The Week in Review

Ok, I know I promised no Rihanna Chris Brown talk this week but I can’t keep silent any longer. There has been a very unfortunate situation this week with the Los Angeles police department and the case. Someone leaked the official police photo of Rihanna taken right after the attack. Because of the nature of the photo the police had no plans to not release the photo but someone got a hold of it and did release it. Poor Rihanna cannot get a break from all this. The photo is pretty heart wrenching to look at and shows the beating that Rihanna endured. She has big bruises on the side of her forehead, blood around the sides of her mouth and darkened areas around her eyes. She looks like she is in a lot of pain. Chris Brown’s court date is set for March 5th

Ok now onto happier news. Donald Trump is a Grandpa again but don’t let him hear you call him that. Donald Trump Jr. has a new son and you will never guess his name….yup, Donald Trump the 3rd.

And how about a little Jolie- Pitt news. Papa Pitt took the boys to Las Vegas this week, while Angie hung out with the girls in New York. It must be nice to be one of their kids. Daddy and the boys spent some time at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as well as the boys got to go to the MGM Mansion to see the lions. The boys also took some time to check out a show and got to see the 200 show of the Cirque du Soleil KA show. Glad everyone took some time to relax before the big Oscar’s event this Sunday. Both Brad and Angie have been nominated for awards this year. Brad is nominated for Best Actor for his film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and Angie is nominated for Best Actress for her work in the “Changeling”. There is also speculation that this could be the first time that Angie and Jennifer Aniston actually come face to face. It is hard to believe it hasn’t happened before but both women are planning to attend this year. Jennifer says she is ready for it and it was bound to happen. She will be there with boyfriend Jon Mayer at her side. She insists there will be no cat fight but you have to admit it won’t be easy especially in front of so many people. You have come a long way Jen; don’t let Angie bother you in the least.

And lastly John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have started a foundation in honor of their son Jett who died unexpectedly earlier this year. The Jett Travolta Foundation will be there to “assist and provide relief to children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication, behavioral learning impairments or other special medical, environmental, health or educational needs.” I am sure a lot of children will benefit and we can only hope during this difficult time that can bring the family some comfort.