Ashton Wins the Race

It was a very close race but in the end Ashton Kutcher beat out CNN in the race to 1 million Twitter followers. It was so close that only 30 minutes separated the two. Congratulations Ashton that is a pretty amazing feat. Now I wouldn’t want to be the one to say that perhaps Ashton is getting a big head but here is what he had to say about the win. “This is David versus Goliath. This just shows how people want to get information. It is about us. It means that one man can have a voice as loud as a media network.” Well the good news is that not only did Twitter and Ashton break the first 1 million follower goal; Ashton is sticking to his word and will be donating 10,000 mosquito nettings for beds for World Malaria Day. Next up on Twitter is Oprah. She actually started tweeting on Friday.  When Oprah speaks people listen…literally. In her first 15 minutes she had 76,000 followers and within her first hour over 125,000 followers. How long until she passes 1 million?

Beyonce is finally ready to bring her World tour to the states starting June 21st in New York. She is out there promoting and singing her heart out for her newest album, “I AM… Sasha Fierce”.  Beyonce will be hitting 14 cities and ending her tour in Las Vegas for a 4 night stretch. And get this…at each venue there will be 2000 seats available for only $20 per ticket (except for her Vegas performances). Pretty awesome Beyonce!

 Pete Wentz and his group Fall Out Boy have been banned from performing their concert as planned in Mizner Park, in Boca Raton Florida.  The boys seem to have a bit of a reputation for causing “disturbances” and Boca didn’t want to have anything to do with them. So instead of paying a lot of extra money for security the boys have moved the concert to the not as stuffy, Pompano Beach Amphitheatre. Ironically however, Pompano Beach is not all that far from Boca Raton. Florida is becoming quite the stickler of a state, the Fox affiliate there is “refusing to air Ozzy Osborne’s variety show because it is not keeping with community standards.” Well I guess that is what happens in a retirement state, they lose all their sense of fun out there.

And here is a little wedding and baby news for you that you know I just cannot resist. First off, congratulations are in order for David Miller, from the international opera group Il Divo, who just got engaged. Simon Cowell from “American Idol” is actually responsible for putting this group together and they are widely successful. In fact they are starting a U.S. tour May 8th. Country star Brad Paisley and wife Kimberly Williams – Paisley finally welcomed their second child a boy, who seemed to be in no hurry to get here. The two have been waiting way past Kimberly’s due date for the little guy to arrive. Mother and baby and doing well and will be joining big brother 2 year old, Huck.