Super Bowl Tickets: Who do you Want To See Play?

Eight playoff teams remain, meaning the Super Bowl picture remains fuzzy at best. One 80-yard dash by Demaryius Thomas, another multi-pick game from Jabari Green, or a near perfect game by Eli Manning could drastically alter the picture. Yet, it is fun to take a look at the Divisional Playoff round, a round in which March Madness-like upsets still seem possible, and decide what would be the most entertaining Super Bowl matchup.

History has demonstrated that though the game at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 5, 2012 is the most important game of the 2011-2012 NFL season, it is guaranteed to be the most entertaining. Thus, in search of a fun topic in the face of frivolous analysis derived from the same three sources, let’s have a completely inane discussion for pure entertainment value.

The AFC and the NFC each have four teams remaining. The AFC has the Denver Broncos playing the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans visiting the Baltimore Ravens. This may be unnecessary, but the Patriots-Broncos game already has the most pre-game buzz. Tebow and Brady are quarterbacks of a remarkably different ilk. One was anointed Football Jesus before taking that first snap and sprinting for the first down marker. The other emerged as one of the most poignant starters in the league from the deep dark bottom of the draft. One team seemingly has religion on its side while the other has a coach closely associated with the Antichrist. One is an upstart and the other entered the season with fans saving for Super Bowl tickets.

The other game is the Texans versus the Ravens. An unseasoned quarterback versus a superb defense and an astonishing dull quarterback versus an underrated defense, this is bound to a dull exposition of the history of the running game in the NFL. For my money the most exciting team to emerge from this field is the Denver Broncos. The Patriots have been in the Super Bowl far too often in the 21st century to remain an interesting story. Really the only advantage to a Patriots appearance is the obligatory cutaways to Giselle Bundchen and her thoroughly confused, soccer loving family.

The NFC has the New York Giants traveling to Lambeau Field to play the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints heading west to play the San Francisco 49ers. The Packers-Giants game is the more appealing of the two. The Packers are in search of the first repeat Super Bowl victories since the Patriots. It is always fun to see a team trying to establish a dynasty. The Giants are just fun to root for because of that legendary Super Bowl XLII performance.

Meanwhile, the Saints-49ers game should be more entertaining. It is an explosive offense vs. a stingy defense. It is a classic battle, but is better suited for theoretical discussions than watching the real thing because the 49ers quarterback is Alex Smith. So, which of these four teams would be most fun to watch in the Super Bowl? Thought I was going to say the Packers? Wrong, and that is not just because I am a Bears fan. No, it is the Saints because a Saints-Broncos game would end in Tim Tebow’s demise and would set up a huge storyline next season, a battle royal between the Saints and Packers for the domination of the NFC. When thinking of the best possible game, always think of its place in history.

Lion Tickets, Packers Tickets, Redskins Tickets, Oh My! Who Will Remain Undefeated

It has been two weeks and the NFL is down to seven undefeated teams, and three of them are in the AFC East. This really is incredible. The teams on the list are even more unbelievable. There are the typical teams like the Patriots and Packers, but then there are the Redskins, the Bills, the Lions, and the Texans (the Jets could really go either way here).

So, which of these teams are going to remain undefeated heading into Week 4?

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Tickets

This head-to-head matchup of the unbeaten takes the Patriots to play the Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Absolutely no one expects the Bills to escape unscathed here. The Vegas Insider has the home team as eight-point underdogs. Apparently beating up on the AFC West (the Chiefs in Week 1 and the Raiders in Week 2) does not earn a football team much respect. The Patriots have not beaten anyone (yes, that includes the Chargers), but how could you possibly believe Ryan Fitzgerald is going to best Tom Brady?

Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints Tickets

Sure, the Saints defense looked pretty pathetic against the Packers, but the offense looked outstanding against both the Packers and Bears. The Texans have yet to play a team that can put up as many points as they can, so I am looking forward to a shootout. However, I expect the Texans to be overrun like the Alamo in the end.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings Tickets

Looks like the Lions are headed to 3-0 unless Donavan McNabb learns how to locate a receiver in the end zone. The Lions line is a beast and might actually show up for this game to stop one Adrian Peterson. Still, Detroit has the league’s fourth best passer in Matthew Stafford and he should shred a passing defense that allows 280 yards a game.

New York Jets at Oakland Raiders Tickets

Vegas may favor the Jets, but I like this as an upset special. I just have some sort of feeling that Darren McFadden is going to rush for 150 yards and a couple touchdowns while Mark Sanchez tests the good will he has garnered going 2-0 to start the season.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Tickets

I may be a Bears fan, but no hometown bias is going to lead me to doubt that the Packers domination is going to lead to another drunken afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings. This time I will be sulking in my Two Brothers Dumaine DuPage, instead of celebrating a season opening win though. My only consolation will be if the Bears keep Aaron Rodgers below 400 yards passing.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tickets

Grudge matches mean records do not matter (ignore game above obviously). The Cowboys may have taken overtime to beat the 49ers last Sunday, but the Redskins beat the Cardinals by one point. Both games are hardly sparkling examples of dominant football teams. Still, Sexy Rexy seems to be pulling a Mark Rypien, which means he might earn an excessive contract before being relegated to back up for the rest of his career.

