David Hyde Pierce Marries Boyfriend

Good news for Depeche Mode lead singer Dave Gahan. After receiving the scary news that a malignant tumor had been found on his bladder, it has been successfully removed. Originally Gahan was diagnosed with severe gastroenteritis but further tests showed the low grade tumor. The group that has been on tour in Europe and did have to cancel a few shows however will be back on track on June 8th in Leipzig, Germany.

The new Activision “Guitar Hero 5” will be in stores on September 1. Fans are going to be so happy with the new edition and the enhancements that have been added. One of the main new features is that both the diehard fans plus casual players will both be able to enjoy the game. There will be more “social play” meaning you can easily switch from one song to another as well as quickly change the difficulty level. “Guitar Hero 5” will also allow anyone to play whatever fake instruments they want, so if a group of kids all want to play drums…no problem. There will also be more challenges and opportunities to play against people online as well as friends at home. “One game for example, eliminates weaker performers until there’s only one rocker standing.” IT is like a reality TV show right in your own home. Guitar Hero just keeps getting better and better and you can as always expect great music. Guitar Hero has given unknown bands a start just from being heard on the game, like Wolfmother, an Australian band that shot to instant fame. And of course there are the classic bands you will hear like Bon Jovi, and Iron Maiden, and some old yet new faces to Guitar Hero like Elton John and John Mellencamp. There are 82 bands in all on Guitar Hero 5. So enjoy your summer but don’t forget to rush out and buy it on September 1st.

And here are 2 rumors being confirmed and denied by the stars themselves. There has been some buzz about supermodel Gisele Bundchen being pregnant, but hubby Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, says that is just not true. And remember David Hyde Pierce from “Frasier”, he confirmed with the ladies on “The View” that he did marry his long time partner, Brian Hargrove last October. Pierce says that they did not hide their life but basically have chosen to keep a low profile and not make a big deal. But now with all the controversy and changes in California regarding gay marriage, Pierce has been participating at the gay rights rallies. So David Hype Pierce has California covered and Cynthia Nixon in New York. Let’s get this situation voted on and figured out.
The stars are lending their support to cancer. This year’s “Stand Up to Cancer” celebrity ambassadors have been announced. It is a long list of celebrity’s that will support the organization with their time and efforts. This year’s ambassadors include Marcia Cross (whose husband is currently undergoing treatment for cancer), Sally Field, Kirsten Dunst, Dave Annable, Mandy Moore, Fran Drescher (uterine cancer survivor), Dana Delany, Sharon Osbourne, Patrick Wilson, David Archuleta and Sofia Vassilieva. The organization has raised over $100 million to fund research programs.     

Sex and the City Star Gets Engaged

The big news this morning seems to be that ‘Sex and the City “actress, Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend of 5 years, Christine Marinoni, got engaged. Nixon has 2 children, Samantha 12 and Charles 6 from a previous relationship with photographer, Danny Mozes. The 2 actually announced their engagement during a gay rights rally that they were attending in New York City. The 2 hope to be able to eventually legalize their marriage in New York and say they will wait for legislation to pass the gay marriage act. A vote is actually set to happen soon, but at this point still needs more support from congress.

Two couples are dispelling rumors of an alleged relationship. First is Natalie Portman is saying that her and Sean Penn are not dating but are just friends and colleagues only. “Star Magazine” has claimed that the two were “making out” and the “New York Post” said that the two are been seen “cavorting”. Penn and his wife of 13 years, Robin Wright Penn are currently separated. I guess we will just have to wait and see. The other couple denying couple rumors are Bradley Cooper, who stars with Heather Graham in the new movie “The Hangover” and Jennifer Aniston.  Cooper says they have met several times but that is all. He does joke that his mom heard the rumors as well and would actually be very happy if they were indeed true. Cooper was married to Jennifer Esposito for 4 months back in 2007. And speaking of dispelling rumors…it looks like LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were spotted together again this weekend at the Lakes games at the Staples Centre in Los Angles. There were also rumors about these two who are both married to others but it seemed like things had calmed down. Now however it looks like they have resurfaced. Rimes was wearing her wedding ring in the pictures that were taken and Cibrian has said that he wants to focus on his marriage and family. Again we will just have to wait and see what happens.

IT is just 2 days away…the “American Idol” season finale…who will be the winner, Adam Lambert or Kris Allen? There is a star studded group of performers to entertain us while we wait for the final songs during the 2 night finale.  Keith Urban, Carlos Santana, Black Eyed Peas, Lionel Ritchie, Queen Latifah and Cyndi Lauper are all scheduled to perform along with Idol alums, David Cook and Carrie Underwood. It should be an exciting two nights. And that is about it in the world of gossip for today