Oh the Drama!

For those of you still watching “The Bachelor”, it actually was the most dramatic “After the Rose Ceremony”. Usually it is just ABC trying to make us think it, but whoa, I did not see this one coming at all and it was definitely one of Reality TV’s finest or least fine moments. In a matter of moments one of Americas most loved Bachelors went from the greatest guy around to as Melissa so eloquently put it, “a bastard”.

So for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about here is what happened on the finale of this seasons, “The Bachelor”. The show stayed true to its typical format throughout the show. There were 25 girls dwindled down to 2 over a period of weeks. There was plenty of drama, tears and kissing, which lets admit it that is why we keep tuning back in. Then there was all the build up to the finale. Jason Mesnick this year’s bachelor had fallen for both of the final two women left standing. Again, something that we have seen before. He cries and makes his choice between the two and gets down on his knee and actually proposes (which hasn’t happened in a while) and asks Melissa Rycroft to marry him after sending Molly Malaney home. Melissa is ecstatic and so am I because I finally picked the right girl to win. It was a good night and a good season. True love finally prevailed for this single dad and his new fiancée Melissa. Yea!! Then it’s time for “After the Final Rose”, where you get to see the happy couple reunited. For several weeks ABC had been hyping the show, as they always do, saying this will be the most dramatic “After the Rose” show ever.  We have heard that all before, all hype no action. Look how they promoted Deanna Pappas showing back up after she dumped Jason last season. Oh did ABC get their money’s worth on that one, we waited with baited breath for Deanna’s arrival and what would transpire, and would Jason pick her, and basically she came back for 2 minutes during the finale and told Jason she made a mistake and wanted him back.  Jason said no and that was that. So when it comes time for the final rose the expectations were not all that high – but lo and behold what took place was truly the most shocking of events to take place.
Jason comes out and tells host Chris Harrison that it is just not working out with fiancée Melissa. He has tried but things have changed, the chemistry is not there anymore and he can’t stop thinking about Molly. Oh you can just see Chris Harrison light up on the inside and you know he is just thinking about how great the ratings are going to be and that his job is secure for another season. So Melissa comes out and Jason proceeds to break up with her on national television. Oh the girl was ticked off!  And if that wasn’t bad enough watching that transpire, he tells her he is still in love with Molly. That had to hurt. It was brutal (and oddly exciting) to watch. Then 5 minutes later they bring Molly out who thinks she is there to get her questions answered as to why she wasn’t picked. At this point she has no idea that Jason just dumped Melissa and then Jason tells her. The look on Molly’s face was priceless. She kept looking over at Chris Harrison thinking this was some kind of joke. She was in shock and basically what she had dreamed about for the past 6 weeks was about to come true – Jason asked her for a second chance and instead of being angry she sealed the situation with a kiss and said she would be open to that. What a night! The Bachelor producers couldn’t have planned a better show if they tried. Now we will just have to sit back and see if all the heartache was worth it and see if this couple can find happiness together.