Dancing with the Stars Has a New Champion

One down and one to go. We now know who won “Dancing with the Stars” and very soon we will know who the big winner is on “American Idol”. Congratulations to the youngest winner ever, 17 year old, Olympic gold medalist, Shawn Johnson. She just barely beat out her French opponent, Gilles Marini, since there was less than 1% of votes that separated the two. So congratulations are definitely due for Gilles as well. Another big winner is Mark Ballas, who is now a two time title winner for ‘DWTS”. Although the show could have easily been done in 1 hour they really milked that second hour and filled it with so much junk… I mean recap…filler stuff.  At least Lady Gaga was good entertainment, not only her two songs “Just Dance” and “Love Game” but the costumes on that woman…whoa!  So that is it for Season 8. Now we will just have to wait patiently to see who the next cast of “stars” will consist of.

You just have to love Ann Curry from the “Today Show”, who was the chosen one that not only got to travel to Cannes, but also got the coveted Brad Pitt interview. And Ann enjoyed every minute of the interview, even going as far as to act like a school girl, giggling and touching Brad at every opportunity. Ann had a 7 minute interview with him and Brad looked like the total superstar today, it would have been hard not to act like that around him, but Ann may have gone too far. Getting down to business, Brad was there to talk about his new Quentin Tarantino movie, “Inglourious Basterds”, which is a World War II movie. Although there have recently been Brangelina trouble in paradise rumors, Brad denies them and says that Angie has been filming her new movie “Salt” while Brad has been the stay at home dad. The two will be reunited in Cannes at the premiere of Brad’s movie this evening.

I think I have to agree with Jennifer Aniston when it comes to John Mayer and his twittering. In fact maybe he should just stick to singing all together. His latest shtick…John is explaining the difference between different kinds of women out there and he doesn’t want the guys to hate him for dating the beautiful women. So here is his explanation of woman…what do you think of this ladies? He breaks them into 3 categories “douches”, “famewhores”, and “showbiz types”. And then he goes on to explain himself. He says the “showbiz types are people who grew up talking to themselves alone in a room for hours until they found some sort of outlet. Once they found that outlet, everything fell into place, except for the fact that they still never worked out why they still talk so much. So you see, though filled with deep emotional voids that can never be filled, Showbiz Types are an important part of your Nations tapestry.” John considers himself a Showbiz type. Thanks for all your twitters and giving us such an in depth look at your theory. Like I said…maybe he should just sing.

Good news for cutie, Chace Crawford from “The Gossip Girl”… he has just been cast as the star of the remake of the hit movie, “Footloose”. This is the movie that jump started Kevin Bacon’s career back when he was just 25. Crawford is 23 and the movie will begin shooting next March.  

Pink and Carey Hart Officially Back Together

Holly Madison seems to be another girl we just can’t get enough of. From Hef’s main squeeze, to “Dancing with the Stars”, her next project is going to be to star in “PEEPSHOW” the sexy new burlesque show in Las Vegas. The former “Girl Next Door” star will be replacing Kelly Monaco, when her 3 month contract is up in June. “Dancing with the Stars” seems to be a bit of a stepping stone or prerequisite for the show, since Madison will be the third star from Dancing to join the cast. Monaco was the winner from season 1 and Melanie Brown who is also currently starring in Peepshow was a runner up from season 5. Although the show does feature topless performers the stars themselves are remaining covered up. “Peepshow” is at Planet Hollywood and although it has just been a month is doing well.

Today on the Ellen you can see Pink officially sharing the good news that her and husband, Carey Hart, are back together. She shares with Ellen that luckily Hart has a sense of humor because some of the things she sings about him in her hit song “So What” are not all that nice. For example, at one point in the song she calls him a “tool” as well as some other things. She says it is kind of funny having him sit in the audience while she sings these things about him. Since I am a big Pink fan I am happy that the two are back together.
Delta is throwing a party for its employees and their families in Atlanta and you will never guess who they have gotten to headline their party – the Gin Blossoms. How cool is that? The Gin Blossoms are best known for their hits “Allison Road”, “Hey Jealousy “ and “Found Out about You” The company just really wants to thank it’s employees for all their hard work during these difficult times and to thank them the Gin Blossoms will perform. In addition there will also be a wine presentation and Jeff Francoeur, from the Atlanta Braves, will come for a visit. Delta is not footing the bill though, that thank you can go to their vendors. And just so their Minneapolis employees do not feel left out, they will be getting their own party at the end of the month.  

