Another Comeback Tour

Are you ready for this one…the buzz on the street is that Michael Jackson is planning a tour that would be the “greatest comeback in history”? It is being said that the King of Pop is planning a tour that would include 30 dates and that he would be performing exclusively in London’s O2 arena this summer. It is being reported that part of the deal would include Michael getting $2.1 million PER NIGHT!!!!!  That is just a staggering number to me. Tickets for his concerts are expected to exceed $700 and that would break the record held by Barbara Streisand during her comeback tour.  Michael has not performed in England since 1997.

Jackson himself is knee deep in his own financial troubles and it one of the reasons he is going back on tour. Jackson seems to be in debt for more than $211 million dollars – again, quite a staggering amount, and even these concerts won’t generate enough to bail him out. Jackson has had to sell his Neverland Ranch, and he has also auctioned off more than 2000 of his own personal items, including a Rolls Royce limousine and a customized Harley Davidson. Who was managing this man’s money? You would think someone who has sold over 750 million records, had 13 number hits and won 13 Grammy’s would have something to show for it.

Jackson has picked a great venue to get back on the horse and entertain his fans. Now we will just have to wait and see if he still has enough fans left to fill up the 20,000 seat arena for all 30 dates. In the past Jackson’s behavior has been quite erratic and some are even taking bets if he will actually show up for performances. For the sake of the fans and for the sake of the onetime King of Pop, I hope he can go out with a bang and make this a memorable event for all the right reasons. Another comeback story that is still in question is Britney Spears and her new Circus tour. Her first show is getting luke warm reviews. It seems that Britney was very nervous during her first show and will need a bit of time to get in the groove. She will be performing at the O2 arena for 8 nights in June and hopefully by that time she will have it all under control.