The OnlineSeats Las Vegas Series: Cirque du Soleil Ka Tickets Going Mobile

Cirque du Soleil has already changed the face of entertainment for Las Vegas and the image of just what should be under the big top. Now, it has taken to the digital universe and is offering a free Ka App for the iPad.

The app has photos of characters from the show as well as behind-the-scene images and sketches of the shows from the designers; videos of the arduous make-up process, G4 TV promotional clips and the Ka performance at Comic-Con in San Diego; and the Cirque Club, a membership that offers exclusive offers and updates, including the chance to win Cirque du Soleil Ka Tickets. Now, the app also provides another way to obtain tickets of course, with an option to purchase them.

Cirque du Soleil developed the marketing app with Mobile Roadie, a global app platform. Just as the Cirque productions have more than enough action on the stage to make any Cirque du Soleil show superior to the Circus’s of old, the app is superior to others thanks to those extras. It is free of course and will likely be the first of many Cirque apps for shows in Las Vegas and around the globe. It will be available on the iPhone and Android in the next few months.