Free Limp Bizkit Show

There is a little bit of this and a little bit of that going on today in the world of gossip. To start with we are going to be seeing a lot of Mariah Carey in the near future as she gets set to release her new album “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel” at the end of August. Tonight she will premiere her new video “Obsessed” on “America’s Got Talent”. There is already hubbub about this video, first off it was leaked on the internet, but all copies have been removed. Secondly in the video Mariah is dressed up and looks eerily like Eminem and some are saying this is a response to his song “Bagpipes from Bagdad” where he talks about Mariah and their relationship from years back and why is she obsessed with him. Now Mariah and husband Nick Cannon both deny that the song/video has anything to do with Eminem but really could it be a coincidence? I guess we will just have to wait and see for ourselves once the video is out. You can also see Mariah on the “Today Show” in the Toyota concert series on August 28th. Also performing during the month will be Flo Rida and Natasha Bedingfield.

Renee Zellweger will be reprising her role as Bridget Jones for the third time. Typically Zellweger has gained 30 pounds to play Bridget Jones and this time will be no different. She says although the first two days of eating anything she wants is great the up and down on her body takes its toll and is very difficult. The premise for this 3rd movie sounds fun…Bridget is almost 40 and is in full baby mode and wants to have one before it is too late. You know a lot of good comedy can surely come from that topic. Filming is expected to take place at the end of the year. That should be plenty of time to start packing on the pounds.

Another old time favorite is back and looking fabulous for the release of her new album. Whitney Houston was in London for a party in her honor to unveil her new album, “I Look to You” which will be available September 1. Clive Davis, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music and long time friend was at her side, and played 9 tracks from the album which still is being worked on. Whitney had some big names collaborating with her on this album. She had help from, Alicia Keys, R Kelly, Diane Warren, Stargate and a duet with Akon for the song ”Like I Never Left”.

Brad Paisley is headed to the White House with Alison Krause to perform for the Obama’s, members of Congress and the White House staff. The main reason for their visit is actually to help Michelle Obama with an educational workshop she has put in place for middle school and high school students to help encourage arts and arts education. Last month her focus was on Jazz and in the fall her next workshop will focus on Classical music. The concert is actually just a bonus.

Limp Bizkit fans are in for a special treat from the band. Together for the first time in the states in 8 years the guys are going to be giving tickets away free for a concert event in Las Vegas on July 18th. The concert will take place at the Pearl Concert Theatre which is in the Palms Casino Resort. Fans will receive 2 tickets but it is on a first come first serve basis so you can imagine it is going to be pretty crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if people are already waiting in line. In addition to the free tickets, fans will get a free t-shirt that was designed exclusively for that show. The band is also allowing fans to design the concert by picking their favorites songs and voting, and the songs that win will be the ones that are sung at the concert. You can vote at  .How cool is that? What an amazing experience if you are one of the chosen few to actually make it in. Good Luck and have fun!!           

Leona Lewis and Another Horseback Riding Injury

There is another horseback riding story to share this morning and this time the incident is between singer Leona Lewis and her horse, which she received as a birthday present from some of her friends. Leona was out riding in Los Angeles, when all of a sudden the horse head butted her in the face and the force of the hit knocked her right to the ground. Luckily she is fine and there is no major damage to her face but she does need to stay home and take it easy for awhile, and she has postponed the recording of her newest album. She was in a lot of pain but doesn’t blame the horse; something just must have spooked him. She has been riding for years and loves horses but this incident has shaken her up quite a bit.

Kirstie Alley is back on “The Oprah Show” but this time she isn’t there to show off her body in a bikini like last time. This time she is there looking like all her hard work on Jenny Craig was just a dream. In fact Kirstie, who was the Jenny Craig spokesperson for 3 years, has gained back the 75 pounds that she lost while on the program. Unfortunately after leaving her spokesperson role in 2007 she started to gain the weight back. Kirstie will appear on “The Oprah Show” today talking about her weight gain and how she plans to lose 80 pounds through her own new program. One of Kristie’s other goals…she wants arms like Michelle Obama…me too. Good Luck Kirstie you’ve done it before but come on, after all the work it takes to lose it, keep it off this time. You are 58 and if you lose that weight you will look so amazing and hot again!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Farrah Fawcett who continues to fight her battle with cancer. Although her people have not confirmed that her condition is worsening there are reports that she is getting worse. Her son Redmond was released from jail this weekend in order to be able to spend some time with his mother so that while she is still able she could talk with him, spend time with him and enjoy him. A source also states that a main objective of that visit was for Redmond to commit to his mother that he would stick to and finish his rehab/recovery program. Redmond is currently in jail for violating his probation in relation to a drug offense and he was recently arrested and charged with felony drug possession.

While in Vienna this week for her current tour an Austrian radio station pulled a little prank on Beyonce. The radio station set up a private showing for Beyonce at the world famous Vienna Museum.  When the limo arrived and a woman got out of the car that looked like Beyonce but didn’t have her body the employee, although a bit skeptical, thought the singer maybe just looked different in person. But they soon figured out that she was indeed a body double and the radio station did call to apologize to the museum and let them know it was just a joke and they meant no harm. I wonder what Ashton Kutcher would have thought of that one.  


