The OnlineSeats Las Vegas Series: Celine Dion Tickets and a New Documentary

We all know that Celine Dion simply exudes class. Anyone who has had the pleasure of finding Celine Dion tickets for her new show can attest that it is a well-produced set and not a gaudy celebration of nostalgia. Anyone who has purchased her new scent can boast a demure scent that combines sweet highlights with undertones that take you to some mystical forest in Canada. Anyone who has ever met her has had the pleasure of meeting a celebrity who is thankful for the opportunities her fans have given her.

Now, she had been approached by the OWN some time ago and agreed to appear on the fledgling cable project from good friend Oprah. However, Celine Dion is not going to be a reality star. That would be classless. Instead, Celine: 3 Boys and a New Show is a 90-minute documentary chronicling her life as she balances a new Las Vegas show, a new set of twins, a son in school, and maintaining a healthy relationship with her husband, Rene.

The show debuts on October 1, 2011 at 9pm (ET) for those of us in the United States and on October 2, 2011 at 9pm (ET) for those in her native Canada. This documentary will surely be replayed a dozen or more times over October, just in case you miss out on those premiere nights.

I am looking forward to a real look at a busy star’s life. I expect something far less indulgent than Madonna’s 1990 Truth or Dare documentary or Kate Plus 8. If she remains true to the kind of celebrity she has been to date, the one who is performing for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Labor Day telethon, then this should be an honest look at the impossibly busy life of a woman juggling three children and a big budget show. Expect to see a woman who is a bit frazzled, but who is able to show adversity and overcome any obstacle.