Kelly Osbourne Out of Rehab.

 Kelly Osbourne says she “has never been clean until now”. Kelly was just released from a month long rehab. program has been out for three weeks. She says she has been addicted to painkiller since she got her tonsils removed when she was 13 years old.  Although she has been in rehab 2 times previously this time she is really clean. She said that she went into rehab because “she knew if I didn’t get help I would die.” Kelly is back with her family and has reunited with them for their new Fox show called the “Osbournes Reloaded.” Keep it clean this time Kelly

Poor Obama, he offended quite a few people during his appearance on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles on Thursday night. He made an off the cuff comment about his bowling abilities and compared them to the Special Olympics.  Well you can imagine the people that were up in arms. Come on people, give the man a break. He says himself that he in “no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics, and that he thinks it is a wonderful program”. Of course he does who doesn’t?  I understand that it wasn’t the nicest thing, but people say things and it is just reality. I am sure he will be more careful and does deeply regret the comment. You can be sure that Sarah Palin jumped right on this. She says that, “This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world.” You know she couldn’t wait to give her comments against Obama.
Ellen DeGeneres can say…mission accomplished. For weeks she has been campaigning to be on the cover of Oprah’s O magazine. Ellen has called Harpo studios, she has been talking about it on her show and even made several mock ups of her and Oprah on the cover. On Friday, Oprah made a surprise satellite visit to share the good news with Ellen and told her that she loved the idea and wished she had thought of it herself.  Ellen has big plans for her cover magazine and told Oprah that she wants her issue to be the biggest selling issue the magazine has ever had. For some reason I think she will accomplish that goal as well.