David Beckham in New Underwear Ad…Need I Say More???

I will admit this is not exactly gossip but why not start your morning out with a bit of almost naked David Beckham in his new Emporio Armani Underwear ad? In the photos I have included you can check out the before and after or rather dressed and undressed picture of the guy. I mean really…is that body for real??? You can catch the real thing hanging at the Selfridges department store on Oxford Street in London. You can also catch Beckham and other stars in the new controversial Addidas TV commercial. David, along with Katy Perry and Missy Elliot are in this commercial that people feel is “condoning antisocial behavior”. Some parts are a man inhaling on the nozzle of a leaf blower, painting graffiti, riding a scooter in a crazy manner and someone smashing a light. Adiddas says the ad promoted “social activities and inclusion and that the celebrities’ and ordinary people were celebrating together throughout the ad in a safe, respectful and inspirational way.” You can watch it and judge for yourself. For now the commercial has been cleared to air although it will stay away from children’s programs.

So do you think David Letterman went too far this week when he made a joke about Sarah Palin’s younger daughter? Letterman is not a big Palin fan and he seemed to make that perfectly clear at all the jabs he took at her this week during her visit to New York. The joke in question that has Sarah and her husband and others upset went like this….In his monologue on Tuesdays show he joked that while “visiting Yankee Stadium and sitting in far far right field with Rudy Giuliani, they had a wonderful time. The toughest part of her visit was keeping Eliot Spitzer away from her daughter.” If you remember he was the New York Governor that was caught with the hooker, so you can imagine as parents the Palin’s were none too pleased about the “joke”. In fact the couple posted this comment on Facebook…”Any jokes about raping my 14 year old are despicable. Alaskans know it and I believe the rest of the world knows it too.” Palin was also in Dave’s Top 10 list on Monday which was listed as “Top Ten Highlights of Sarah Plains Trip to New York”. It was pretty harsh (although funny). #7 was “Keyed Tina Fey’s car”, #2 was “bought makeup from Bloomingdales to update her slutty flight attendant look” and #1 “Especially enjoyed NOT appearing on Letterman”. Other “Late Night with David Letterman” controversy this week was when Howard Stern showed up for a visit. He is a big Dave Letterman fan but whoa…look out Jay Leno and even Conan O’Brien. Stern slammed Leno on several occasions during the interview even seemingly enough to make Dave squirm a bit. It was a great interview though! Dave who currently earns $30 million a year is in negotiations to extend his contract for 2 more years through 2012.

If you can’t get enough of 65 year old Joy Behar from “The View” during the morning….good news…you will be able to see her nightly in her own cable show titled “The Joy Behar Show” on the HIL network. The show is scheduled to air this fall and Joy says it will be “topical and fun”. I am sure it will be with the very opinionated Behar at the helm giving us her own view on things.

Sad news for a CW actor…Johnny Palermo, 27 and his girlfriend were killed in a car accident on June 8th.  Although his career started recently just in 2004 he has been in more than 30 TV shows in that time and was a real up and coming actor. You may have seen him in “Everybody Hates Chris”, “How I Met Your Mother” or even “CSI Miami”. He even had an Indie film coming out this fall called “Pizza with Bullets.”