The Three Stooges and More

The Three Stooges are coming back to the big screen and you will never guess who will be playing the 3 funny guys. Sean Penn has already signed on to play Larry, and Jim Carrey could possibly be playing Curly and Benicio del Toro is a possibility to play Moe. Not exactly the 3 men I would have thought to play those guys. Hey, don’t get me wrong, they are all amazing actors and Jim Carrey for sure would make a hilarious Curly, but Sean Penn and Benicio del Toro seems a bit serious to play Moe and  Larry. But hey, I am not casting director. The Farrelly brothers who definitely know their comedy have been working on the concept with MGM for awhile now. They feel with the economy the way it is that Americans are ready for a bit of slapstick and who better to deliver just that, then an updated version of the Three Stooges. Production will be starting soon with a release date to hopefully come in 2010.

Good news for 17 year old Shawn Johnson, who has been dancing her heart out on this, seasons Dancing With The Stars. Robert O’Ryan, who has been stalking the young gymnast, was arrested on Tuesday morning. He was found attempting to break onto the set of DWTS. The Los Angeles police said the man was seen “scaling a fence outside CBS studios” just prior to the taping of the show. Thank goodness they caught him when they did because the police found 2 loaded guns in his car as well as duct tape and zip ties which are materials that are typically used for kidnappings.  Love letters and other information on Shawn were found, as well as all of O’Ryans belongings which he had all packed up in his car. It seems that he had permantely left his Florida home to find Shawn, who he believed was “speaking to him personally through the television” and ESP.  HE is currently being held on $35,000 bail. Like I said that was a close call. I bet Shawn and her family can all sleep a lot easier tonight. Love those happy endings!!

Brett Michael’s fans brace yourself….the cover for his new book as been revealed and I must say it is pretty cool. The new book which is called, Roses and Thorns, will hit bookstores on June 23rd and will chronicle his life of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.” The book will take the reader through his early years in Harrisburg PA, his time with Poison, as well as the car crashes that changed his life. Of course his VH1 show, Rock of Love, is also discussed. You can catch Brett and Poison on tour this summer along with Def Leppard.