Desperate for Reality TV

I will publically admit that I am a reality TV junkie, however I think the new reality series planned to air on NBC this fall is a bit over the top (although that doesn’t mean I won’t tune in). Jerry Seinfeld is going to be producing the show and the concept is his baby. The show is going to be called,”The Marriage Ref”, and basically America will be watching your everyday couples fighting about everyday stuff. The show wants to put cameras in as many homes around the country that will let them. Then as couples fight about common topics, likes hubbys that watch too much sports, or not helping enough around the house, special guest judges will be brought in to offer their comments and strategies to help the couples cope with these situations. Hmmm…interesting.

Jerry is hoping to bring in famous comedians, celebrities, and athletes to help these people work on their problems. Now correct me if I am wrong, don’t most Hollywood marriages break up within months? If you were having problems do you really think advice from a pro football player would help you iron things out?  Some of Jerry’s “dream refs” would be Denis Leary, Kathy Griffin, and Ray Romano. Marriage advice from Denis Leary…right. Jerry is quick to note that this will not be a marriage therapy show but rather a comedy. I am sure if Kathy Griffin is giving the advice it will be hysterical. So far 6 shows have been ordered and we will just have to see how Jerry’s first jump back into TV works for him. I mean, we have all heard of the Seinfeld curse haven’t’ we?

Jerry himself is doing quite well in the marriage department. He has been married to wife Jessica for 9 years and has 3 young children. That is a lifetime in Hollywood and probably does give him license to hand out marriage advice.  Jerry’s comedy always focused on the issues of dating and the hilarity of being single. Now that he is married with kids his comedy and changed to marital and kids stuff and he says “marriage is a gold mine of comedy.” Well I for one will tune in and see if he is right.