Kevin Bacon Mugged

Kevin Bacon was mugged on Thursday in New York while waiting at the train station at 53rd and 7th Avenue. The thief stole Bacon’s Blackberry which contained all the numbers of his A- list friends. Bacon ran after his assailant but lost him and the Blackberry in the crowded station. You have to wonder did the thief know it was Kevin Bacon or was it just random and he got lucky. Most likely it was probably random since cell phone theft is 37% of what is targeted in these subway robberies. Last year there were 823 robberies reported. Usually the phones are sold right back onto the streets or the thief will use the phone himself. Bacon and his wife have lost bigger than the Blackberry lately, they were also in the large group of people who lost money to the Bernie Madoff scheme. Well luckily Kyra Sedgwick has her hit show “The Closer” and Bacon is currently on the road with his band, the Bacon Brothers.

Susan Boyle is on her way to the finale of “Britain’s Got Talent” next Saturday night. She did an amazing job singing the song “Memory” from “Cats”, the musical. Simon is just in love with this woman’s talent. After her performance Simon told Susan,” You are one special lady, I have to say, you really are.” He even then went on to apologize to her about her they treated her before they even heard her sing. Simon told her, “You know what, I just want to apologize because of the way we treated you before you sang the first time. You made me and everyone else look very stupid and I’m happy for you, very proud of you.” Wow…was that really the Simon Cowell??? Her first song for the judges which gave them the shock of their lives was “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. Susan looked great with her new more fashionable updated make- over.

I have to admit I have never done this before but I am recording “Jon & Kate plus 8” this season. The season 5 premiere airs tonight. I am totally being drawn in by all the controversy and drama. I am not proud of the fact that I want to watch this poor couple go through these hard times but on the other hand, I do. As I tuned into some of the episodes this weekend on the TLC marathon, I did look at the couple in a different light. All of a sudden I did notice Kate being quite harsh on Jon and saw how she did treat him as one of the kids. When I had watched before she just seemed type A and kind of like a nag but hey, she did have 8 kids to watch over so she needed some structure. In the previews it was hard to watch them sitting separately and when they did finally get them on that couch together for their interview, they couldn’t have tried to be further apart from each other.  I do want to see them work it out and it is going to be an interesting season watching it all unfold.  I have to tell you, Kate’s sister in law Julie is begging viewers NOT to watch the premiere tonight. She is saying it all contrived and fake anyway, and if viewers don’t watch they will not air it.  I just don’t see that happening, in fact I have a feeling TLC is loving all the controversy and attention. It is just ashame these are real lives and real people this is happening too.