Little Monsters Clamouring for Lady Gaga Tickets

Ok, I admit it. I am a “Little Monster.” For those of you that don’t know, that is what Lady Gaga calls her fans.

As a fashionista, I admired Her Ladyness (Her Gaganess?) for her courageous fashion choices (who knew that going pant-less could look that good?) but I fell for her musically when I watched her perform live with Sir Elton John at the Grammy Awards. You could tell when she was playing and singing with Sir Elton that she is truly a musician – her passion and style was palpable. (And I dare anyone else to try and dance in those stunning Alexander McQueen shoes!) I was also impressed by the theatricality of the performance – it feels like Musical Theatre on a GRAND scale – so I was uber excited to find out that her Monster Ball tour is being extended – the extension isn’t surprising, given how quickly Lady Gaga tickets sold out for the ill fated “Fame” tour with a so-called artist I won’t name here.

An acquaintance took her grand-daughter to one of the shows in Detroit – she (a 60 year old woman!) said she was dancing her a** off along with her grand-daughter…both of them loved it.

I can’t wait to get my Lady Gaga tickets so I can see her in all of her glory!

Watch out Madonna….you may finally have met your replacement!