Book of Mormon Tickets: The Original Cast is Breaking Up

Not that long ago it appeared the Book of Mormon (the Broadway musical, not the religious reference) was set until at least the beginning of 2013. Talks of extended contracts were in the air even after the Tony Awards showered its principle actors and actresses with nominations and wins. Well, the time to see the original Book of Mormon cast is drawing to a close, meaning anyone wanting to see Josh Gad, Andrew Rannells, and Nikki M. Jones share the stage needs to get their Book of Mormon tickets now.

Josh Gad will be departing the biggest stage in live entertainment for the small screen. He will be giving television another shot on 1600 Penn, an NBC sitcom destined for the 2012 fall slate. The comedy focuses on the travails of raising a family in the White House. Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman star as the president and first lady. Gad stars as Skip, the eldest son of the first family and the first screw up, as evident by the television clip provided by NBC.

Andrew Rannells will joining Gad with NBC, though with a different program. Rannells is starring in the New Normal, on half of a gay couple who has hired a woman to be a surrogate mother. The series is the latest from Ryan Murphy, television’s latest series whisperer. The show also stars Justin Bartha as Rannells’ character’s other half, Georgia King as the surrogate, Ellen Barkin as the surrogate’s racist, homophobic grandmother, and NeNe Leajes as the Rannells’ character’s assistant.

Nikki M. Jones will be gone, but just for the summer. She is taking a leave of absence to work on a movie musical. Lucky Stiff is a musical farce being adopted and set to star Jason alexander, Nikki, Dominic Marsh, and Jayne Houdyshell. Christopher Ashley, previously of the musical Memphis, is going to direct.

There are painfully few more chances to see this cast, so hurry and find your tickets to see the Book of Mormon before a new set of stars take over and make the roles their own.