Country Music Fan Loses it during Concert


I have 2 things to share with you today and I admit they are totally unrelated but so bizarre I had to comment on both. First off, during one of Toby Keith’s concerts this weekend in Kentucky a fan went crazy. And here is where my two stories do have a common thread and that is you will wonder hopefully like I did….what are people thinking honestly???!!!! So Toby Keith is in the middle of a concert and out of nowhere a “fan” gives the singer the finger and throws a beer on stage. How crazy is that? Well Toby Keith was having none of that, he literally jumped off the stage and started yelling at the guy, calling him a “punk ass mother F—k–.” Thankfully the man decided to back down and security quickly escorted him out of the concert. Toby Keith then went on to apologize to his audience and told them he had “never acted like that before”. The rest of the concert went on as planned and no arrests were made. I just don’t get why people act that way. Do they think it’s cool? Why pay all that money to go to the concert only to be thrown out? Crazy!


And speaking of crazy here is another odd story.  After hearing that one of the students at a middle school in Nevada City, California was pregnant the guidance counselor took it upon himself to pull the 12 year old allegedly pregnant girl out of her classroom and forced her to take a pregnancy test!! The girl did not want to take the test and insisted that she was not pregnant, that it was just some kid spreading rumors but the counselor still forced her to take the test. The counselor got the test from the nurse (that is a whole other story why does a nurse in a middle school have a pregnancy test in her office?) and had the girl turn in her sample on the stick. Thankfully for the little girl the test was negative but can you even imagine the humiliation and embarrassment she endured? Well you can imagine that the girl’s parents slapped a law suit on the school so quickly and we will just have to wait and see what happens, but again, what was that counselor thinking and who did he think he was that he could ask a student to take a pregnancy test…unbelievable!!!   

Man of the Hour ? Neil Diamond


This time the music industries favorites got together to honor 68 year old music legend, Neil Diamond, and all in the name of a good cause, the Musicares charity. The performers gathered to help support their own. This charity helps musicians that have fallen on hard times. In addition to unbelievable performances by some of the best in the business there was also an auction where Neil Diamond, himself donated his 1956 Thunderbird to the cause. Another donation came from Britney Spears, who donated a couple of tickets to her London concert along with some time with her and deluxe accommodations to go along with the package.


The event took place at the LA Convention Center which held an audience of more than 1,500. The evening was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and all the performers sung Neil Diamond favorites. The Jonas Brothers opened the evening with the ever popular “Forever in Blue Jeans”. Coldplay was there to do their version of “I’m a Believer”, while Josh Groban played the piano for his rendition of “Play Me”. Urge Overkill sang “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon”, while Adele sang “Cracklin Rosie”. Tim McGraw sang another favorite, “Hello Again” while his wife Faith Hill, belted out a duet alongside Neil Diamond of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”. The woman who actually brought the house down though was Jennifer Hudson, who sang “Holly Holy”. The audience went crazy for her and her powerful performance. She received a standing ovation and Jennifer seemed to be taken aback a bit and was very grateful to the audience mouthing “thank you” several times. Kid Rock who performed right after Hudson and sang the song “Thank the Lord for the Night Time”, commented backstage that “I’m gonna kill whoever made me follow Jennifer Hudson. Thanks!”
Diamond himself performed several songs including “Cherry Cherry”, “Love on the Rocks” and “America”. The evening ended with everyone singing “Sweet Caroline”.  Diamond made an acceptance speech where he thanked his family and his mother for the musical life she gave him. He told a story about his first guitar which cost $10 and how his parents paid it off a $1 a week. Another amazing night with amazing music and people.

Big Trouble for Chris Brown


So much for anonymity, the victim involved in the Chris Brown assault charge is no other then his famous girlfriend, Rihanna. It seems that the 2 were fighting inside a car on Sunday morning and the argument got worse once the two stepped outside the car. The police said that “the woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.” Once source even claims that she “suffered contusions and bite marks.” Bite marks…really…is Chris Brown 4 years old? Originally the LA PD were very firm on the fact that they would not release the name of the victim and they said this over and over but low and behold the information got out that it indeed was Rihanna. The police were called via a 911 call but by the time they reached the scene of the altercation Chris Brown was nowhere to be found.


