Jeff Dunham Tickets are Insults for Everyone

Jeff Dunham is back on tour following the debut of “Control Chaos” on Comedy Central on September 25, 2011. The ventriloquist and comedian can claim another success with 5.5 million people tuning in to watch his program. However, like most comedians, he earns his living on the road. So he has launched a tour that will take him throughout the United States and Canada until deep into 2012.

The comedy special introduced two characters, Achmed Junior, Achmed the Dead Terrorists homosexual son, and Little Jeff, a pint-sized version of himself. They will be making appearances on his Controlled Chaos live tour, giving him a new perspective to speak from, especially given his recent divorce.

In fact, like him or hate him, Jeff Dunham tickets are standup comedy tickets to enjoy a roasting of every soul in the building. Dunham takes aim at white trash with Bubba J, black pimps with Sweet Daddy Dee, Hispanics with Jose Jalapeno on a Stick, Muslims and those of Middle Eastern descent with Achmed the Dead Terrorists, and now himself with Little Jeff.

Those who despise his act also need to remember that this is the same comedian who appeared on an episode of 30 Rock in which he portrays a Southern comedian who proves that people are the same no matter where they live. There are smart people, dumb people, jerks, saints, and everything in between. This is a man who certainly has a full grasp on what he is doing.

In a recent interview with, Dunham that he is not out to offend people, but that is something he has to do every show to make sure his comedy is pushing the envelope just enough. In the same article, he tells the interviewer he is going to start with himself if he is going to make fun of other people too.

He is an equal opportunity comedian who just hopes his audience has a sense of humor once their sub-group has its turn on stage.