Ex Michael Jackson Nanny Speaks Out

Michael Jackson is still the main news headline but I do have some other happier news to share as well today. I found this interesting though, the former nanny of Michael’s three children is speaking out and what she has to say is not good. I think from watching Michael over the years and some of the choices he has made it is no surprise that he was a tortured soul. Whether it was from being in the fishbowl of the public eye at such an early age and not having a normal childhood as he has said or wherever his demons came from, I think we all always suspected it was there. Friday I shared what Lisa Marie Presley had to say and now the nanny is basically confirming his battle with prescription drugs. The nanny, Grace Rwaramba, who worked for Jackson for more than 10 years was just recently let go. She shares that she had to pump his stomach “many times after he’d take a dangerous combination of drugs.”  She also says that, “He always mixed so much of it. There was one period that it was so bad that I didn’t let the children see him. He always ate too little and mixed too much.”  Rwaramba says that she really wanted to help him and one time even attempted an intervention with his mothers help and his sister Janet’s help. But that upset him and caused Michael to fire her. She also talks about Michael’s debt and how he really had “no idea about money.” She tells how he was so broke he didn’t even have money to buy balloons for one of the children on their birthday. Really all you can say is that it is a sad story. So much talent yet so much pain.

Onto some happy news. I have some weddings to tell you about.  First off, “Girls Next Door” and mother to be, Kendra Wilkinson, tied the knot on Saturday with Philadelphia Eagles boyfriend, Hank Baskett, at the Playboy mansion. There were hundreds of guests at the outdoor wedding which ended a week of celebrating the blessed event, which included seeing the premiere of the new “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen “movie and a day of pampering for Kendra. Eddie Van Halen from the rock group Van Halen also said his” I – Do’s “this weekend to his girlfriend of 3 years. Eddie, 54, married 39 year old Janie Liszewski in a casual affair in the backyard of Eddies 7 acre estate in California. Wolfgang, Eddies 18 year old son was his best man and his brother Alex Van Halen officiated the ceremony. He is an ordained minister. There were about 100 guests in attendance, among them was Jenny Craig spokeswoman and ex- wife Valerie Bertinelli.

Lenny Kravitz has passed the musical talent gene down to his 20 year old daughter Zoe Kravitz who is also in a rock and roll band called, Elevator Fight. Lenny says “She is doing her thing and it’s really good. And everyone’s chasing them to sign them. It’s a trip to watch.” He says. After 20 years in the business Lenny himself is still going strong. He is on tour as well as he is in the upcoming movie with Mariah Carey called, “Precious”. Next he hopes to even be the lead in his acting role.

Another young person died over the weekend, Billy Mays who you would probably recognize as the Oxy Clean and Kaboom spokesperson. Mays was 50 and died in his sleep. He leaves behind a wife and 2 children. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. What is up with people just dying at the age of 50???

How crazy is this…”Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” has grossed $201 million in just 5 days. That is second only to “The Dark Knight’s” 5 day opening of $203 million. The funny thing is that I read a review of the movie this weekend and it only got 1 star. People just love a good action movie…good or bad sometime you just have to see it anyway. Plus regardless of the movie you just have to love Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox.          

A Baby for Kendra

I found this to be surprising news so early in the morning….Kendra Wilkinson, 23, from the hit reality show “Girls Next Door” is PREGNANT!! Funny after finally getting out of the Playboy mansion and out on her this was the last thing I would have expected from her. Her fiancé, Hank Baskett, who is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kendra are very excited about the impending birth and seem to be utterly in love with each other. Best of luck to both of them. Kendra currently has her own reality show that just started on E! She has a beautiful new house that seems kind of lonely without gal pals Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. After watching the premiere which was the second highest debut for an E! show, I have to say I am concerned about her being a mom. I mean the poor girl didn’t even know how to shop for groceries, and her big focus is her new stripper pole in her living room. Well should be interesting, who knows, we will probably get to see the whole event as a reality series anyway.