“American Idol” is bringing back one of their own for the finale next week. Carrie Underwood is going to be performing the farewell song this year, “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue. She was just on Idol back in March when she sang with Randy Travis, but really can you ever get enough of Carrie Underwood? After the upset earlier this week, you just never know who will end up the winner. Will it be Adam Lambert (like several of the judges are predicting) or Kris Allen.

And finally this just in…Lou Diamond Phillips is the latest celebrity to join the interesting cast of NBC’s reality show “I’m a Celebrity …Get Me Out of Here”. It is hard to believe that Phillips is 47 years old and has agreed to compete against other celebs (and I use that term loosely)…Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Sanjaya Malakar (yes from American Idol), Stephen Baldwin (who just can’t seem to say no to reality shows) and Janice Dickenson. I am going to tune in just to see Heidi and Janice rough it in the jungles of Costa Rica without breaking a nail. The show airs June 1 on NBC.   

David Cooks Brother Loses Battle with Cancer

Sad news this weekend for “American Idol” winner David Cook. He lost his brother Adam, 37, who has been battling a brain tumor for over 10 years. Ironically, David was in D.C. for the 12th Annual Race for Hope 5K, in which he was the grand marshal as well as a runner. Along with his team they raised over $98,000 which will go to the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. David actually spoke to the crowd and actually shared with them that morning that his brother had just died the night before. He told the crowd “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else right now.” Jeff Kolodin, who was the co chair for the race said this about David, he “is beyond the most courageous young person I have ever known. He spent his entire day hugging survivors, signing autographs for them taking pictures. He shared his very private moment with thousands. He was willing to put his personal raw emotion out there, knowing he was being filmed. He’s a heck of a person.” That is an incredible story. Our thoughts and prayers are with you David, during this very difficult time.

Oprah Winfrey has a new project and her name is Jenny McCarthy. Just like Dr. Phil and Rachel Ray, Jenny McCarthy is the latest person to sign a multiyear deal with Harpo productions that will include several projects.  Jenny has spent time lately with Oprah not only as a guest on her show to promote her books, “Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism” and “Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds”. She also has been on Oprah’s panel a few times for her Friday Live shows as well. Already Jenny has started a blog on the Oprah.com website and she will most likely have her own syndicated talk show at some point. With Oprah’s name behind her you can imagine that only good things will be ahead for Jenny’s career.

Good news for Melissa Rycroft fans, she is feeling much better and plans to perform on tonight’s “Dancing with the Stars”. She says she still is in some pain and she has been using a numbing patch to help with the pain, but she is going to give it her best shot. On the other hand there was not such good news for Denise Richards who also gave it has best shot this weekend but failed miserably. Denise was given the honor of singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch at a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field this past Friday. Richards herself admits not only is she not a singer but that she knew her performance was “horrifying”. Denise is originally from Downers’ Grove a suburb of Illinois and was happy to be at the game and at Wrigley Field. Denise said she really got into the game of baseball when she was married to Charlie Sheen, who was a big baseball fan. And finally another celebrity couple tied the knot this weekend. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sargaard made it official in Italy this weekend. The two have been together for years and already have a 2 ½ year old daughter together. Brother Jake Gyllenhaal and girlfriend Reese Whitherspoon were among the guests. Most recently Maggie was in “The Dark Knight” and Sarsgaard has been in the movies “Kinsey, Jarhead, and Shattered Glass”. Congratulations to the happy couple.  

Another Dancing with the Stars Injury

Bad news for “Dancing with the Stars” Fans – the latest injury victim is favorite Melissa Rycroft. Due to the injury that she sustained to one of her ribs she was not able to participate on Monday nights show. She has a hairline fracture to one of her ribs and hopefully with some rest should be able to continue in the competition. The judges did score her and her partner, Tony Dovolani, based on their rehearsal footage from what they were able to do from early on Monday. Steve O was also judged on his rehearsal performance when he hurt his back. Feel better soon Melissa we miss you and want you back soon.

Prince reveals big personal news that he has never shared before…he had epilepsy as a child. Prince shared this information during an interview on PBS with Tavis Smiley. This could be one of the reasons that Prince developed his flashy persona by trying to compensate how he grew up. You can imagine that he was teased by other children along with other childhood issues. His mother told him the story that “one day I walked into her and said, Mom, I’m not going to be sick anymore, and she said why? And I said, because an angel told me so. “Prince says that he doesn’t remember ever saying that but his mother told him the story and from that day on he wasn’t sick anymore. That story seems very much like Prince, don’t you think? Prince has been out and about promoting his newest album “LotusFlow3r”.

