Juicy Hollywood Scandal

Here is some scandalous gossip for you which we haven’t heard the likes of in a while. The reason has come out to why hunky actor Lorenzo Lamas and his beautiful 4th wife, former Playmate of the Month, Shauna Sand divorced. It seems that Shauna was having an affair…but not just any old affair; she was having an affair with then 18 year old step son, AJ Lamas. After all the years of soap opera acting it appears he has been living a real life one.  A friend says, “He thought Shauna was acting like a mom to AJ, he had no clue that she was his son’s lover!” That has got to be the lowest form of betrayal ever! If you want to see more about this Hollywood family you will get your chance. Lamas and his family, including AJ and daughter Shayne, who was the “winner” on ABC’s “The Bachelor”, as well as Shayne’s sister, Dakota will have their own reality series on E! this fall.  E! just loves the family reality series don’t they?.

Forbes has just come out with the 12 highest earning celebrities under 30 and seriously the numbers will make you want to puke. Sorry that was harsh, I know they are hard working people, but really, what can one person do with all that money? They could feed a 3rd world country exclusively on their own. Ok, just had to get that out. Here are the numbers, you decide if you agree with me or not. This is certainly not a shocker, Beyonce was in the #1 spot, and this past year, June 2008 – June 2009 earned a staggering $87 million. Not bad for a 27 year old! Taking the #2 spot is Kimi Raikkonen, who is a Formula 1 race car driver and he earned $45 million in the past year. The 3rd place spot goes to another sports figure, 24 year old LeBron James, who is an NBA superstar for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He earned $40 million thanks to all his endorsements from Nike, State Farm, VitaminWater and Upperdeck. And of course you can’t forget those crazy Disney kids who are raking in the big bucks. The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus both earned $25 million. Must be nice to work for Disney and achieve all that stardom.

Well I held off for two whole paragraphs but there is a Michael Jackson story that I have to tell you about. Bill O’Reilly is spouting off some crazy talk about Michael Jackson. In fact he did it on the day of the memorial service which just seemed so inappropriate to begin with. O’Reilly totally goes off on Jackson. One of the first things that he rants about is how selfish Jackson was and how much he spent on himself while there are others who need that money. He says, “His incredible selfishness spending hundreds of millions of dollars on himself while singing “We Are the World” should make any clear thinking American nauseas.” Then he goes on and on about how is Michael really a black icon? He talks about how he bleached his skin and had white men’s sperm to create his children. He wanted to be white so why all the support from the black community, the community he tried so hard to get away from. He also feels that Jackson has been made into a hero while he has most likely died from a drug overdose and had inappropriate relationships with children. He just doesn’t understand all the outpouring of love for this man. Oh I just can’t even listen to Bill O’Reilly, maybe it’s because he loves to just hear himself talk and not listen to anyone else. And the yelling, why can’t the man just have a conversation, why does he feel the only way he can be heard is by yelling? Here is the clip; you decide how inappropriate he is. He talks about Michael Jackson and rips him apart every which way, it is just horrible to watch and listen too.

On a lighter note, sweet, 19 year old Emma Watson had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet for the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” which opens July 15. The premiere was in London and it was pouring rain and as she was rearranging her wet dress, it came apart, and the media got a good look at her in her underwear. Watson is taking it all in stride though and like she told David Letterman last night on his show, “At least I’m wearing underwear.” Good point Emma, now that would have been embarrassing.