Final Farewell to Michael Jackson

Today is the day that the world will get their chance to say their final goodbyes to Michael Jackson. Although it has not been known until just recently Michael Jackson’s body will be at the Staples Center today for the memorial service. In fact it is being reported that the LAPD SWAT team will be part of the motorcade bringing the body from Forest Lawn Cemetery, where the family held a private memorial, to the Staples Center. There is also a helicopter ready to go as well in case any safety issues do develop. The event is going to end up costing the city of Los Angeles around $4 million and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is asking the fans to help cover the costs. There is even a PayPal account that has been set up by the mayor where you can donate money directly. You can visit the mayors Facebook page or even his twitter page if you would like to participate. or . The Staples Memorial Service will start at 10:00 a.m. pacific time and Rev. Al Sharpton is set to deliver the eulogy. I have to say I am a bit nervous to watch, I just hope there are no altercations or issues with all those people and fans gathered together. This event is said to be the biggest of all time, even bigger the Obama’s inauguration. Billions of people are going to be watching it on TV and between being streamed live and people Twittering about it this will really be a historic event.

Although Michael Jackson is still the main news there are some other gossip tidbits to share. Starting with Casey Kasem. After 39 years on the radio this iconic DJ hosted his final broadcast on Saturday. Kasem is 77 years old and says he is leaving the show to “free up time I need to focus on a myriad of other projects.” One of those projects is said to be his memoir. Kasem stared the “American Top 40” countdown back in 1970 and back in 2004 handed the reigns over to Ryan Seacrest. Kasem has since been doing a shorter syndicated version of the “American Top 20”. Casey, you and our amazing voice will be missed.

A big career change for a famous actor. Kal Penn, who you probably recognize from the Harold and Kumar films, or more recently his TV career on “House”, is now working at the biggest house of all, the White House. Monday was his first day on his new job as Associate Director in the Office of Public Liaison. Basically what that entails is bringing the Asian- American and Pacific communities together with Barack Obama as well as connecting them all together with the art world. It is a pretty big change from what he was doing, but after working on Obama’s campaign in 2007 he felt “really inspired” and wanted to do more.
In other TV news, Jenna Fischer form the show “The Office” got engaged to her boyfriend during their European vacation at the end of June. Kara DioGuardi, the 4th judge from “American Idol”, got married  this weekend during a small ceremony attended by only 30 friends and family members. Kara will be back for season 9 along with Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest.

Brett Michaels and his tour bus were in involved in a 5 car pileup on the 4th of July. Luckily no one was hurt when a car ran into the tour bus causing the 5 car accident. The Poison singer was on his way to St. Paul Minnesota after performing in Toronto when the accident occurred. Between the Tony Awards and now this he has been very lucky to escape serious injury.     

A New American Idol

A new “American Idol” has been crowned and it was a shocker… Kris Allen won it all with almost 100 million votes being cast, an all time record for the show. Kris Allen, the 23 year old home town boy from Arkansas was just a surprised to hear he beat out favorite Adam Lambert who had been predicted to win. Kris started out slow and just continued to get stronger and stronger each week and the fans loved that. And holey moley, did you check out bikini girl, Katrina Darrell and judge Kara DioGuardi – what a duo the two made. Not only did the two sing, they also showed off those bodies. Katrina showed it off the whole time but Judge #4 did it quick. Let’s just say she is definitely ready for bathing suit season. It was a fun night with great performances and duets. Adam got down with Kiss and sang an awesome medley, while Kris and Keith Urban had a blast singing “Kiss A Girl”.  I have to say although I felt bad for Adam it was nice to actually be surprised. And after seeing what other Idol non winners have been up to I am sure he will be just fine and very successful.

Good news for Natalie Cole – she successfully had the kidney transplant that she so desperately needed after being diagnosed with hepatitis C over a year ago. Cole had been getting dialysis since September, 3 times each week and had hoped that her son would be able to be a donor for her, however she ended up getting her kidney from a deceased organ donor. She is going to need about 3 – 4 months to recuperate and this means she is going to have to reschedule her concert dates that she had planned for the summer.

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are breathing a collective sigh of relief now that the Jonas Brothers have come out publicly and announced that their new song, “Poison Ivy”, is not about anyone in particular. The song is about toxic relationships and Nick Jonas says “It’s a song about how something may not be too good for you, but you keep going back to it because you can’t resist the urge, the itch, to go back to the person.” Nick also says that “Sometimes when we write songs, it’s not something we’ve been through. It’s something that we’ve seen someone else go through” and then we write a song about it. Glad the boys aren’t slamming any of their famous ex’s.

The big season 5 premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8 is almost here.   The premiere which will air May 25 on TLC will address some of the marital issues that the couple has been experiencing. A clip has been released and I have to say it should be an interesting season. At the moment it seems that Jon has been banished to an apartment over the garage of their new million dollar home. The rumors are just swirling, between Jon’s alleged affair with a 23 year old, and Kate’s alleged affair with her bodyguard, and the newest information that in a 3 month period, the hard to work for perfectionist fired 40 employees. This is a family in turmoil and we have a front row seat, can you even imagine everyone involved in your business like that and talking about you ALL the time??

Tony Nominations Announced

Elton John is smiling this morning…his musical “Billy Elliot” was nominated for 15 Tony awards, one of which includes Best Musical. Also up for the top award are “Rock of Ages”, “Shrek the Musical” and “Next to Normal”. The Tony Awards will air on CBS on June 7th at Radio City Music Hall. And in other breaking news…the controversial 4th American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, will be back next season. Simon Cowell actually shared the news with Ellen DeGeneres and you can watch it today, Tuesday, on her show.

Eminem has a candid new interview out in the June/ July issue of “Vibe Magazine”. Eminem shares details about his most recent battle with drug addiction. Although he has been clean for about a year he had been “downing as many as 20 Vicodin, Ambien, and Valium a day. He tells the magazine that “the numbers got so high, I don’t even know what I was taking.” Eminem, who is 36, has a new album coming out on May 19th, fittingly called, “Relapse”. He says he has taken care of himself and is ready to get back into the spotlight. He feels if he has his Rap music he won’t’ need the other stuff. Good luck Eminem, I love your new song, “We Made You” and I hope you’re right that Rap is all you need.  Revlon has a new spokeswoman…Jessica Biel is the latest beauty to represent the cosmetic giant. She will be in all the new 2010 advertising campaigns. She is in good company…past beauties include Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Jennifer Connelly. Just like her busy beau, Justin Timberlake, she is branching out from acting as well.

The octo mom just cannot catch a break. I swear everyday it is something else with her. The latest and greatest issue for the mother of 14 is that Gloria Allred, an attorney, has filed a petition with the Superior Court of Orange County, California requesting that a guardian be appointed to protect the babies if they are filmed for the reality show that their mom is hoping to get. Allred feels that the babies are being exploited and that even child labor laws are being broken because the babies have been filmed late at night and without the presence of a “studio teacher”. In addition to this guardian watching out for the children, she also wants to make sure that any money earned through the show would not be wasted by the mother. Wow, I have never been a big fan of the octo mom because, well maybe she hasn’t  always made the best decisions, but wow, can strangers just get involved in her life and tell her how to spend and how not to spend her hard earned money? Last time I checked this was still America. I think people just need to back off a bit and let her settle in with her kids and let’s see what happens before we try and take away every freedom she has. The hearing is scheduled for June 22, so we will see what the courts have to say, but maybe for now Ms. Allred needs to mind her own business.