Eminem and Nick Cannon Fight

Eminem is back and he just can’t stop rapping about people in his new music. First it was Kim Kardashian Jessica Simpson, and Sarah Palin in “We Made You”. In his latest song, “Bagpipes from Baghdad” he sings about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey and Cannon is NOT happy about it. Eminem and Carey did date briefly about 8 years ago and Cannon writes on his blog that Eminem “is still obsessed with my wife, the same female who wouldn’t let him get to second base from 8 years ago.” Then it really starts to get ugly when Cannon calls Eminem “racially insensitive” as well as an “old school Caucasian con man”. You really have to wonder what Eminem was thinking when he not only wrote the song but made it so everyone could hear it. It does seem to be a bit much and makes one think that he did step over the line and no wonder Nick Cannon is fuming over the song. There are definitely fighting words in that song. You be the judge, but it is very difficult to listen to and made me cringe. One might say take it with a grain of salt, it is Eminem after all, but it is pretty descriptive and to be quite honest pretty insulting. Sorry Mariah that out of nowhere you have to deal with this but lucky for you your hubby is willing to fight for your honor.

And speaking of back at it…Justin Timberlake was on SNL again this weekend and seriously the guy just needs to be regular, he is so funny. He did a follow up video with Andy Samberg to their “Dick in a Box” from last time for this show. This time a “lovely” video for Mother’s Day called “Motherlover”…oh sooo funny! The video also stars Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson as the mothers and one might just say disrespectful and inappropriate, but its SNL so it works just fine.  Justin also does a skit where he jokes about Britney Spears and when they were dating. It was a funny show and Justin is just so talented. A not so funny performance happened for Amy Winehouse Friday night in St. Lucia, where she attempted to sing at the Jazz festival there. Oh Amy…what a train wreck…she forgot lyrics, lost her place and basically just stumbled through her song. You could almost feel her frustration as she threw up her arms at one point, and looked over at her dancers as if she had given up and couldn’t go on. Lucky for Amy (and the audience) there was a torrential storm that caused the rest of the show to be cancelled. Amy has been actually living in St. Lucia for the past several months and the concert was really her way to thank the locals for all their hospitality. Maybe just send them a thank you note next time.

Why does it seem that everywhere we look we see and hear from Kim Kardashian? Well the latest and greatest from the newly blond celeb is that she has revealed that step dad Bruce Jenner, has recently had a face lift. In fact this facelift was done to actually correct a partial facelift and a nose job that was botched that Bruce had done many years ago and had never been happy with the results. Now however he has had a doctor make the changes and fix the issues from the first time around and everyone, most especially Bruce, seems very happy with the results. In fact, Bruce who will turn 60 this year looks like he is in his 40’s. He looks great. The story actually was talked about and came up on the family’s reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Yes, it is hard to keep those things private with camera crews in your home all the time. You can check out the show on E! and if you just can’t get enough of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe and Kourtney are getting their own reality show and are heading down to Miami to open their new Dash Boutique. You can catch the new show in August and I am sure sister Kim will be showing up for some visits.  

Miss America Controversy

Perez Hilton is back in the news and smack dab in the middle of more controversy. This time his victim was Miss California, Carrie Prejan who was hoping to become the next Miss USA. However after answering a gay marriage question asked straight from Perez himself, basically all hell broke loose for the contestant and she ended up first runner up in the competition. Here is what happened. Perez asked her the question, “Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?” Her answer was, “Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage and , you know what, in my country and in my family, I think that I believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman.” Well Hilton literally blew a gasket over her answer and she was even booed while on stage. Perez went on his blog and called her a “dumb bitch”, although later he did rescind his comment.  The two have been very busy, Perez landed himself a spot on “Larry King Live” and Miss California spoke with FOXNews.com and Billy Bush on the “Billy Bush Show.” She definitely feels the question and controversy cost her the crown but despite that would not have changed her answer. She stands by the fact that she answered her question honestly and that is what’s important.  I have to side with her on this one. It is also not like she said she does not believe in gay marriage or believe it should not be an option for people, she what she believes for herself. So give the poor girl a break!

Justin Timberlake is starting to rival Ryan Seacrest for busiest guy in Hollywood. In addition to his clothing line and most recently new Tequila, not to mention his singing career, Justin is involved in a new crazy reality show that will air on MTV. The show is called “On the Phone” and will be a competition between 4 contestants doing something crazy for the opportunity to win $50,000. Justin says, “We make them characters in an action film. We constantly throw a curve ball.” So basically you get a call on your cell phone and then follow the clues to the prize. An example is climbing to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. Hmmm…sounds like “Survivor” meets “Fear Factor”. Justin is also getting ready for his May 9th appearance on SNL. He will be hosting while Ciara will be the musical guest. Justin loves the SNL gang and always has a great time. Should be fun. Remember last time and his Beyonce back up dancer gig??

Here is a little baby news hot off the press. Ellen Pompeo, from “Grey’s Anatomy” is expecting her first child with husband Chris Ivery Other big baby news is Julie Chen from “The Early Show” on CBS is also pregnant with her first baby. She is married to CBC President and CEO Les Moonves who is 59 years old. Julie is also the host of the show “Big Brother” and she says she will be there again and won’t miss any time from her hosting duties on the show. And for you “Fantastic Four” fans, Ioan Gruffudd and his wife are also expecting their first baby. You can see him in his next movie out this June with our old favorite Julia Roberts, in “Fireflies in the Garden.” Congratulations to all on their good news.         