The Seven Seals of an NFL Apocalypse

The NFL is entering a new era when quarterbacks have more fantasy value than running backs, home field is not that big of a deal (the home team only wins 54 percent of the time this season), and parity has dissipated as nine of the 32 teams in the league have either no losses or no wins. Yes this is a new age in the league and there are seven football seals that have been broken this season to put an end to everything we knew about football.

First Seal: Conquest

Cedric Benson of the Cincinnati Bengals is leading the league in rushing. Yes, Cedric Benson that could not figure out that at 5 foot 11 and 225 pounds he could not nimbly dance around defenders. This is not say that he has conquered anything, but to say that passing and running back tandems have become far more important than having a feature running back, making Adrian Peterson even more of a freak.

Second Seal: War

The Cleveland Browns have two quarterbacks fighting to ineptly lead the Browns offense. It has gotten so bad that there has been discussion of special teams maestro Josh Cribbs taking over at quarterback because he played quarterback back in Pop Warner. The poor Cleveland dog pound has survived the departure of the original Browns and now they are fighting over who will lead this terrible team to a quasi-respectable regular season finish.

Third Seal: Famine

In this age of gimmicky offenses and quarterback supremacy somehow two teams cannot even average 10 points a game. The Oakland Raiders average just 9.8 points a game and are still not the worst offense in the league. The St. Louis Rams are only putting up 6.8 points a game. How can a league built to allow so much scoring have two teams that cannot manage to score double digits consistently?

Fourth Seal: Death

Al Davis is doing all he can to kill any proof that the Raiders were once a respectable football franchise that once won three Super Bowls in nine seasons. Anyone born after 1990 must think that Raiders have always been cursed. The 48-21 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers erased any inkling of respectability for the franchise. They will not even replace JaMarcus Russell when he shown no signs of playing better than his 47.1 quarterback rating. At least the Cleveland Browns are giving somebody else a chance to not lead the team down the field.

Fifth Seal: Visions of Martyrs

Terrell Owens has only 12 receptions, 202 yards, and a touchdown through five games. He used to get those kinds of stats in a single game with Romo throwing the ball in Dallas. Yet, Owens has not thrown quarterback Trent Edwards under the bus since the first week of the season. The only thing that could have compelled him to keep his mouth shut is that visions of respected elderly NFL statesmen like Lynn Swann and Jerry Rice must have told him to be quiet and accept the situation he has created for himself. I refuse to believe that he has suddenly become humble…or responsible.

Sixth Seal: Earthquake and Marking of the 144,000

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has heard the pounding of an earthquake this season as he has been sacked 20 times in four games and the Packers are only 2-2 in a season in which they were supposed to win the NFC North. The city of Green Bay may not have 144,000 residents, but it has 100,353 and that is the number of fans who are wondering if the front office made a mistake letting Brett Favre go, especially now that he is leading the 5-0 Minnesota Vikings.

Seventh Seal: Trumpets of the Angels and the End of the World

The Denver Broncos are 5-0 with a quarterback with half the arm of Jay Cutler and much of the same defense that was just so bad a season ago. Josh McDaniels even managed to beat his old boss Belichick. This is either a storyline from heaven for the Denver area and NFL reporters who were bored of covering the same old teams or the end of the world for the Patriots as one of their own has finally threatened to destroy their 21st century domination in a year meant to be “The Return of Tom Brady.”

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Turkey Hangover or the NFL Week 13 Recap

This week played out like the typical Thanksgiving weekend. It started Thursday with a trio of blowouts. The Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles put their opponents to shame like the Grandma’s mashed potatoes did to the new wife’s attempt to cook and contribute to the family.

Then Sunday laid a few eggs. The 49ers-Bills, Colts-Browns, and Dolphins-Rams games felt like the receivers and running backs were carrying about as much weight as the linemen. You can credit the scores to defense all you want, but I do not think anybody can deny that the Bills should have had a second consecutive 50-point game ran against the San Francisco D, Peyton Manning should have picked apart the Browns instead throwing two interceptions, and Miami’s wildcat formation should have had more high school-esque highlights a paltry Rams team.

There were still plenty of good games to watch though. The Carolina Panthers 35-31 victory over the Green Bay Packers could have held any lingering effects of tryptophan at bay. DeAngelo Williams was a touchdown machine with four and Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdowns to keep the Land of Cheese off his back as Brett Favre continues to look ageless as the New York Jets quarterback (though he looked human again in the Jets loss to the Denver Broncos).

Elsewhere, Adrian Peterson was busy running over the Bears like they were his 12-year old cousins playing in the annual holiday game for the first time, the Redskins could take advantage of the New York Giants latest distraction (Plaxico Burress…concealed fire arm…night club…what could go wrong), and the Pittsburgh Steelers dismissed the Patriots despite an underwhelming fantasy performance by Ben Roethislberger.

The first holiday weekend is over. The four day break began strong and ended with a few naps on Sunday, but the weeks ahead will build to frenzy as the best teams in the league hope to receive a Super Bowl trip for Christmas.