Celebrity?s in Trouble

Have you heard about the 500 pounds of pot that was found and seized from rapper Fabolous’ tour bus? Here is the story. After enjoying Valentines weekend at the NBA All Star Weekend games that were held in Phoenix, the rappers bus was pulled over for a traffic violation, and at that time after searching the vehicle the police found the pot as well as almost $6,500 in cash. The good news for Fabolous, is at the time of the search he was not on the bus. The only people on the bus were the driver and his friend, who claim that Fabolous  loaded up the bus in Phoenix and told the driver to call him once he got to their destination in Boston. Both men have been cooperating with police but their stories don’t match up and both men have been arrested for possession. At this time there has been no word from the Fabolous camp. It looks awfully suspicious and any way you look at it that is a lot of Pot!  Fabolous has his 5th album, “Loso’s Way”, due out in April.

Switching from Phoenix to Scottsdale, Charles Barkley is going to be spending some time in jail for his DUI from New Years Eve. Charles was pulled over after running a red light and when tested had a blood alcohol level of 0.149 which was quite above the legal limit of 0.08. Charles tried buddying up with the cops by telling them he was “on his way to get oral sex from a woman who had impressed him with her talents the week before”. Did he expect them to say, “Ok, Charles, in that case hurry on up and get yourself out of here?” Police also said that Barkley offered to get a “tattoo of the cops name on his rear if it would get him out of trouble.” Hopefully all that was the alcohol speaking or maybe it was just another arrogant sports figure using his status to try and get off the hook. Luckily the Scottsdale police were having not of it and they arrested him. Barkley has been sentenced to 10 days in prison but since he has agreed to go to an alcohol rehab program and pay $2000 in fines, his sentence has been reduced to 5 days.  I am sure that will teach the former Phoenix Suns player a good lesson huh? At this point Barkley is scheduled to go to the Lower Buckeye detention facility on March 21. If there is a change in venue though, he could end up at the Tent City Jail, where to take away the tough guy mentality all prisoners were pink. One prisoner said he was so embarrassed wearing pink from head to toe (yes that includes socks and underwear) that he never wanted to come back. Good, that is the mission of the tough guy sheriff in charge of the prison. He doesn’t want these guys to come back so he has taken away a lot of privileges and makes it tough on them. Good for him, and hey I think it would be fun to see Charles Barkley all pretty in pink! Maybe he will think about driving drunk next time.