Hollywood Marriage News and More

Well I am happy to say that Pink and her ex Carey Hart seem to be working on putting their marriage back together. The couple was married back in January 2006 but split up two year later. They have been spending time together and are trying to work on their marriage. The two are a very busy pair, Pink is currently on tour and Hart, who is a motocross racer, is also involved in several business ventures. He is keeping himself busy in Las Vegas with his Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. that he has in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as well as the Wasted Space concert venue and bar, which is also there and he co owns with the Madden brothers, Benji and Joel. So hopefully there will be a happy ending for this couple. Bruce Springsteen on the other hand is defending his 18 year marriage to Patti Scialfa.  A woman, Ann C. Kelly, has made various allegations that she had an affair with Bruce on several occasions throughout the years. These allegations have been around since 2006 and have come up again since the woman is in the middle of a divorce. Bruce denies the affair and says he and his wife have “been together for 18 years and the best 18 years of my life.”  Good for you Bruce, keep it that way! And while I am on the subject of marriage I will switch right into baby mode and share the happy news for Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. They have announced they she is pregnant and expecting their first baby in the fall. The couple has been married for 6 years already. That is going to be one cute baby!

The stars are doing some spring cleaning and donating some of their old favorites to charity. First is Taylor Swift, who donated her old (well I guess not that old) prom dress to, which helps girls find their dream dresses through bringing together local organizations. Taylor’s long gold and cream dress by Jessica McClintock was sold for $1200. This was the organizations fist celebrity auction for charity. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Nikki Blonsky were among some of the celebs that donated their dresses. Gwyneth Paltrow put some of her old things on eBay to help raise money to help a New York City organization, the Robin Hood Organization. Can you imagine what her closets look like? They are still up for auction and you can check out her Jimmy Choos and other items at

IT’s good to be the first daughters…Sasha and Malia got to spend Easter with Fergie and her cute hubby Josh Duhamel. Fergie sang a few songs including “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” while the girls had the annual Easter Egg Roll that they played with their dad, the President. Everyone had a great time and including First Lady, Michelle Obama and her mother Marian Robinson. The theme for the day was “Lets Go Play” and there was healthy eating, along with soccer, yoga and an all day outdoor concert. A good time was had by all.         

A Little More than Your Usual Dose of Gossip

I warn you I am on a bit of a tirade this morning after this story I just read. And for the record maybe it is just too much coffee but I must tell you about this. Not exactly celebrity gossip but I promise if you hear me out I will get to that. For the record, after reading this latest story I may never get a good night’s sleep again. This story definitely needs to be filed under the topic…what were they thinking?? Ok basically here is the gist; it seems that Burmese python pet owners who have become overwhelmed with their pet snakes are apparently letting them loose in the Florida Everglades. A whole team has been put together called the “Python Patrol” to catch these things that are not only threatening the eco system and eating all the animals in site, but seem to be making their way into the Florida Keys. Oh that is so not ok!!! Where do I even begin, these snakes (and let me tell you I cannot even look at the pictures) can grow to over 20 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds and can live up to 30 years. They have been known to eat a 5 foot long alligator whole and even a bobcat. They can travel up to almost 2 miles a day and already 8 have been found in the Florida Keys. So this group has been put together to learn how to capture them and respond quickly if people find them. They hope to find them and stop them from breeding which could really turn into a big problem. At this point there are already an estimated 30 THOUSAND of these pythons living in the Everglades National Park. So people if you have one or know anyone who has one of these as a pet, tell them if you do not want it call for help do not let it go free, seriously not a good solution. People do not want to find one of these in their backyard or worse in their house. I shudder at the thought! Plus that can’t be all that good for tourism in the Keys now can it? 

I feel much better, thank you. Ok now onto some good stuff. First off Stevie Nicks, who is touring again with Fleetwood Mac, is in the news. She is 60 and looks fabulous! She has a lot to be happy about these days in addition to touring again with the band for the first time in 5 years. She has lost weight, thanks to her Power Plate workouts and has just released a new CD and DVD called “The Soundstage Sessions” and “Live in Chicago” DVD. I had never heard of this workout but apparently in a short amount of time a few times a week, it can help you lose weight. It is a vibration platform that helps you with balance and contracting a releasing your muscles way more than a regular workout because you are trying to stay on the platform without being shaken right off. It is said that Madonna has used the system for years as well, as part of her workout routine. And there is some baby news to report today. Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah to clear up any speciation about a baby bump that people said she was sporting. The First Lady says she is not pregnant and that she and Barack have no plans to have more kids. The poor thing was probably just enjoying all that White House cooking and everyone thinks she is pregnant.   Alyson Hannigan, from “How I Met Your Mother”, welcomed a baby girl, Satyana Denisof on March 24th  which also happens to be Hannigans birthday. Pete Wentz, from Fall Out Boy, is laughing off rumors that him and wife, Ashlee Simpson are having marriage problems. He says they are happy and taking care of their baby, Bronx. The couple hasn’t seen much of each other lately but that is just part of the job. The couple will actually celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary on May 17th.