Star Wars in Concert

“Star Wars” fans get ready for your very own concert!  For the first time ever “Star Wars” is kicking off a world tour in October. George Lucas is planning to bring the franchise alive in a concert venue featuring a symphony orchestra playing music from all 6 movies. In addition to the music, Anthony Daniels, who plays C3PO, will narrate the production, along with clips that will be shown from all the movies on the largest mega screen ever to go on tour. There will also be an exhibit that includes props from all 6 movies as well, including costumes and some never before seen items.  Tickets go on sale in August and will be a treat for young and old. 

Another star is getting ready to launch her own jewelry line…who is it this time? Lilly Allen. The line will launch in September and Allen is very excited about it. She says,” I love jewelry, always have. I feel it completes on outfit.” Allen feels her designs are unique and her mantra is, “Wearing something out that you probably won’t see another person wear is a pull for me. All of the designs stem from anything whether it’s the surroundings of places I’ve been to around the world objects I’ve seen…anything. The list could go on forever.” Some of the designs you will find include animals, like pandas and flamingoes, as well as flowers, fruit and traffic signs. Everyday items turned into beautiful silver, gold or crystal pieces. Sounds nice. Good luck with your new endeavor. This is totally unrelated but has to do with Katy Perry and well you know the two just go together. Guess who was spotted at Katy Perry’s concert in New York tonight? Donald Trump and Melania, his wife. Hard to imagine The Donald at that concert. In other concert news Tim McGraw had yet another unruly fan evicted out of his concert, this time in California. Tim is quite the gentleman and he expects his fans to behave the same way. It is still unclear what upset the country star but he would not continue the show until the fan had been taken out of the venue by security. A similar situation happened just about a year ago when Tim had another unruly fan ejected from one of his concerts. He is a stand up guy, I love that! McGraw has a new album coming out October 20th; it will be his first album in over 2 years.

The DEA is all over Dr. Conrad Murray the physician that was with Michael Jackson at his house when he died. The DEA have searched his home as well as his office in Las Vegas. The DEA is looking for medical records of Michael Jacksons’ and it is said that he could have had as many as 19 aliases as a way for him to get drugs. The DEA has also confiscated the doctor’s cell phones and hard drive. Dr. Murray is currently under investigation for manslaughter. It is being said that he was the one that gave Michael Jackson the fatal dose of Propofol. This drug is a heavy duty drug that is administered through an IV and should only be used in hospitals under supervision. It is a sedative and it is said that Michael was desperately in search of the drug even though he knew the dangers. This is all still speculation and the autopsy report has not been completed yet. Also Dr. Murray has not been named a suspect and has been cooperating with law enforcement. We will just have to continue to wait and see.

I hate to be harsh…but have you seen K – Fed recently? He is hardly recognizable. He needs to take some pointers from his ex- wife Britney Spears and get his act together and get back in the game. Granted raising two young boys doesn’t leave a lot of time to focus on yourself but he has let himself go. He is still young and at one point quite a looker but now he looks like a middle aged old man. Take some of that $20,000 a month you are getting from Brit, hire a chef and personal trainer and take care of yourself.           

A Trump Wedding

Tragedy strikes while setting up for Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” concert in Marseille France. While erecting the stage for Madonna’s performance it somehow collapsed and killed a 53 year old French man and injured six other people with two of those people receiving serious injuries. At this point it is unknown what exactly caused the accident. The show which was scheduled for this Sunday has been cancelled. Madonna released a statement, “I am devastated to have just received this tragic news. My prayers go out to those who were injured and their families along with my deepest sympathy to all those affected by this heartbreaking news.”

Good news and bad news for some couples. Starting with the good news….Donald Trump’s lovely daughter Ivanka got engaged last night to her boyfriend of two years, Jared Kushner.  Kushner also comes from a wealthy family and is also very ambitious like Ivanka. Jared comes from a Jewish family and Ivanka is taking the steps to convert to Judaism. Ivanka is 27 and Jared is 28 and the two are very happy. Ivanka sent out a twitter last night stating, “I got engaged last night…truly the happiest day of my life!!!” Now the bad news which I know will not come as a huge surprise. Amy Winehouse and her husband of two years have officially split and have been granted a divorce by a judge in London this morning. In the divorce papers Blake Fielder – Civil, Amy’s ex stated that “living with Winehouse was intolerable”. Once can only imagine from the glimpse into her life what that really means. Amy even admitted that she had an affair back in 2008. The woman is just a train wreck, so like I said divorce is always sad but in her case not a big surprise.

