Danny Gans Death Shocks Las Vegas

Shocking news rocks Las Vegas with the news of the sudden death of funny man Danny Gans. He performed a great set on Wednesday and seemed to be the picture of health, but then was found dead of still unknown causes on Friday morning. He was just 52 and a self proclaimed health nut. He was one of the all time great impressionist doing people like Tony Bennett and Michael Jackson. Although nothing seemed wrong with Gans, in an odd twist, Gans did change his final routine on Wednesday night. He usually ended with a medley “Apollo” however instead he did “The Curtain Falls” by Bobby Darin. A coincidence or did he know or feel something was wrong? It will be interesting to see what the autopsy says but regardless of the results he was a talented funny man who will be missed.

The Madonna adoption case just keeps getting more complicated. The man who says he is the baby girl’s father (although that has yet to be confirmed and he still hasn’t met her) says he wants his daughter and wants her to be raised in Malawi and in her culture. The poor little girl Mercy has been in the orphanage her whole life since her teenage mother died. There is a hearing on Monday where the court will hear Madonna’s appeal based on the last hearing where she was rejected from adopting the baby on the fact that she had not lived in the region for the required amount of time. Also on Monday the alleged father, James Kambewa, will be doing an interview on “The Early Show” on CBS. So the saga continues. Why is it taking so long to see if he is indeed the baby’s father? I think that will have a lot of bearing on the outcome. Stay tuned. Hopefully there is a better life in store for this sweet girl then the orphanage and sooner than later will be all the better.

The new “Star Trek” premier was this weekend and it is hard to believe the franchise has been around since 1966. It has had its ups and downs over the decades but the new movie is young and hip and stays true to the original. With J. J. Abrams and his team at the helm honestly how could they go wrong? It has been a long time in the making but it seems this new “Star Trek” will have fans and Vulcan’s alike very happy with the outcome. Some die hard trekies that attended the premiere were Heidi Klum, Amanda Bynes, Leighton Meester and Rainn Wilson. Chris Pine is the new Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto plays Leonard Nimoy’s, Dr. Spock, while Karl Urban plays “Bones” McCoy and Zoe Saldana plays Uhura. A new young hip cast makes “Star Trek” hip and sexy again. The movie comes out in theatres May 8th.

Its good news for Casey Aldridge, baby daddy to Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s Spears little sis. After a car accident earlier this week were he was hospitalized in intensive care for a head injury he is out of the hospital and back home. Aldridge had been at a bachelor party and ended up flipping his car over late that night. Casey is actually supposed to be the best man but depending on his recovery, will decide if he can follow though wit the commitment. For the time being the Jamie Lynn and has been at his side constantly while her mom has been taking care of their baby. The baby will be coming home soon and Jamie Lynn will have her hands full taking care of the two of them.