Big Baby News Day Plus Grey’s Anatomy News

Well there are lots of congratulations to go around this week, starting with new Dad, Kevin Costner 54, and his wife, 34 year old Christine. They welcomed new son, Hayes Logan Costner who weighed in at a hefty 8 pounds 15 ounces. This is the second son for the couple who have been married since 2004. There is also a new baby in the KISS family. Paul Stanley and his wife welcomed a new baby girl, Sarah Brianna. This is the couples 2nd child. Stanley has Costner beat, he is 57, and will be touring with the band this summer in honor the the groups 35th anniversary.  Mira Sorvino and her hubby just confirmed that they are expecting baby number 3. The couple have been married 4 years and have two children ages 4 and 2.   And the last bit of baby news to share is that Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters and his wife are expecting their second baby. There will be lots of baby Foo Fighters to play with, since David Grohl and his wife are also expecting baby number 2 this spring too.

Now on to Grey’s news. All week rumors have been flying that Katherine Heigl and T. R. Knight were leaving Grey’s Anatomy. It even seemed that James Pickens, who plays the Chief, had confirmed that rumor, but it is not true. Creator, Shonda Rhimes herself, came out and said that they are NOT leaving the show and what James Pickens JR. said was taken out of context. While at the NAACP award show both Rhimes and Pickens attempted to clear up the rumors and clarify what he meant in his original comments. Grey’s actually did quite well at the awards show, bringing home 3 wins.  The show won Best TV drama series, Chandra Wilson won for Best Actress in a TV drama, and Shonda Rhimes and Krista Vernoff won for Best Writing in a dramatic series for the episode, “A Change is Gonna Come.” l, Although they are not my favorites on the show, I am glad the two are not leaving, it just wouldn’t be the same without George and Izzy.       

Led Zeppelin Could Tour Without Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin is back…sans Robert Plant. More than a year ago, after the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert, Led Zeppelin took the stage with Jason Bonham respectively taking his father’s place on drums. The rumors of a reunion persisted, but ultimately it was Robert Plant who laid them to rest, insisting that he was only concerned with his work with Alison Krauss.

Well, apparently the rest of Zeppelin liked playing together so much that they decided to cut out the lead singer. Plans obviously call for a replacement, but the question is who will replace the legendary Robert Plant?

Several names have been thrown around and the latest reunion news is from Peter Mensch, Jimmy Page’s equally-legendary music manager. Of course, Mensch would not confirm any names that have been spun by the media as replacements. That means dreams of watching Led Zeppelin live with Steven Tyler, Chris Cornell, or Myles Kennedy or unknowns (Judas Priest-style) are still far from being a reality.

Mensch also failed to say whether the new group would be touring under the name Led Zeppelin or a new creation (kind of like a ‘70s inspired Audioslave). While Audioslave was a success it came just a year after Rage Against the Machine broke up (Audioslave had the Rage instrumentation and the vocal talents of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell), would it be satisfactory to have only 75 percent of Zep back?

Could anybody imagine the Eagles touring without the feuding egos of Don Henley and Glenn Frey? Is part of the magic watching from the stands waiting to see if another boxing match breaks out?

I cannot say for sure if the animosity between the original three members of Led Zeppelin is quite as strong as the Eagles (ironic for a soft rock band), but I wonder if fans are willing to support a tour and a possible album without every spiteful living member back.

For this reason I can only see this project actually moving forward if the new frontman’s name is as compelling as the idea of “Zeppelin”. Personally, I think the most amazing Led Zeppelin reunion would feature Dave Grohl as the lead singer.

Grohl took the mic with the willing members of the group in the spring of 2008 during a Foo Fighters show at Wembley Stadium. Grohl called the day the greatest day of his life, so why make the greatest day his greatest tour?