 Brown did eventually turn himself into police and was released on $50,000 bail. Due to this unfortunate incident, at the very last minute, Rihanna, who was scheduled to perform at last night’s Grammy’s, did not attend or perform at the show. It might be time for look for a new beau. The couple has been very up and down lately. Sometimes they seemed very much in love and other times they seemed tonight nonstop. It’s a shame because together they are quite the young musical couple. Brown is only 19, yet he released his first album when he was just 16. His hit single “Run IT” was at the top of the charts for a while. Rihanna is just 20 and she has already had 4 #1 singles and has already received a Grammy Award for her single “Umbrella” back in 2007. Do the right thing Rihanna, find yourself a nice guy who can control his temper and keep his hands to himself.

Clive Davis? Pre Grammy Extravaganza


Clive Davis is truly the man. At a Pre – Grammy party on Saturday night all the big names came to salute Mr. Davis including long lost Whitney Houston. After many rocky years personally and professionally Whitney came out in a skin tight animal print dress looking all that and more. She performed a short set which included some of her biggest hits like “I Will Always Love You”, “It’s Not Right but It’s Okay” and “I’m Every Woman”. Although Whitney ‘s voice was not as strong as it once was, and she did tend to stay away from the long high notes, she did a fabulous job and the audience was thrilled with her performance and glad to see her back.


Some other amazing performances of the night included Rod Stewart as the opening performer of the night and he started out with his hit song “Some Guys have ALL The Luck” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” Next in the musical lineup came King of Leon singing “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody”. Leona Lewis sang her hit “Bleeding Love” and P Diddy and Faith Evan along with a choir sang “I’ll Be Missing You” his tribute to Notorious B.I.G. Kelly Clarkson was there to sing her new hit “My Life Would Suck Without You” and “Piece of My Heart”  an oldie by Janice Joplin. Josh Groban filled in for Usher, who was unable to attend due to a family emergency, and sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Even Jennifer Hudson was there who sang a duet with Barry Manilow in addition to one of her own songs, “Spotlight.” Like I said it was quite a night or should I say concert spectacular?
Others in attendance were Quincy Jones, of course, along with the Foo Fighters, Talyor Swift, Natalie Cole, Miley Cyrus, Dwight Yoakom and Earth Wind and Fire. There were even some big name non musical people there like Melanie Griffith and hubby Antonio Banderas, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight and Jamie Foxx and so many many more. Clive Davis has done so much for so many and his famous friends just can’t do enough for him or thank him enough for all he has done for them.   

Nick Carter has a Story to Tell


A very hot looking Nick Carter is in the news telling his story about his 10 year battle with drugs and alcohol. What finally helped Nick beat his addictions was a very scary health diagnosis that could have killed in. Nick had gotten himself into a bad situation, partying hard, drinking, doing drugs and eating himself to an all time high of 224 pounds. Last spring while on tour with his band The Backstreet Boys, he was just feeling overall fatigue as well as experiencing some mild chest discomfort.  So he met with a cardiologist in Florida and received the news that he had cardiomyopathy.


Cardiomyopathy is basically a weakening of the heart muscle. The 10 years of abusing his body with drugs and alcohol is what let to this devastating diagnosis. Cardiomyopathy, in the worst case scenario can lead to the patient needing a transplant or can even be fatal. Both Barry Gibb and Chris Penn died of the disease at a very young age and very unexpectedly. This was the wakeup call that Nick Carter needed to get himself sober and healthy. Nick said “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be that person people read about and think, ‘that’s’ sad that he couldn’t stop and it killed him.” Well good for you Nick Carter because we want you around for a long time. And you have got to see the new and improved healthy Nick. He looks great and has a killer bod. He went from 224 pounds to 167 and he is in the best shape ever. Now get the rest of the guys together and get back on the road.  

What Was He Thinking?