Are newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt flirting with disaster? The two headed to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico where Heidi is working on her new music video. Spencer talked to Ryan Seacrest this morning on his radio show, and told him that they are taking precautions and are in isolation, wearing masks and washing their hands everywhere they go.  I don’t know, but in light of the current situation and working so hard to be careful, due to the swine flu outbreak, maybe they should have postponed or changed locations, but that is just my opinion. The two are planning on taking their honeymoon in about a week perhaps to Fiji or Tahiti but they are still talking over the details with MTV. Yea, we will all get to be there for the honeymoon.

Jessica Alba turned 28 this weekend and had a fun 80’s bash with 50 of her friends. They dressed in 80’s attire, and played games from the 80’s like Connect Four and Chinese checkers. And of course there was great 80’ music with songs from Michael Jackson and Madonna. The stars sure do know how to celebrate!!!    

End of the Week Gossip Wrap Up

Have you seen this week’s People Magazine cover of hot sexy Valerie Bertinelli? Valerie is about to turn 49 and in a bikini, and the woman could pass for 25, I am not kidding. Eddie Van Halen, her former husband, I bet is eating his heart out. She looks just fabulous. I have always been a fan since her early days on the TV sitcom “One Day at a Time”. Valerie lost over 40 pounds in 9 months on Jenny Craig and she is also their spokesperson. She is excited because she says this is the first time she has worn a bikini since she was 20 years old. Well she looks awesome and I can think of no better birthday present then gracing the cover of the magazine looking like she looks.

So have you heard the rumored reason for the most recent John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston breakup? It seems that John has been more focused on his Twittering then his girlfriend. Sources close to Aniston state that basically Mayer was just not committed enough to the relationship with Jen, and he just kind of stopped calling her back. You can imagine how upset Jen was to find out that he didn’t have time to call her, yet he would spend hours twittering on his page. And she of course could tell how much time he was spending online just by checking out his page, which he was sometimes updating every few minutes. Is that crazy or what. Seems like a silly situation but who knows. So that is that. Alright Jen, better luck next time. I hope the next guy is “the one”. It’s your turn for love, marriage and some babies.

It also seems that the rumors about Madonna adopting  a new baby are true. It seems that baby David may be getting a new little sister from the same orphanage that he came from. Right now there is still some legality to get through and the Malawian courts still need to go through the paperwork and some additional adoption proceedings this coming Monday. The child that Madonna is hoping to adopt is a 14 month old baby girl, whose name is Mercy James. Madonna is planning on traveling to South Africa this weekend to be in court on Monday. She is also bringing David who may even get time to spend with his biological father, Yohane Banda.

There has been yet another DWTS injury this week. Holly Madison is the latest dancer on the injury list. At one point Holly thought she may have broken a rib but doctors have ruled that out.  She wants to of course continue with the show and  plans on resting this weekend if she can, so she can be back to perform on Monday nights show. I have to say I did not expect to see Denise Richards go home so soon. It is going so quickly.  

The Three Stooges and More

The Three Stooges are coming back to the big screen and you will never guess who will be playing the 3 funny guys. Sean Penn has already signed on to play Larry, and Jim Carrey could possibly be playing Curly and Benicio del Toro is a possibility to play Moe. Not exactly the 3 men I would have thought to play those guys. Hey, don’t get me wrong, they are all amazing actors and Jim Carrey for sure would make a hilarious Curly, but Sean Penn and Benicio del Toro seems a bit serious to play Moe and  Larry. But hey, I am not casting director. The Farrelly brothers who definitely know their comedy have been working on the concept with MGM for awhile now. They feel with the economy the way it is that Americans are ready for a bit of slapstick and who better to deliver just that, then an updated version of the Three Stooges. Production will be starting soon with a release date to hopefully come in 2010.

