Caly Aiken Apologizes to Adam Lambert

Remember Mary Kay Letourneau (the teacher convicted of raping her 12 year old student and went to jail for 7 ½ years for the crime)? Well it really was true love, although it started out as a very disturbing story. Letourneau is now 47 (hard to believe) and her husband/student of 5 years, Vilii Fualaa, 26 are still together and happy. It is a crazy story but I have to admit I am happy for them. She did her time in prison, he waited, they have a couple of kids and through all this there are still together. The two are in the news this weekend because Mary Kay emceed the “Hot Teacher Night”,event and Vili was the DJ at the Fuel Sports Eats & Beats Bar, in Seattle.

I know this will not come as any big shocker, but Amy Winehouse has pulled out of yet another performance. This time she was supposed to perform at the 50th Birthday celebration of her record label Island on May 31st in London.  Her rep says she is not performing due to health problems. Refunds for the tickets are available. If you remember it was just 2 weeks ago that she had difficulty performing at a show in the Caribbean, not knowing the words, and just making a big mess of her whole performance. IT is just quite a sad story, such a talented, young woman who is just one hot mess! Pull yourself together Amy before it is just too late.

If you are a fan of the TV show “My Name is Earl”, staring, Jason Lee, this is your chance to help save it from cancellation. After 4 years on NBC the cast was notified of the decision to cancel the show. The cast admits not only were they upset by the decision but also caught by surprise. Well now they want to fight for their show but need the help of their fans. Although the NBC decision is final the show is trying to get FOX to pick it up but they need to let FOX know that the fans are there and will watch the show, so what better way to make your voice heard these days then through Twitter. You can go to the online petition @EarlTwition or even write to FOX and let them know why you like the show. Currently the online poll has 9,110 followers. NBC also cancelled the show “Medium” with Patricia Arquette after 5 seasons but CBS quickly picked that one up and it will air on Friday nights. So who knows what will happen with Earl, but you have to make your voice heard.

Clay Aiken, former “American Idol” runner up, really had people up in arms this week about a comment he made on his blog. After listening to Lambert sing “Ring of Fire” Aiken wrote… I” thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful and slightly frightening! I wasn’t really a fan and found myself surprised whenever folks told me they liked him”. Now Aiken is making nice and apologizing for his words to Lambert. In his latest statement he is saying “I obviously meant it as a colorful statement to imply that I did not enjoy what I heard. Any performer hopes that their music will appeal to all people, but no singer realistically expects it.  My opinion is just that, only my opinion, but for as much as some of the blogger’s seem to dislike me and care so little about my thoughts, they sure can waste a lot of their space on what I say.” Aiken does go on to say “The only person I would really dream of apologizing to is Adam. And the irony is, if he’s smart he couldn’t give a crap what I think. I do apologize to Adam for my colorful and negative choice of words. I hope he can forgive me. I imagine he doesn’t give a damn.” It keeps trying to sound like an apology but then not so sure. Anyway it is crazy how the bloggers wrap themselves up in something and won’t let it go. I think it is time though.