The OnlineSeats Las Vegas Series: Barry Manilow Tickets for the Same Old Rebel

Barry Manilow may be known as a crooner and a soft rocker, but the singer-songwriter has always had an edge about him. His fans certainly know this about the man who once opined that he may live in laid-back Los Angeles but he is an energetic New Yorker at heart. That fiery nature has not cooled since he took up residency selling Barry Manilow tickets at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Recently he began the media roundup for his latest album, 15 Minutes. The album is his first last year’s pair of compilation albums and his first new material in a decade. He departs from his piano bench and takes on guitar-based rock and roll, lamenting about the price of fame.

He and lyricist Enoch Anderson became pre-occupied with the troubles of Britney Spears and her complete lack of privacy.

"There was no Internet back then, and the paparazzi, there was kind of a line that they didn’t cross. . . . Now, the line is absolutely broken," Manilow said.

For 15 Minutes he tells the story of a young man with aspirations to become a guitar rock god. He also found inspiration after working as a mentor on American Idol, noting just how the performers went from struggling, sympathetic singers to stars decked out in the latest fashion and makeup in a matter of weeks.

Manilow has not lost all confidence in this next generation of pop stars. He has admitted to being a fan of Lady Gaga, telling Access Hollywood Live “she is the real deal”. Barry claims to have been a fan since she first emerged, impressed by her showmanship and her ability to brings things down, sit down at the piano, and truly sing.

Little Monsters Clamouring for Lady Gaga Tickets

Ok, I admit it. I am a “Little Monster.” For those of you that don’t know, that is what Lady Gaga calls her fans.

As a fashionista, I admired Her Ladyness (Her Gaganess?) for her courageous fashion choices (who knew that going pant-less could look that good?) but I fell for her musically when I watched her perform live with Sir Elton John at the Grammy Awards. You could tell when she was playing and singing with Sir Elton that she is truly a musician – her passion and style was palpable. (And I dare anyone else to try and dance in those stunning Alexander McQueen shoes!) I was also impressed by the theatricality of the performance – it feels like Musical Theatre on a GRAND scale – so I was uber excited to find out that her Monster Ball tour is being extended – the extension isn’t surprising, given how quickly Lady Gaga tickets sold out for the ill fated “Fame” tour with a so-called artist I won’t name here.

An acquaintance took her grand-daughter to one of the shows in Detroit – she (a 60 year old woman!) said she was dancing her a** off along with her grand-daughter…both of them loved it.

I can’t wait to get my Lady Gaga tickets so I can see her in all of her glory!

Watch out Madonna….you may finally have met your replacement!

Sugarland Takes A Timeout

There is some disappointing news for Sugarland fans. Jennifer Nettles has been struggling with voice problems since January and it has gotten to the point where the band has had to cancel several shows so she can take a bit of time and give her voice a rest. Nettles posted a video message to the fans letting them know the situation. She says, “I sang too much. And I blew my voice. It’s like a muscle. It’s like any other part of your body. If you sprain it or strain it, then you have to heal it, or else you will break it. And I don’t want to break it. I want us to come back out there and see you.” The band has been busy in the studio and on the road and that is what has caused the problem. The group was supposed to perform with Kenny Chesney this past Saturday and then with Keith Urban on Sunday and they had to cancel both shows. They had to cancel some shows back in 2008 as well as take about 10 days off in May of 09’ as well. How frustrating for Jennifer, the band and fans. Hopefully some well needed rest will help.

Good news for Keifer Sutherland. All charges have been dropped in that unusual head butting case back in May. It was said that Keifer bashed heads with someone after he accidently bumped into Brooke Shields at an after party. Keifer had been charged with 3rd degree assault from the incident. The D.A. said, “We declined to prosecute after a full investigation, and that included speaking to the complaining witness who was quite uncooperative. Therefore the D.A. declined to prosecute.” It appears that Keifer and Jack McCullough the man who bumped into Brooke worked it out amongst themselves and this also led to the charges been dropped against him. Good news for Keifer considering he is in the midst of serving a 5 year probation sentence from a D.U.I charge back in 2007.