Well you can bet Michael Phelps is kicking himself now. Kellogg’s has announced that it will not renew the Olympic champions’ contract that expires this month. What was he thinking smoking pot and getting photographed doing it? It is a shame for so many reasons. One is that American’s had a new American icon that appealed to everyone. He was the new golden boy and during a time when we really needed to pull together, this young athlete did it. He seemed to have it all, the athleticism, the awesome body, killer smile and great personality. He was a role model for so many, especially children. Dream the dream, work hard and you can accomplish whatever you want. Sure, all eyes around the world were on him and with that comes a certain responsibility and let’s face it….he screwed up…big time.


It seems too, that he might even be used, to send a strong message. In addition to his Kellogg’s contract not being renewed, he has also been suspended for 3 months by USA Swimming. Here is the interesting thing, he didn’t break any “anti – doping” rule, however the organization said, ”We decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero”. Basically what the suspension means is that he cannot compete for 3 months and there will be no financial support from the institution for 3 months as well.
At this point Michaels other sponsors who include Speedo, Omega, Visa, Mazda, PureSport and Hilton Hotels all plan to stand behind Michael, and Subway, another sponsor has not made a comment either way. Michael completely understands the decisions and accepts them. He is also very disappointed in himself and says it will not only, not happen again, but he plans to earn back everyone’s trust and get past this unfortunate situation. 

Mean Girls ? Nice Girls


Now this is a bit of a shocker, academy award winner Faye Dunaway is being very nasty to Hilary Duff. Hilary is set to play Bonnie in the remake of the old “Bonnie and Clyde” Movie, which starred Dunaway as Bonnie and Warren Beatty as Clyde. Out of nowhere Dunaway makes the comment “Couldn’t they have at least cast a real actress?” Ouch, that was just mean. Duff didn’t sit idle and take that public dissing from Ms. Dunaway. She fired back with her own nasty comments, stating “I think that my fans that are going to see the movie don’t even know who she is””I think it was a little unnecessary, but I might be mad if I looked like that now too. “Oh, now that had to hurt, but you have to admit she deserved that.  I mean Hil has a point, the movie was back from 1967 and most of her friends were most likely not even born, and even though it is a classic and highly acclaimed film I can’t imagine many of the kids nowadays seeing the flick. Actually you have to admit it is a great idea to do a remake and bring it back. Come on ladies, make nice and Ms. Dunaway an apology wouldn’t hurt.


Now let’s talk about some nice girls. BFF’s Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are going to be singing a duet at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards on February 8th. Swift wrote the song, which is titled “Fifteen”. She says “I wrote it about freshman year of high school. IT was the last year of my life I thought I knew everything. I had my first boyfriend when I was 15. I am glad I was able to put it into words.” The girls have been close friends for a long time feel the song is very inspirational. They hope that by giving good advice to their young fans through this song they will continue to inspire them to make good choices and do the right thing.  Ah, that is so sweet. I can’t wait to see the two perform together is should be fun. Some other performances to look forward to are U2, Carrie Underwood, Kanye West and Coldplay.  

Controversial Mom?s in the News


The Octuplets mom, 33 year old, Nadya Suleman, might just give Britney Spears a run for her money this year when it comes to controversy and parenting. Her story just gets crazier and crazier, and here is the thing there are 8 tiny babies still in the hospital in Los Angeles plus 6 other children ranging from ages 2 – 7 needing a mothers full care and attention. Now I can’t say that I blame her, but the new mom is looking for deals to help foot the bill for raising all her children. She is looking to Diane Sawyer and Oprah Winfrey to bail her out with a $2 million interview. The new mom has also been inundated with offers for other TV shows, book deals and other business opportunities. She has hired a public relations firm and agent help her deal with all of this but at this time she has made no decisions.