Nickelodeons Kid Choice Award Winners

This weekend was all about Nickelodeons 22nd Annual Kids Choice Awards. I cannot believe I am about to admit this publically but I have already seen it twice. For the record I was watching it with kids though. Nickelodeon has been hyping it up for weeks with commercials with The Rock, who was this year’s host, along with commercials also done with last year’s host, Justin Timberlake. Not only were there commercials on TV and advertising in the magazines, we watched several web broadcasts from the team of " ICarly", with Miranda Costgrove and friends, one of Nickelodeons best new shows.  And Nickelodeon did such a good job promoting the show they had over 90 million people vote online for this year’s favorites. That was definitely a record for the award show. I have to say The Rock and WWF wrestling have never been one of my favorites but he sure did change my mind last night. He was great and the kids loved him and anyone who is willing to get totally slimed like that gets my personal stamp of approval.

Here are some of the winners from the night.   High School Musical 3: Senior Year as you can imagine was a big fan favorite. It won for Favorite Movie, and Vanessa Hudgens won for Favorite Female Star. Will Smith won for Favorite Males Star and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa won for Favorite Animated Movie. Jack Black won for Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie for playing Po in Kung Fu Panda. With kids voting it is no big surprise that the Jonas Brothers won for Favorite Music Group, while Miley Cyrus and Jesse McCartney won for Favorite Female and Male Singers. Beyonce won Favorite Song for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). In the TV categories Favorite Show went to my personal favorite, “ICarly” and Favorite Reality Show went to “American Idol”.  Cutie David Archuletta and Paula Abdul accepted the award. Can I just say, no wonder people say strange things about Paula; she did seem just a bit off. Favorite TV Actor went to Dylan Sprouse from “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. Good for him but come on, you have to feel bad for his twin who he co –stars with. Selena Gomez from “Wizards of Waverly Place” won Favorite TV actress and of course Favorite Cartoon went to that cute little yellow guy “SpongeBob Squarepants”. Favorite Male Athlete went to Peyton Manning and Favorite Female Athlete went to Candace Parker.  And last but not least, again no surprise here, Favorite Video Game went to the very fun and popular Guitar Hero World Tour and Favorite Book went the Twilight Series.

It was a fun night full of plenty of kid’s excitement and plenty of slime (be glad you were watching from home because it was a gooey ride home for a lot of kids in the audience.” The Rocks big goal was to be the best Kid’s Choice Host ever and he may have just succeeded.  And speaking of slime, good job Jonas Brothers who really got it good. If you haven’t seen it I am sure it will be on plenty of times, sit down, relax and enjoy the sliming.             

Chris Brown and Rihanna Take a Break

Finally some good news in the Chris Brown and Rihanna story. The two have decided to take a break. They have not officially broken up by Rihanna has decided to take some time and focus on herself and her career. It sounds like she is finally coming to her senses. Rihanna is back in LA after spending some time with her good friends Beyonce, Jay – Z, Brandy and her manager. Maybe all the input from friends, as well as Oprah, who talked to the couple on her show and has also been focusing on domestic violence, finally got through to her. Whatever, it is a good start to getting her life back on track.

Justin Timberlake has something to celebrate as well as something to celebrate with. He is launching a brand new brand of tequila called 901, which just happens to be his old area code from where he grew up in Memphis.  The project has been in the works for more than 2 years and will be available in select markets in May.  The lucky markets are St. Louis, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Justin is keeping his plate full; he also has his fashion line as well.

Make sure you turn into The Tonight Show tonight to catch President Barrack Obama chat it up with Jay Leno. This will be Obama’s first live talk show appearance since he became President. HE plans on making a grand entrance and will of course talk about the economy and his economic plan.

I am still so saddened and shocked as we all are about the death of Natasha Richardson. Every time I see a picture of her it just does not seem real.  The autopsy has come back and shows the cause of death was an “epidural hematoma, due to blunt impact to the head, which led to profound bleeding between the skull and the brain’s covering”. My heart just goes out to her family and the people who knew her. It makes you realize how precious every day needs to be.

The Star and New Yorks Fashion Week

The stars have been in New York this week to support all their favorite designers.  At the Jill Stuart Fall Fashion Show you could find the Hilton sisters,Paris and Nicky,  along side Kristen Bell and Amanda Bynes. Over at the Badgley Mischka Fall Fashion show you could find other famous sisters, Kim and Kloe Kardashian, while  Eva Longoria Parker and Joy Bryant attended the big Matthew Williamson Fall Fashion Show. It is like a red carpet event of who is who and who is attending which show during the weeklong event.

One of the newest celeb designers to attend Fashion Week is multi- talented Justin Timberlake. Justin really is trying to bring sexy back and share it with the world. Justin’s look combines denim and leather for a very classic yet bold statement. Along with his fellow designers and partners Trace Ayala and Marcella and Johan Lindenberg, they put together an awesome show which was inspired by American classic movies like “Thelma and Louise” and “Rumble Fish”. I definitely remember Brad Pitt and Matt Dillon in their denim jeans. There to support her man was Jessica Biel, along with Gerald Butler, Emile Hirsch and Aubrey O’Day.

Others however are finding it is not as easy to break into the fashion world. Project Runway winner Christian Siriano was back to show his 2nd collection at fashion week but admits it is very difficult to break into this “elite fashion world”. First season Project Runway winner, Jay McCarroll, has a new documentary, called “11 Minutes” that is being released on February 20th that shows his struggles in getting his line made and to Fashion week. There is a lot of work involved, a lot of money that needs to be raised and then clients to be found to buy the items in the line. It’s raw and real. It’s amazing what needs to get done for a show that lasts literally 11 minutes.

Some say this there was a settle yet different feel this year due to the economy and it showed in the upcoming styles.  Colors were a bit more demure instead of bright and textured fabrics were back instead of “fancy embellishments”. The clothes seem to be a bit more normal and less excessive. I guess even the fashionistas feel the difficult times.