Leona Lewis and Another Horseback Riding Injury

There is another horseback riding story to share this morning and this time the incident is between singer Leona Lewis and her horse, which she received as a birthday present from some of her friends. Leona was out riding in Los Angeles, when all of a sudden the horse head butted her in the face and the force of the hit knocked her right to the ground. Luckily she is fine and there is no major damage to her face but she does need to stay home and take it easy for awhile, and she has postponed the recording of her newest album. She was in a lot of pain but doesn’t blame the horse; something just must have spooked him. She has been riding for years and loves horses but this incident has shaken her up quite a bit.

Kirstie Alley is back on “The Oprah Show” but this time she isn’t there to show off her body in a bikini like last time. This time she is there looking like all her hard work on Jenny Craig was just a dream. In fact Kirstie, who was the Jenny Craig spokesperson for 3 years, has gained back the 75 pounds that she lost while on the program. Unfortunately after leaving her spokesperson role in 2007 she started to gain the weight back. Kirstie will appear on “The Oprah Show” today talking about her weight gain and how she plans to lose 80 pounds through her own new program. One of Kristie’s other goals…she wants arms like Michelle Obama…me too. Good Luck Kirstie you’ve done it before but come on, after all the work it takes to lose it, keep it off this time. You are 58 and if you lose that weight you will look so amazing and hot again!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Farrah Fawcett who continues to fight her battle with cancer. Although her people have not confirmed that her condition is worsening there are reports that she is getting worse. Her son Redmond was released from jail this weekend in order to be able to spend some time with his mother so that while she is still able she could talk with him, spend time with him and enjoy him. A source also states that a main objective of that visit was for Redmond to commit to his mother that he would stick to and finish his rehab/recovery program. Redmond is currently in jail for violating his probation in relation to a drug offense and he was recently arrested and charged with felony drug possession.

While in Vienna this week for her current tour an Austrian radio station pulled a little prank on Beyonce. The radio station set up a private showing for Beyonce at the world famous Vienna Museum.  When the limo arrived and a woman got out of the car that looked like Beyonce but didn’t have her body the employee, although a bit skeptical, thought the singer maybe just looked different in person. But they soon figured out that she was indeed a body double and the radio station did call to apologize to the museum and let them know it was just a joke and they meant no harm. I wonder what Ashton Kutcher would have thought of that one.