New Fragrance for Amy Winehouse??

A former “American Idol” contestant Alexis Cohen, known as the Glitter Girl, was killed in a hit and run accident on Saturday in New Jersey. She was just 25 years old. She auditioned for “American Idol” back in 2007 and tried again 2008. She did get an audition her first time but was completely turned away the second time. It is surprising she ever returned after the unkind words that Simon had to say of her performance. Not to mention the tirade she went on after she walked out of the audition. Let’s just say she was upset and didn’t have very nice things to say about Simon….there was even some cursing involved.  On a much happier subject, Angie Everhart welcomed her first child, a boy, on July 24th. New baby is Kayden Bobby, and Angie plans to raise him alone. In fact she has not shared any details about who the father might be.  Everhart is 39 and is best known for her swim suit appearances in Sports Illustrated and she has also hosted several reality TV shows. She has been in several films including “Another 9 ½ Weeks” and “Last Action Hero”.

Tomorrow night is the big “Bachelorette” finale on ABC…who will Jillian pick Ed or Kiptyn? As always ABC is egging us on with something. The most blank blank finale ever…yeah right. But you know I will be tuning in. Proposal…hmmm…I‘m not convinced, we will just have to see.
It is being reported that Amy Winehouse could earn $824,440 to launch a new perfume fragrance. That would be an interesting scent. When I think of her I pretty much think of cigarette smoke and B.O. – lovely scent that would make.  The reports are saying that perhaps the company that wants her is trying to capture her 50’s style. Is that what that style is? The perfume business is big for the star, so why shouldn’t Amy Winehouse get in on the act too. Some of those famous people in the perfume biz include, Beyonce, Jenifer Lopez, P. Diddy, and Britney Spears to name just a few.

Katie Holmes helped the Thursday night ratings for the FOX hit dance show…”So You Think You Can Dance?” After a lot of speculation Katie joined the show for its 100th episode and did a pre – taped tribute to Judy Garland. The show had an increase in viewership of 17% which means that about 8.4 million people tuned in for the show, the highest ever. In addition to performing for the show she also took the money she earned and donated it to Dizzy Feet Foundation which awards dance scholarships to underprivileged children. Katie’s performance received mixed reviews. IT probably won’t help or hurt her career and overall it was good just nothing spectacular. She looked great through and it would have been nice if it were live and if hubby Tom Cruise had been cheering her on in the audience.

Nadya Suleman Finally Gets Her Reality Show

The Octomom, Nadya Suleman, finally has the reality show she has been hoping for. Filming will start September 1 and will most likely air first in the U.K and then here in the states. Eyeworks is the company producing the show and they have also produced, “The Biggest Loser” and “Breaking Bonaduce”. Suleman’s brood will make about $250,000 over 3 years and that roughly breaks down to about $250 a day per kid. Compared to other reality shows their taping schedule will be pretty light. For the first year they will only film for 36 days, the second year only 21 days and the third year only 14 days. Sounds pretty non evasive to me. That was Nadya’s plan all along; she just wants to film certain milestones in their lives. Oddly enough she is trying to stay away from the whole “Jon and Kate Plus 8” scenario. Hey, maybe she is smarter than we originally thought. Not to mention 15% of the children’s earnings will automatically go into a trust fund for each child that they cannot touch until they turn 18 as required by state law in California.

It’s official, in addition to Eddie Cibrian and his wife separating, so have LeAnn Rimes and her husband Dean Sheremet. It appears that they have been separated for awhile now but are still trying to work on their marriage. The couple got married when LeAnn was just 19 and have been married for 7 years. It is said that the two have been having problems for awhile and that Cibrian was not the cause of their breakup. Rimes and her husband have their $7.45 million home on the market in Nashville.

The super duo or Elton John and Billy Joel have had two cancel 2 concerts so far in the New York, due to illness on Billy Joel’s end. He has been suffering from flu like symptoms and the doctors have told him to rest up and not perform for the next 72 hours. Promoters for both cancelled shows are in the process of trying to reschedule. For the last two months the “Face 2 Face” tour has been the top grossing concert in the nation.

Now I get how rumors get started. Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest were spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles. Ryan made a comment to the paparazzi saying that, “Jennifer and Paula would be a hell of a combination on the show”. Then you get the whole story that Paula Abdul may not be returning to Idol and before you know it people think that  was what Ryan and Jennifer’s’ dinner was about. Well, Jennifer Lopez is officially denying that she is seeking out Paula’s judging seat on “American Idol”. The fact is she loves the show, but that is it, she is just a fan. Jennifer just turned 40 and has been celebrating her birthday this weekend. She just finished a movie, “The Back – Up Plan” that will be out in January and she also has a new album coming out around that time as well. So much for that rumor!

Speaking of new albums coming out…Avril Lavigne is back and her new album will drop November 17th. Avril worked closed with her hubby, Deryck Whibley from Sum 41, and the album just kind of happened on its own. She worked from her home studio, had fun and the album just happened. She feels that there is a lot of emotion in this new and yet untitled album and is considering doing a theatre tour to promote the album in order to keep the intimacy and emotion she feels it deserves.