Star Wars in Concert

“Star Wars” fans get ready for your very own concert!  For the first time ever “Star Wars” is kicking off a world tour in October. George Lucas is planning to bring the franchise alive in a concert venue featuring a symphony orchestra playing music from all 6 movies. In addition to the music, Anthony Daniels, who plays C3PO, will narrate the production, along with clips that will be shown from all the movies on the largest mega screen ever to go on tour. There will also be an exhibit that includes props from all 6 movies as well, including costumes and some never before seen items.  Tickets go on sale in August and will be a treat for young and old. 

Another star is getting ready to launch her own jewelry line…who is it this time? Lilly Allen. The line will launch in September and Allen is very excited about it. She says,” I love jewelry, always have. I feel it completes on outfit.” Allen feels her designs are unique and her mantra is, “Wearing something out that you probably won’t see another person wear is a pull for me. All of the designs stem from anything whether it’s the surroundings of places I’ve been to around the world objects I’ve seen…anything. The list could go on forever.” Some of the designs you will find include animals, like pandas and flamingoes, as well as flowers, fruit and traffic signs. Everyday items turned into beautiful silver, gold or crystal pieces. Sounds nice. Good luck with your new endeavor. This is totally unrelated but has to do with Katy Perry and well you know the two just go together. Guess who was spotted at Katy Perry’s concert in New York tonight? Donald Trump and Melania, his wife. Hard to imagine The Donald at that concert. In other concert news Tim McGraw had yet another unruly fan evicted out of his concert, this time in California. Tim is quite the gentleman and he expects his fans to behave the same way. It is still unclear what upset the country star but he would not continue the show until the fan had been taken out of the venue by security. A similar situation happened just about a year ago when Tim had another unruly fan ejected from one of his concerts. He is a stand up guy, I love that! McGraw has a new album coming out October 20th; it will be his first album in over 2 years.

The DEA is all over Dr. Conrad Murray the physician that was with Michael Jackson at his house when he died. The DEA have searched his home as well as his office in Las Vegas. The DEA is looking for medical records of Michael Jacksons’ and it is said that he could have had as many as 19 aliases as a way for him to get drugs. The DEA has also confiscated the doctor’s cell phones and hard drive. Dr. Murray is currently under investigation for manslaughter. It is being said that he was the one that gave Michael Jackson the fatal dose of Propofol. This drug is a heavy duty drug that is administered through an IV and should only be used in hospitals under supervision. It is a sedative and it is said that Michael was desperately in search of the drug even though he knew the dangers. This is all still speculation and the autopsy report has not been completed yet. Also Dr. Murray has not been named a suspect and has been cooperating with law enforcement. We will just have to continue to wait and see.

I hate to be harsh…but have you seen K – Fed recently? He is hardly recognizable. He needs to take some pointers from his ex- wife Britney Spears and get his act together and get back in the game. Granted raising two young boys doesn’t leave a lot of time to focus on yourself but he has let himself go. He is still young and at one point quite a looker but now he looks like a middle aged old man. Take some of that $20,000 a month you are getting from Brit, hire a chef and personal trainer and take care of yourself.