Taylor Swift Tickets and Now e-Cards on Sale

Taylor Swift has decided to take on a new frontier, the e-card industry. American Greetings issued a press release, informing consumers that the Grammy-winning country singer has released a series of 13 e-cards, available at its own page.

For those not quite familiar with the concept of e-cards, this is really just an old concept in a new medium. Fans of the singer can send one of these via email or post it on Facebook when they get the urge to let someone know they are thinking of him or her.

American Greetings has had a relationship with Taylor Swift since the winter of 2009. This announcement comes as a preview, a sort of single to promote a bigger release. There will be a new collection of paper cards and online greetings in preparation for the Christmas season. There will also be a collection of cards released in time for her birthday.

There are also still Taylor Swift tickets available to see her on the Speak Now World Tour. Many of these shows are sold out are all the decent seats are taken. OnlineSeats has the seats for those concerts, so find your concert tickets here.