Good news for 17 year old Shawn Johnson, who has been dancing her heart out on this, seasons Dancing With The Stars. Robert O’Ryan, who has been stalking the young gymnast, was arrested on Tuesday morning. He was found attempting to break onto the set of DWTS. The Los Angeles police said the man was seen “scaling a fence outside CBS studios” just prior to the taping of the show. Thank goodness they caught him when they did because the police found 2 loaded guns in his car as well as duct tape and zip ties which are materials that are typically used for kidnappings.  Love letters and other information on Shawn were found, as well as all of O’Ryans belongings which he had all packed up in his car. It seems that he had permantely left his Florida home to find Shawn, who he believed was “speaking to him personally through the television” and ESP.  HE is currently being held on $35,000 bail. Like I said that was a close call. I bet Shawn and her family can all sleep a lot easier tonight. Love those happy endings!!

Brett Michael’s fans brace yourself….the cover for his new book as been revealed and I must say it is pretty cool. The new book which is called, Roses and Thorns, will hit bookstores on June 23rd and will chronicle his life of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.” The book will take the reader through his early years in Harrisburg PA, his time with Poison, as well as the car crashes that changed his life. Of course his VH1 show, Rock of Love, is also discussed. You can catch Brett and Poison on tour this summer along with Def Leppard.     


John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston

So what do you think John Mayer thought of his girlfriend’s recent interview when she said, “no relationship lasts forever. I don’t have a perfect relationship, and I don’t think it exists.” Is she just being honest and real or is she trying telling us something? Aniston and Mayer have been dating for a year and the recently turned 40, Jen says, “that this is the best moment of my life. I have never felt better physically or professionally. I am a very lucky woman.” All of this talk of love and relationships comes from Jen’s interview with Britain’s “Daily Mail”. I for one am happy for her and although she says she loves kids and would like to have a family, sometimes things just don’t always work out the way you plan and you just have to go with the flow. That does sound like a healthy attitude.

In yet more DWTS news it was a great first night and the judges actually gushed over newbie Melissa Rycroft and her performance with partner Tony Dovolani. They couple earned on of the highest scores of the night and Bruno (one of the judges) even went so far as to call her “a revelation”. Pretty impressive with just 3 days to rehearse. From heartbreak to overnight celebrity, you have got to love Hollywood. You just never know what will happen when one door is slammed closed what another door will bring. Good for you Melissa. The news however was not as good for other newcomer, Holly Madison, who says, “she definitely messed up”, but said she had fun. The top score of the night went to “Sex and the City” hottie, Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke, for their cha cha, that received a score of 24. The highest score for the waltz went to 17 year old gymnast, Shawn Johnson and her partner Mark Ballas, for their score of 23. She is the youngest competitor so far and I would say she is off to a pretty great start. Although I can’t say it is a big surprise, a not so stellar performance went to Apple co – founder Steve Wozniak (who broke up with comedian girlfriend Kathy Griffin about a year ago) ended up with a 13 for his cha cha with Karina Smirnoff. She must have drawn the short straw for this season huh?

And finally a divorce settlement for Anne Heche and her ex who finally ended their 2 year battle and they have reached a settlement. The two will split custody of their 7 year old son Homer and Heche will pay out a lump sum of $515,000 to her ex – Coley Laffoon. The two will split over $700,000 in stocks and other assets. Heche is just glad it is all over and she “is looking forward to getting on with her life and career”.  

Weekend Tidbits

It was a big week in New York for U2 ,who was there to promote their new album, “No Line on the Horizon”.  They performed and did an interview on “Good Morning America” where they were performing live from Fordham University. The students were in frenzy and all morning classes were canceled. I guess with the right motivation you can get 4000 students up and out of bed in the early morning hours.  The band was honored this week with a street temporarily named after them by Mayor Bloomberg.  53rd street in Manhattan will be called U2 Way for a week. The band then headed over to “The Late Show with David Letterman”, where they spent an entire week. The group performed songs from their new album, did an interview and even helped Dave with his Top 10 List.  IT was a load of fun to watch them all week.  The group kicks off their world tour in Barcelona on June 30 and will head back in the U.S.  for a concert in Chicago at Soldiers Field in September.

 In other news, People Magazine is reporting that they know who is going to be taking Nancy O’Dell’s spot on DWTS and it is a doozie. Although ABC has made no comment, People are saying, Melissa Rycroft the jilted fiancée from this seasons Bachelor, is the one. We will just have to wait and see. She has had only days to rehearse, but she will be at the season premiere on Monday night.

