Knicks Tickets for a 4 Seed

Most of the nation did not know it, but the New York Knicks had a must-win game this past Wednesday night. The basketball team, 4-0 under the new direction of Mike Woodson, traveled to Philadelphia to play the Atlantic Division’s current leader, the 76ers. The 82-79 win closed the gap from the number three spot to the number one spot in the division (and the number four seed in the Eastern Conference) to three games.

Despite the barrage of comments from fans, there is no way the Knicks roster is going to be able to upset the Chicago Bulls or Miami Heat. Thus, if the basketball fans want to enjoy New York Knicks tickets for a second round, the team has to embrace the message of defense preached by the emissary Woodson and find a way for isolation plays favoring Carmelo and Stat to co-exist with the efforts of Jeremy Lin. Lin proved quite capable of holding his own with all three on the court in the win, scoring 16 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter.

The Knicks only have a game between them and the Celtics. Boston is reeling, desperately in need of a backup center or power forward to give KG a break. If Carmelo and Stat are willing to let Lin play, is Tyson Chandler continues to do his thing in the middle, but with a little help from the superstars, then the New York Knicks could creep up the Eastern Conference standings over the course of the last 19 games. (I forgot to mention the slow, atrophying state of the 76ers that makes all this possible).

The rest of the Knicks schedule is far from a cake walk. They play the Magic twice, the Bulls twice, the Heat once, the main competition – the Bucks – twice, the Celtics once, and the longshot – the Cleveland Cavs – once. Essentially, this is a 19-game section packed with five games against the cream of the crop in the Eastern Conference and four games against the immediate competition.

This is going to be a heart-pounding final month of the 2012 NBA season, so find your Knicks tickets at OnlineSeats to catch basketball that means something at Madison Square Garden.