Weekend Update

Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death on July 4th alongside his 20 year old girlfriend Saleh Kazemi, who was shot once in the head. This is a tragic story, especially considering McNair is married with 4 sons. At this point the police are calling the shooting a homicide but so far have no suspects in custody. It seemed that McNair was serious with the girlfriend according the Kazemi’s sister who said her sister was planning to marry McNair. Neighbors often saw Kazemi getting dropped off at her apartment in a limousine early in the morning and she also has a 2007 Cadillac Escalade that is in her name as well as McNair’s. Although there is no record showing that he was getting a divorce his $3 million home is on the market in Nashville. At this point it is unclear how much his wife knew. As you can imagine she is quite distraught over the whole situation. McNair was a very generous person, personally helping victims from Hurricane Katrina and helping pay for children to go to football camps, plus his amazing 13 year football career makes the thought of homicide unimaginable. McNair played in 4 Pro Bowls as well as he played for the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens.

A surprising announcement from Sarah Palin who said she is resigning from her position as Governor of Alaska later in the month. Some are speculating that she may run for a seat on the Senate or even the Presidency in 2012. She says, “You can effect change from the outside and I can too.” She also says her son Trig, who is one and has Down’s syndrome, needs her at home.  

In Michael Jackson news there will be a public memorial service held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday. All tickets were awarded via a lottery drawing. There are 17,500 tickets available and that includes tickets for the Nokia theatre which will be set up to simulcast the service. The police are expecting huge crowds and are urging people to stay home and watch it on TV. They want to try and contain and control the crowds as much as possible if that is even possible. We all know that Michael is famous worldwide but it seems that the Brit’s were really huge fans and as many as 1 millions of them are coming to LA to pay their respects to the King of Pop. It has been confirmed that Jennifer Hudson will be one of the many celebrities to be performing at the service on Tuesday.

This weekend both Madonna and Beyonce paid to tribute to Michael Jackson in their own way during their concerts. Beyonce sang her hit “Halo” and inserted Michaels name and it was just beautiful and touching. Madonna who was actually performing in London at the O2 arena, where Michael was scheduled to perform his 50 concerts, had a Michael Jackson impersonator dancing around doing Michael’s signature moves and some music and Madonna said some kind words about her friends.
Also making a change to her concert this weekend, Britney Spears added a new song to her Circus Tour performance. She added a new song “Mannequin” to her show in Paris on Sunday night.