F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Chicago Cubs, and Hooking Up

F. Scott Fitzgerald, between suicidal thoughts, once said that intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. According to this definition, Chicago Cubs fans must be geniuses.

Every spring fans from the Northside without season tickets swarm to the Wrigley Field to get individual game Cubs tickets to a summer they believe will finally break the curse. These same fans also emphatically moan about how the franchise is destined to end the season in tragic fashion.

They would have you believe that they are truly the most beleaguered sport franchise on the planet. Their one claim to such ill-gotten fame is the fact that is has been 101 years since they have won a World Series.

Well, I am not sure Cubs fans should be complaining about their predicament so much. They have Wrigley Field. Cubs fans get a lot of flak for having girls and guys who come to the game with no other intention than to enjoy time under the sun in the bleachers or to simply to be seen.

I say that if your ballpark is actually considered a landmark worth just sitting in for three plus hours and the surrounding area is known for the bars, clubs, and general 20-smoething induced shenanigans then that means that your section of town is pretty awesome.

Yes, you do not have the pedigree of the New York Yankees, but you also do not have to play in the Bronx. I have a buddy who is an Assistant District Attorney in NYC and he is not willing to venture very far from the Yankee Stadium for fear of death.

The fact is that the Cubs may be the butt of jokes from around MLB, but they are part of the most recognizable collection of baseball franchises. It is kind of like the asking anybody of they would like to be Joey Bishop in the Rat Pack.

Of course you would. You are not considered as talented as guys like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Peter Lawford. You may not get to have sex with as many starlets. But you are still a member of the freaking Rat Pack.

Fans of the Baltimore Orioles have it much worse. They are like the fourth Baldwin brother. Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates have it even worse. They signed two guys who won a pitching contest in India just to get a little positive attention.

The list goes on with teams that have endured ineptitude for a decade or more and do not nearly have the stadium or the night life. If you lose in Cincinnati, Detroit, or Washington you are not going to get a loss-lamenting hook up. You get to go home, cry in your beer, and play with yourself.

So Cubs fans stop crying and celebrate that you have been a top tier team for the past three seasons. MLB tickets in every other city than Philadelphia have to deal with not winning the World Series. You get Cubs tickets, first place in the NL Central, and the Cubbie Bear.