Are Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler a Hot New Item?

This is a very gossipy story and I feel bad even talking about it because I really like this actress but here is the scoop.  Star Magazine is reporting that former Charlie’s Angel, Kate Jackson, maybe be suffering from an old drug habit again. In a very odd story the Star has witnesses reporting that they went into to professionally clean Kate’s $2 million home which was totally trashed on the inside and out.  Neighbors have complained about all the clutter in the backyard and it took a cleaning crew two days to haul out and clean up all the garbage. Some of the cleaners didn’t even want to return for the second day. They complained of the smell since there was so much trash around, and old moldy food and even rat droppings. In addition to the wreck that the house was in the cleaners said that Jackson was no better. They said she was talking extremely fast, stuttering and even repeating things over. Someone even called her a “crazy recluse” The famous actress is now 60 and that just seems like a bizarre and sad story.

Does Jennifer Aniston have another new man in her life? The rumors are swirling that she has moved onto to her next co-star, Gerard Butler. The two are currently filming their new movie together called, “The Bounty”. Witnesses say that the two have been lunching together in their adjoining trailers, practicing their kissing scenes even after they have stopped being filmed, and that the two are hanging out together even after they are done shooting for the day. It seems that Butler has been interested in dating Aniston since he met her back in 2008 at the Toronto Film Festival but she has kept her distance. Now that they are working together and making all this buzz together we will just have to wait and see.
A publicity stunt or real? Paula Abdul’s manager is threatening that Paula may not be back to “American Idol” this season if she doesn’t get a new deal. Even though Paula is getting $2 ½ million a year to be on Idol, she is probably a bit miffed upon learning that  Ryan Seacrest is now getting $15 million a year. Her manager is saying that if Paula doesn’t get a new deal she may go off on her own and start her own reality competition show. Hey I love Paula and I can see where she might be bugged by the Ryan Seacrest million dollar deal but wow these stars can sure be greedy. I have to say the show just wouldn’t be the same without Paula, I don’t see them letting her go.

The media continues to talk about the surprise break up of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson and have now started talking about the timing of newly single Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson getting back together. Lachey has officially come out and said that is not going to happen. He wishes is ex wife happiness and all the best but that is all that is between them and nothing more. So all you die hard romantics (and I admit I am one of them) Nick and Jessica will not be getting back together. Right now Nick is getting ready for his new album to drop sometime in October. The album is called “Coming Up For Air” and you can look for the first single to come out sometime next month.
Madonna after losing two crew members after that terrible stage collapse spent some time with the family of one of the deceased, 53 year old Charles Criscenzo. Madonna brought along her two youngest children David and Mercy. Tonight’s show in Marseilles has been cancelled and a criminal investigation is ongoing to check out the cause of the collapse. Madonna will go directly to her next show in Barcelona which is scheduled for July 21.