What do Britney Spears and Lil Wayne have in Common? Nicki Minaj

While Britney and Lil Wayne deflect ominous tour rumors, it appears Nicki Minaj is benefiting with each bit of bad news. It began when Britney Spears announced a world tour to accompany the release of her new album Femme Fatale and continues as Lil Wayne’s PR denounce news that he will have to cancel his European tour because it turns out the UK does not look favorably on those who have served prison time for gun convictions.

What has come to light is that the boundary pushing bi-sexual Hip Hop rising star Nicki Minaj will be opening for both artists. She had already been attached to the tour itinerary for those looking for Lil Wayne tickets for his trip across the pond at the end of the year. Then, when Julio Iglesias made a public announcement that he would not be joining Britney Spears on her world tour, Minaj’s name began floating around the media outlets.

Currently Nicki Minaj is in talks with the Britney’s people concerning the details about opening for the pop icon. Basically, look forward to seeing Minaj show up the main event when you buy Britney Spears tickets (at least if her Las Vegas performance is any indication).

For those unfamiliar with Nicki Minaj, she is on the prowl to promote her debut album Pink Friday. She performed a couple of her singles on Saturday Night Live on January 30, 2011 and has been hinting at bisexuality since the album broke. Whether an honest statement or not, it certainly will play well, opening for either Lil Wayne or Britney Spears.