IT has just been announced that this year Farm Aid concert will be held on October 4th in St. Louis Missouri. This will be the first time that the concert will be held in St. Louis. Farm Aid started back in 1985 and has raised almost $35 million to help struggling farmers keep their land.   So far the lineup includes Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews and more performers will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Emmy’s are coming the Emmy’s are coming. We know the host is Neil Patrick Harris, and now we know the nominees. They were announced today and the live show will air September 20th on CBS. Here are a few of the highlights.  Starting with Outstanding Comedy Series, the nominees are…”Entourage”, “Weeds”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Flight of the Concord”, “30 Rock”,” The Office” and “Family Guy”. In the category for Outstanding Drama Series, the nominees are…”Big Love”, “Dexter”, “House”, “Damages”, “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad” and “Lost”. Outstanding Reality – Competition Program nominees are…”Top Chef”, “Project Runway”, “Amazing Race”,” Dancing with the Stars”, and “American Idol”. Oh I have to say that is a tough category, there are a lot of good ones in that one, although what happened to “Survivor”??? There was a big snub in this next category…do you see it? The category is Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series. Here are the nominees…”The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, “Real Time with Bill Maher”, “The Colbert Report”, “Late Show With David Letterman” and “Saturday Night Live”. Did you guess the snub? If you guessed “The Tonight show with Jay Leno” you would be correct. Interesting huh? Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series…Steve Carell for “The Office”, Tony Shalhoub for “Monk”, Jemaine Clement for “Flight of the Conchords”, Jim Parson for “The Big Bang Theory”, Alec Baldwin for “30 Rock” and Charlie Sheen for “Two and A Half Men”. Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series…Sarah Silverman for “The Sarah Silverman Program”, Mary -  Louise Parker for “Weeds”, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for “The New Adventures of Old Christine”, Toni Collette for “United States of Tara”, Christina Applegate for “Samantha Who?” and Tina Fey for “30 Rock”. Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series…Hugh Laurie for “House”, Michael C. Hall for “Dexter”, Simon Baker for “The Mentalist”, Gabriel Byrne for “In Treatment”, Bryan Cranston for “Breaking Bad” and Jon Hamm for “Mad Men”. Last but not least Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series… Mariska Hargitay for “Law & Order: SVU”, Kyra Sedgwick for “The Closer”, Holly Hunter for “Saving Grace”, Sally Field for “Brothers and Sisters”, Elizabeth Moss for “Mad Men” and Glenn Close for “Damages”. For all the other categories check out the full list of Emmy Nominations at the Official Emmy Website. Just going through all those shows and stars makes me so excited for the new fall lineup. I can only watch “Wipe Out” for so long!      

A Baby for Kendra

I found this to be surprising news so early in the morning….Kendra Wilkinson, 23, from the hit reality show “Girls Next Door” is PREGNANT!! Funny after finally getting out of the Playboy mansion and out on her this was the last thing I would have expected from her. Her fiancé, Hank Baskett, who is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kendra are very excited about the impending birth and seem to be utterly in love with each other. Best of luck to both of them. Kendra currently has her own reality show that just started on E! She has a beautiful new house that seems kind of lonely without gal pals Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. After watching the premiere which was the second highest debut for an E! show, I have to say I am concerned about her being a mom. I mean the poor girl didn’t even know how to shop for groceries, and her big focus is her new stripper pole in her living room. Well should be interesting, who knows, we will probably get to see the whole event as a reality series anyway.

Here is a little this and that on other marriages/splits and babies. Just 2 weeks after the accidental death of his 4 year old daughter, Mike Tyson, married his girlfriend Lakiha Spicer, on Saturday in Las Vegas. This is Tyson’s third marriage and the daughter who died was from his second marriage. Splitting up this week are James Van Der Beek (remember his from Dawson’s Creek) and his wife, Heather McComb who is also an actress. The two have been married since 2003. Miley Cyrus, 16 and her 20 year old boyfriend Justin Gaston have also parted ways. No reason has been given for the break up but there is possible speculation that perhaps former beau Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers is back in the picture. There had been rumors on the net yesterday that Leonardo DiCaprio and long time girlfriend and supermodel Bar Refaeli had split up but a source says that is untrue and the couple is still together. Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt have also called it quits. What was in the air in Hollywood this weekend??  It’s a boy for Hank Azaria and his girlfriend who welcomed their first child on Saturday a boy named, Hal. The “pregnant man” gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday. Tracy Beatie lives as a man and has officially changed his gender but still has the female sex organs. It is always interesting to see him photographed because although you know it is not a man actually pregnant …it does look like one.

It’s good to be the first daughter. After a trip to Paris, the Obama’s headed to London on holiday. The Obama women took in a show of “The Lion King”. The girls had a great time and enjoyed the Disney production. In addition to that, the girls got to go on the set of the new Harry Potter movie plus visit some of the biggest sites in London like a private tour of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Parliament. Not a bad way to celebrate turning the big #8!