Marc Anthony loves his Miami Dolphins. In fact he loves them so much he is now a minority owner of the football team. One of the new main owners of the team, Stephen Ross, an entrepreneur, wants to focus on rebranding the team and he feels a way to fill up the stadium is “with a blend of entertainment and winning football.” Sound like a smart plan to me. Gloria Estefan and her husband are minority owners in the team as well. Speaking of blending entertainment with football…Marc Anthony will sing the national anthem at the game on October 12th against the New York Jets. The game will be televised on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”
Who starts these rumors anyway? Yesterday it was reported that Jamie Kennedy proposed to his girlfriend, Jennifer Love Hewitt (from the Ghost Whisperer), while performing in California at the Laugh Factory. Both Kennedy’s and Hewitt’s reps are saying that “there is no truth to the report.” Jennifer did say in a recent interview that “by this time next year, if we’re not planning something, then there’s a situation.” They are a sweet couple; I hope he does pop the question.

You may not be surprised by this statement but I do not think Lady Gaga is going to be winning any fashion awards. In fact she better be careful, because the fashion police might just arrest her at any given moment. The other day though she wore a doozie during an interview in Germany. She was wearing a top made completely of Kermit the frog stuffed toys. It was atrocious….there was even a frog on her head. Take a look. How she left her house in this and then appeared on TV, I just do not even understand, but hey that is just my opinion. What do you think?

Girl Impregnated from Pool??

I have to tell you there is not all that much going on in the world of gossip today. Since Jan and Kate Gosselin have sworn off talking to the media everything has come to a standstill. Just kidding. Ok, here are some odd and ends baby and wedding news. First off Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum got married in Nashville last week and then spent the weekend in the Bahamas. He twittered out the happy news!  “90210” alum, Jason Priestley and his wife welcomed their second child, a baby boy. They also have a 2 year old little girl at home, named Ava. Tom Cavanagh and his wife are expecting their 3rd child in the next week or two. They are going to have their hands full; they have a 3 ½ year old and a 2 year old already at home. Somebody is not pregnant and that is “That’s So Raven” star Raven Symone. The 23 year old actress/singer had the internet swirling with rumors that she was not only pregnant but that she had recently given birth. Her rep. told “People” magazine that it was all just rumors. Cutie Ryan Reynolds who is currently starring in “The Proposal” says that one day he would like to adopt. He is married to Scarlett Johansson, and has a brother who was adopted.  He says, “I have every intention of adopting at some time. I’m very grateful for having my brother in my life. I couldn’t be more pro – adoption. There are plenty of kids in the world that need it.” Not only is he cute but so sweet!

In other celebrity news Rachel Ray had surgery on her vocal cords to have a cyst removed. She is at home and resting comfortably. She will just need to give her voice a rest for about a week. That will probably be the hardest part for her don’t you think? Bad news for Howard Stern’s sidekick Artie Lang. He was charged with a DUI this afternoon after he drove into another car. There were 2 teenage boys in the car that Artie hit, but thankfully no one was hurt and both cars only had some minimal damage. I have to say I was a bit surprised to read this next bit of news. Lauren Conrad from “The Hills” has had her novel “L.A. Candy” on the New York Best Seller list for 2 weeks. Although the book is a novel, the main character, Jane Roberts, is loosely based on Conrad herself.  The book hit shelves June 16 and is doing great. You can expect at least 2 more books from the star since that was the original deal she made.
Lady Gaga seems to have a spending problem. She says she has been bankrupt about 4 times. She says she has some “extravagant spending habits and that her manger wants to shoot her.” She is hoping that the answer to her financial problems will end when she goes on tour in the U. S. with Kanye West.

This next story has nothing to do with celebrity gossip but it is too juicy not to share. And when I say juicy I really mean ridiculous. So here is the story. A Polish woman is suing an Egyptian hotel on the basis that she says her daughter got impregnated from swimming in the hotel’s pool. She says that while on vacation her daughter was not with anyone of the opposite sex so the only way this possibly could have happened was from random sperm swimming in the pool and getting into her daughter and getting her pregnant. Yes you heard (well read) me right. She honestly thinks that is how her 13 year old daughter got pregnant. Now trust me, I am sure that is what she wants to believe. No parent wasn’t to think their 13 year old girl is having sex but really….impregnated from the pool??? Hopefully this lawsuit will be thrown out quickly but just that she can even sue over such an accusation is unbeleiveable.     