More details have come out this week about Ms. Suleman. Not only is she a single parent but there is NO ex – to even help her out. IT seems that has been obsessed with having a big family since she was a teenager and it looks like her dream has come true. IT seems that she became pregnant through using a sperm donor. IT also appears that Nadya has been living off her parents in a small 2 bedroom apartment and has nearly bankrupted them. Although she is currently the most sought after mom there is so much controversy surrounding this situation both medical and ethical it will be interesting to see what transpires. But admit it, you want to see her, see all those children and watch what happens. I know I am curious. It seems like an impossible task caring for, raising and supporting that family. No matter how much help she has at the end of the day she is the mom and responsible from bringing up these children and that will be no easy task. I just hope she is able to accomplish it with as much heart and soul as Kate Gosselin of “Jon and Kate Plus 8”.
Ok, on to our other mom of the hour. Britney’s big news is that both her sons, Jayden and Sean Preston, will be joining her on the road for her 3 month Circus tour. Although Kevin Federline has primary custody, Britney has visitation rights that allow her to be with the boys about 50% of the time. Britney couldn’t be more excited about the tour and the boys. Things certainly seem to be looking up for the pop princess. The tour kicks off March 3, in New Orleans. Opening for Britney will be the Pussycat Dolls and a huge circus production will be involved in the show. It sounds like it will be an awesome comeback for Brit and her fans.               

Super Bowl Entertainment


Well the results are in and The Boss scores a touchdown!! He promised a “12 minute party” and the man delivered. The Boss rocked the house in Tampa Bay, with some favorites after demanding viewers “to put your chicken fingers down and turn the television all the way up”. Bruce Springsteen and the band then went into an all out rock and roll free for all with “Tenth Avenue – Freeze Out” and then onto “Born to Run”. He then did a cut from his new album “Working on a Dream” and finished with “Glory Days”. The crowd went wild as did Bruce, who even managed to do his trademark slide across the stage on his knees, which let’s face it, couldn’t have been that easy for the 59 year old rocker ,but he did it and the fans love him even more for it.


 The Super Bowl performance couldn’t have been timed better for the rocker who has just released a new album and is starting a world tour this spring. Ironically tickets for some of the dates go on sale today, really timing is everything. Remember Tom Petty’s incredible performance at the Super bowl last year, he saw a 352% increase in digital track sales from that appearance, so who knows how much Bruce’s performance will help him? Not that Bruce needs much help, it is said that his tour was the second highest grossing tour of 2008, grossing more than $204 million, not bad for a guy who has been in the business over 35 years. The Boss also had fun, and he showed his comedic side on several occasions throughout the night.
It was also a big night for Jennifer Hudson, making her first appearance since the tragedy that struck her family. Jennifer did an amazing rendition of the National Anthem. Although her performance was lip synced she has an incredible voice either way and she did a beautiful job. She added a touch of a gospel feel and she was able to sing the song to perfection. Welcome back Jennifer, we missed you.

Jessica’s New Body


Seriously do we have nothing better to talk about then Jessica Simpson’s fuller figure? I mean really, it must be slow entertainment news week if that is what all the stars are weighing in on (no pun intended). So by now everyone has probably seen Jessica’s pic and yes she admits when she is happy she doesn’t think about her weight. So big deal, she is in love and has gained some weight. As long as it doesn’t bother Tony Roma, why is it bothering us?


Ok, so let’s see who has come to her defense this week….Carmen Electra is the most recent star and she says, “A lot of women would die to look like Jessica Simpson”. Jess’s ex- Nick Lachy says, “I hope she’s happy, whatever size she comes in”. Heidi Klum comments that, “I think everyone should be the way they feel comfortable”. Kim Kardashian gives her 2 cents and says, “Oh my God, Jessica looks hot!” She also adds that, “I get that she does look curvier, but to me there’s nothing wrong with it.” And little sister Ashlee Simpson – Wentz says “People should leave her older sister, Jessica alone. I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister’s weight.”  
While performing in Charlottesville Jessica did make a comment to the audience about staying positive and thanked them for their support. Also at a concert at the University of Virginia where she opened for Rascal Flatts, Jessica said “Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder, so just appreciate.” So Jess is taking the high road and not commenting specifically about all the attention to her body but rather just staying positive and upbeat. I have to say that the original photo that is getting all the negative attention was not the most flattering photo but her concert pictures are much better and she looks really good.  So let’s talk about something else and leave poor Jess alone. Hey it could happen to any of us and let’s just be glad the world isn’t talking about our bodies.