Let’s talk about Nadya Suleman for a moment. The Octuplet Mom has lost another spokesperson. Victor Munoz has decided to no longer represent Nadya Suleman and it doesn’t even have anything to do with death threats, which was the reason her first publicist, JoAnne Killeen decided to leave. Munoz says, “I wish her luck she is going to need it.” He also says that, “It’s pretty much a free for all over there right now. They are freaking out. Not to sound arrogant but those people depended on me for everything. You have no idea what I’ve had to do for these people. Nadya got real greedy. This woman is nuts.” Wow, sounds like a pretty intense experience. No wonder she is nuts, who wouldn’t be with 14 children, 8 preemies and about to have no home. Yikes!
And lastly, some break up news. Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman just could not make it work. After trying to make another go of it after splitting up last July and getting back together in the fall, it just isn’t happening for the couple. Too bad they were awfully cute and funny together.  

TV News

"Dancing with the Stars" has not even aired yet and already there are casting changes. Due to injuries two women will not be able to compete.Jewel has suffered from tibia fractures in both legs and Nancy O’Dell tore her meniscus and she is going to have to have knee surgery. So the question is….who will replace these women? ABC is keeping mum about who it will be but a name that has surfaced is Holly Madison, Hugh’s ex, from the reality TV show, “The Girls Next Door”. Both Nancy and Jewel will be at the premiere. Both women are devastated by these developments, but what can they do. The dancing is rigorous and they need to take care of their bodies. I bet I can guess who Jewel will be rooting for…hubby and competitor Ty Murray.  Check out the premiere on Monday March 9th to watch the show and hear the big reveal news.

In other TV news, the rumor mill is swirling about reality TV star Jon of the TLC show “Jon and Kate plus 8”. I am going to start by saying this is all speculation and I am a big fan of the show so I hope it is not true, but it is being reported that Jon has been spending a lot of time in Huntington, Penn. where his mother lives. That is about 3 hours away from the new million dollar home he and his family have just moved into. Eyewitnesses are reporting that Jon was seen hanging out at a local bar where he met some girls from a local college and then went with them to a house party. Jon then played beer pong at the party and afterwards went with some of the girls to a bar and grille where he was seen getting drunker and flirting with girls. It is being said that he actually told one of the girls that he might be getting divorced. Star Magazine has a witness that said, “He was dirty dancing with several of them, making out, kissing them on the necks and mouths. I thought it was rather surprising for a father with his wife and so many kids at home to be acting like this.” Since this information is all over the internet, Jon has released a statement through his rep basically denying all of this and how hurtful it is that people are spreading these rumors. He says that he was taking pictures with fans and that it has all been taken out of context. I for one would like to think that it is just a bunch of college students trying to stir things up and not realizing the effect that their words will have on these people’s lives. I want to think that because that is less upsetting to me then to think what is being said is actually anywhere near true.
And ending on a lighter note, M.I.A. is denying that she named her new baby “Ickett”, as had been reported. At this time she has not released the baby’s name. Well let’s thank our lucky stars for that good news.    

Dancing with Stars takes to the Tour

So when a reality show starts touring is it an ultra real experience? Dancing with the Stars tickets are being sold not for the studio audiences, but for a tour. I am not going to question the aesthetic value of going to a dance recital, dancing has been a qualified form of entertainment as long as music has been apart of our species history.

Ballet is no less of an art than a classical music concert. Break dancing is not considered lame while hip hop is considered cool (there are even a few movies specifically about b-boys and b-girls). One of the key factors in a musical on Broadway is the choreography. Dancing is as much a part of the entertainment landscape as the music playing in the background.

I wonder what it would be like to watch a dancing concert (not sure if that is the right term) in a huge arena like the Allstate Arena in Chicago or the Staples Center in Los Angeles. These are huge venues that seat tens of thousands of people. Does this take away from the experience because some of the audience has too watch the performances on the jumbotron on the scoreboard hanging from the middle of the arena? Or, does the large collection of fans of the show add to the experience?

I have been to basketball games and seen the action from the upper level and moved down and watched the players from a few rows deep on the lower level. It is a completely different experience.

Up high you can see and judge the action just fine, but up close the true grace, speed, and flow of the action on the court is something to truly behold. One gains appreciation for the difficulty and the skills being presented from a few yards away.

My guess is that the frenzy in the crowd will help when watching Warren Sapp, Kim Kardashian, and Susan Lucci perform their dances from the show. It is that willingness to be entertained and excited by the B-list stars that will make Dancing with the Stars worth their price.