Performers and Their Sexuality

You know I find it interesting how people just love to talk about their sexuality and then are surprised when others are upset by it. The latest person “opening up” about her sexuality is Lady Gaga. She has a new interview coming out in Rolling Stone Magazine and she talks about being bisexual. She says that, “she’s been highly disappointed by her boyfriends reaction to the fact that she’s sexually attracted to women. It makes them uncomfortable.” I am surprised that she is surprised by such a normal reaction. It is not the norm, so of course it makes people uncomfortable. She goes on to explain that it is just the physical feelings and attractions she has towards women. In the interview she does talk about a man that she was in love with several years ago who was actually the inspiration for all her songs on her first album, “The Fame”. Right now she is dating someone new but she also says she is fine to be alone as well. She talks about her music in the interview and how she is happy that she is not the typical “perfect little pop singer.” She wants to be different and stand out and hopefully her music can do the same. Speaking of sexuality, there is a lot of speculation about Adam Lambert and his preferences. For now he is not sharing. He is all about “embracing who you are and what makes you different is actually what is really cool.” That is the kind of role model he wants to be, do not be afraid to be who you are. When asked if he will address his sexuality in his upcoming interview in Rolling Stone Magazine he says, “maybe”.

New information continues to come out about “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. This news is coming straight from the TLC network itself. Although the season premiere was surrounded by controversy, the network says not only is the show not being cancelled but they have plans to air 40 episodes this season which is double over last season. A network representative says that the show has changed, “it went from a feel good show about this young couple raising eight children to a show about two parents trying to keep their marriage together.” It has changed but that is not necessarily a bad thing for the show, in fact the premiere was the highest not only for the show but for the network as well. Although they may lose the family viewers who watched with their kids people are fascinated by this real life drama. Kate’s brother and sister in law are not as happy about the recent developments however and they are out making the TV rounds and letting everyone know that they feel the kids are being exploited. Kevin is currently estranged from his sister and the two feel they are only looking out for the children and their best interest and having cameras in their bedrooms and watching them when they cry is not in the best for the kids. Jodi (the sister in law) has said that the kids have told her they do not like the cameramen all around. When you are earning between $25,000 – $100,000 per episode, and you are looking at 40 episodes and providing for your family, there are definitely going to be controversy and hard choices.

Don’t forget the “MTV Movie Awards” air this Sunday, with Andy Samberg, from “Saturday Night Live” hosting the show. Eminem will be performing along with Kings of Leon. I wonder what song Eminem will choose to sing and if any fights will break out. This is one of my favorite award shows and I am sure this year it will not disappoint. “Twilight” and “Slumdog Millionaire” are both looking at a lot of potential Golden Popcorn trophies.    

Dancing with the Stars Has a New Champion

One down and one to go. We now know who won “Dancing with the Stars” and very soon we will know who the big winner is on “American Idol”. Congratulations to the youngest winner ever, 17 year old, Olympic gold medalist, Shawn Johnson. She just barely beat out her French opponent, Gilles Marini, since there was less than 1% of votes that separated the two. So congratulations are definitely due for Gilles as well. Another big winner is Mark Ballas, who is now a two time title winner for ‘DWTS”. Although the show could have easily been done in 1 hour they really milked that second hour and filled it with so much junk… I mean recap…filler stuff.  At least Lady Gaga was good entertainment, not only her two songs “Just Dance” and “Love Game” but the costumes on that woman…whoa!  So that is it for Season 8. Now we will just have to wait patiently to see who the next cast of “stars” will consist of.