Here is a little this and that on other marriages/splits and babies. Just 2 weeks after the accidental death of his 4 year old daughter, Mike Tyson, married his girlfriend Lakiha Spicer, on Saturday in Las Vegas. This is Tyson’s third marriage and the daughter who died was from his second marriage. Splitting up this week are James Van Der Beek (remember his from Dawson’s Creek) and his wife, Heather McComb who is also an actress. The two have been married since 2003. Miley Cyrus, 16 and her 20 year old boyfriend Justin Gaston have also parted ways. No reason has been given for the break up but there is possible speculation that perhaps former beau Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers is back in the picture. There had been rumors on the net yesterday that Leonardo DiCaprio and long time girlfriend and supermodel Bar Refaeli had split up but a source says that is untrue and the couple is still together. Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt have also called it quits. What was in the air in Hollywood this weekend??  It’s a boy for Hank Azaria and his girlfriend who welcomed their first child on Saturday a boy named, Hal. The “pregnant man” gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday. Tracy Beatie lives as a man and has officially changed his gender but still has the female sex organs. It is always interesting to see him photographed because although you know it is not a man actually pregnant …it does look like one.

It’s good to be the first daughter. After a trip to Paris, the Obama’s headed to London on holiday. The Obama women took in a show of “The Lion King”. The girls had a great time and enjoyed the Disney production. In addition to that, the girls got to go on the set of the new Harry Potter movie plus visit some of the biggest sites in London like a private tour of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Parliament. Not a bad way to celebrate turning the big #8!

Bad news for Miss California Carrie Prejean, she has been fired and will subsequently lose her crown and title. After supporting her through all the initial turmoil, Donald Trump gave his full support in the decision. “I told Carrie she needed to get back to work and honor her contract with Miss California USA Organization and I gave her the opportunity to so. Unfortunately it just doesn’t look like it is going to happen.” Well maybe now the $140,000 that Playboy offered her to pose for the magazine doesn’t look so bad after all.

2009 Playmate of the Year Revealed

A sports and musical merging is on the horizon. Jimmy Buffett, along with his company Margaritaville enterprises will become a new business partner with the Miami Dolphins team. One of the first changes to be seen will be the renaming of Dolphin Stadium to Land Shark Stadium. Land Shark is the name of the beer the Jimmy Buffett markets with the help of Anheuser – Busch. So you can imagine what type of beer you will be able to purchase at those Dolphin games, right? Buffett is actually good friends with the new owner of the team, Stephen Ross. This will all become official today at a private event where Buffett plans to sing before the official unveiling of the new Logo. This is actually quite exciting and good news for the team who has not had corporate sponsorship for several years. Land Shark stadium will also be the host of the 2010 Super bowl.

IT was a huge celebration in Las Vegas for the unveiling of the 50th Playmate of the year for Hugh Hefner and Playboy magazine. And not only is 27 year old Ida Ljungqvist a beauty but she is also the first ever African American playmate of the year. It was also the first time that the ceremony was held someplace other then the Playboy Mansion. The beauty comes from a unique background, a Tanzanian mother and a Swedish father and she can speak English, Swahili, and Swedish. Not to mention she is a size zero who claims not to be a big exerciser…figures. Hef’s ex, Holly Madison, from “Girls Next Door”, did show up to the event but didn’t do a lot of bonding with Hugh’s new main squeeze, Crystal Harris. IT seems that Hef is missing Holly and back at the end of April told the director of “Niche Magazine” in an interview, that “he would welcome Madison back with open arms because she is still the love of his life.”  Hmm…wonder how that made his new gal pal Harris feel about her 83 year old beau?
What is it about Fridays…there also seems to be some baby news to share, so here is the happy news. First off Backstreet Boy, Howie Dorough and his wife welcomed their first child on Wednesday, a little boy, James Hoke Dorough, and he is a little guy weighing in at only 4.5 pounds. “Grey’s Anatomy” star, Chyler Leigh welcomed baby number 3, a girl, named Anniston Kae. And speaking of babies it seems that was the reason for the Lance Armstrong Sheryl Crow break up back in 2006. Lance has a new book, “Lance”, coming out soon and that is what he reveals. Ironically he is currently expecting a baby with his new girlfriend, but at the time he just wasn’t ready for a new family. He had just gotten out of a marriage with 3 children and Sheryl was ready, and due to her age her biological time clock was ticking. Not long after the breakup Crow did adopt a newborn baby and she says about motherhood, “It’s great! I love every minute of it.” And on that note, wishing all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!!