Bad news for Miss California Carrie Prejean, she has been fired and will subsequently lose her crown and title. After supporting her through all the initial turmoil, Donald Trump gave his full support in the decision. “I told Carrie she needed to get back to work and honor her contract with Miss California USA Organization and I gave her the opportunity to so. Unfortunately it just doesn’t look like it is going to happen.” Well maybe now the $140,000 that Playboy offered her to pose for the magazine doesn’t look so bad after all.

Biggest Loser Winner Announced

Country music has always been about heart break and real folks with real problems and that is still true with new music coming from the country music industry. The news songs  seem to be talking about the recession head on and how it is affecting the average family. Listen to some of these country titles…”Red White and Pink Slip Blues” from Hank Williams Jr. He sings about a guy who loses his job, his house and his truck. That is about as much heartache as I can take. Then there is John Rich’s song “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” and Phil Vassar’s, “Prayer of a Common Man”. Fear not if country is getting you down switch over to Billboards top 100 which is not as focused on the hard times. The dance music and pop musicians are still trying to have some fun… just check out the Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga to pick up your spirits.

Talk about lifting your spirits… have you seen the new Biggest Loser winner? Helen Phillips lost 140 pounds and 20 dresses sizes. The 48 year old mother of 2 is hardly recognizable.  Trainer Jillian Michaels was her coach and her “Pink Team” won for the 3rd time in a row. Phillips will walk away with not only a stellar new body but also a cash prize of $250,000. She plans to take her husband to the Bellagio in Las Vegas as a thank you, for being such a great support to her. Also through this Helens’ daughter, Shanon lost 92 pounds as her mom’s other half in the couple’s part of the program. Honorable mention also goes to 19 year old Mike Moreli who lost an astounding 207 pounds, so you can imagine he is also a winner and Tara Costa who lost 155 pounds. Amazing transformations and an incredible show.

Miss California is smiling after the announcement from Donald Trump that she gets to keep her title. Carrie Prejean, Miss California, found herself surrounded by yet more controversy. Some questionable photos of the former model showed up (as they always seem to do) but as Trump so eloquently put it, “We are in the 21st century. We have determined that the pictures taken were fine.”  Seriously it is hard to not find something on someone now a day. Carrie herself says, “I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos.” Good for you Donald for not overreacting. Donald also gave Tara Conner, Miss USA, back in 2006 a second chance when she was surrounded by issues of drug use.

And last but not least in the gossip news for the day. It seems that yet another judge was fired from “America’s Next Top Model”. It seems that Paulina Porizkova is the most recent judge to not be returning.  She shared the news with Craig Ferguson on his show Tuesday night. First Janice Dickinson, then Twiggy and the latest Paulina. Maybe Tyra just needs Tyra and not another beautiful former model sitting by her side. Paulina did say that the reason they gave her was that they were cutting expenses, so we shall see who turns up next season, if anyone.  We will miss you Paulina!     

The Week in Review

Ok, I know I promised no Rihanna Chris Brown talk this week but I can’t keep silent any longer. There has been a very unfortunate situation this week with the Los Angeles police department and the case. Someone leaked the official police photo of Rihanna taken right after the attack. Because of the nature of the photo the police had no plans to not release the photo but someone got a hold of it and did release it. Poor Rihanna cannot get a break from all this. The photo is pretty heart wrenching to look at and shows the beating that Rihanna endured. She has big bruises on the side of her forehead, blood around the sides of her mouth and darkened areas around her eyes. She looks like she is in a lot of pain. Chris Brown’s court date is set for March 5th

Ok now onto happier news. Donald Trump is a Grandpa again but don’t let him hear you call him that. Donald Trump Jr. has a new son and you will never guess his name….yup, Donald Trump the 3rd.

And how about a little Jolie- Pitt news. Papa Pitt took the boys to Las Vegas this week, while Angie hung out with the girls in New York. It must be nice to be one of their kids. Daddy and the boys spent some time at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as well as the boys got to go to the MGM Mansion to see the lions. The boys also took some time to check out a show and got to see the 200 show of the Cirque du Soleil KA show. Glad everyone took some time to relax before the big Oscar’s event this Sunday. Both Brad and Angie have been nominated for awards this year. Brad is nominated for Best Actor for his film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and Angie is nominated for Best Actress for her work in the “Changeling”. There is also speculation that this could be the first time that Angie and Jennifer Aniston actually come face to face. It is hard to believe it hasn’t happened before but both women are planning to attend this year. Jennifer says she is ready for it and it was bound to happen. She will be there with boyfriend Jon Mayer at her side. She insists there will be no cat fight but you have to admit it won’t be easy especially in front of so many people. You have come a long way Jen; don’t let Angie bother you in the least.

And lastly John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have started a foundation in honor of their son Jett who died unexpectedly earlier this year. The Jett Travolta Foundation will be there to “assist and provide relief to children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication, behavioral learning impairments or other special medical, environmental, health or educational needs.” I am sure a lot of children will benefit and we can only hope during this difficult time that can bring the family some comfort.