You just have to love Ann Curry from the “Today Show”, who was the chosen one that not only got to travel to Cannes, but also got the coveted Brad Pitt interview. And Ann enjoyed every minute of the interview, even going as far as to act like a school girl, giggling and touching Brad at every opportunity. Ann had a 7 minute interview with him and Brad looked like the total superstar today, it would have been hard not to act like that around him, but Ann may have gone too far. Getting down to business, Brad was there to talk about his new Quentin Tarantino movie, “Inglourious Basterds”, which is a World War II movie. Although there have recently been Brangelina trouble in paradise rumors, Brad denies them and says that Angie has been filming her new movie “Salt” while Brad has been the stay at home dad. The two will be reunited in Cannes at the premiere of Brad’s movie this evening.

I think I have to agree with Jennifer Aniston when it comes to John Mayer and his twittering. In fact maybe he should just stick to singing all together. His latest shtick…John is explaining the difference between different kinds of women out there and he doesn’t want the guys to hate him for dating the beautiful women. So here is his explanation of woman…what do you think of this ladies? He breaks them into 3 categories “douches”, “famewhores”, and “showbiz types”. And then he goes on to explain himself. He says the “showbiz types are people who grew up talking to themselves alone in a room for hours until they found some sort of outlet. Once they found that outlet, everything fell into place, except for the fact that they still never worked out why they still talk so much. So you see, though filled with deep emotional voids that can never be filled, Showbiz Types are an important part of your Nations tapestry.” John considers himself a Showbiz type. Thanks for all your twitters and giving us such an in depth look at your theory. Like I said…maybe he should just sing.

Good news for cutie, Chace Crawford from “The Gossip Girl”… he has just been cast as the star of the remake of the hit movie, “Footloose”. This is the movie that jump started Kevin Bacon’s career back when he was just 25. Crawford is 23 and the movie will begin shooting next March.  

Biggest Loser Winner Announced

Country music has always been about heart break and real folks with real problems and that is still true with new music coming from the country music industry. The news songs  seem to be talking about the recession head on and how it is affecting the average family. Listen to some of these country titles…”Red White and Pink Slip Blues” from Hank Williams Jr. He sings about a guy who loses his job, his house and his truck. That is about as much heartache as I can take. Then there is John Rich’s song “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” and Phil Vassar’s, “Prayer of a Common Man”. Fear not if country is getting you down switch over to Billboards top 100 which is not as focused on the hard times. The dance music and pop musicians are still trying to have some fun… just check out the Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga to pick up your spirits.

Talk about lifting your spirits… have you seen the new Biggest Loser winner? Helen Phillips lost 140 pounds and 20 dresses sizes. The 48 year old mother of 2 is hardly recognizable.  Trainer Jillian Michaels was her coach and her “Pink Team” won for the 3rd time in a row. Phillips will walk away with not only a stellar new body but also a cash prize of $250,000. She plans to take her husband to the Bellagio in Las Vegas as a thank you, for being such a great support to her. Also through this Helens’ daughter, Shanon lost 92 pounds as her mom’s other half in the couple’s part of the program. Honorable mention also goes to 19 year old Mike Moreli who lost an astounding 207 pounds, so you can imagine he is also a winner and Tara Costa who lost 155 pounds. Amazing transformations and an incredible show.

Miss California is smiling after the announcement from Donald Trump that she gets to keep her title. Carrie Prejean, Miss California, found herself surrounded by yet more controversy. Some questionable photos of the former model showed up (as they always seem to do) but as Trump so eloquently put it, “We are in the 21st century. We have determined that the pictures taken were fine.”  Seriously it is hard to not find something on someone now a day. Carrie herself says, “I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos.” Good for you Donald for not overreacting. Donald also gave Tara Conner, Miss USA, back in 2006 a second chance when she was surrounded by issues of drug use.

And last but not least in the gossip news for the day. It seems that yet another judge was fired from “America’s Next Top Model”. It seems that Paulina Porizkova is the most recent judge to not be returning.  She shared the news with Craig Ferguson on his show Tuesday night. First Janice Dickinson, then Twiggy and the latest Paulina. Maybe Tyra just needs Tyra and not another beautiful former model sitting by her side. Paulina did say that the reason they gave her was that they were cutting expenses, so we shall see who turns up next season, if anyone.  We will miss you Paulina!