Chris Brown Tickets for the Comeback Concert

Chris Brown is back, or so he would like to think. He is definitely back in the news for having 95 parking tickets removed from his record. His name is definitely in the rumor mill, as tabloids are reporting that Rihanna’s family wants her to get back with him. His tour has ranked near the top of the secondary ticket market charts. Yet, his album sales have not quite been up to par with his first two double platinum albums.

Has the R&B artist become the Bob Seger or Jimmy Buffett of his genre? One that fans are willing to come out in droves once he steps out onto the stage, but one the same fans are unwilling to support his recorded material. From the reviews of tour opener in Toronto, it is clear that Brown is able to put quite a show- one that is quite worth the price of admission for Chris Brown tickets.

Brown brings the entire package, dancing, singing, dry humping the stage and very willing female fans pulled from the crowd. Of course, it helps that all North American concert dates will have T-Pain and Tyga along as supporting acts and select concert dates for the continent will have Kelly Rowland, an R&B artist on her back into the public eye in her own right.

It appeared the album was going to be fast tracked to platinum status by the Recording Industry Association of America after selling 270,000 copies in its first week back in March. However, the album sales have slowed since that impressive number, leaving F.A.M.E. hovering in gold certification status. The tour will certainly pique the public’s interest and was wisely planned six months after his abbreviated Australian leg, considering his temper tantrum on Good Morning America.

Even if the album does not reach platinum, the tour alone should go a long way to repairing his image with fans willing to forgive or completely forget the past. So yes, Chris Brown is back, just not quite as back as he would like to be. Of course, for him to get back on track he will have to do a few more years of grunt work. Putting on a stellar concert experience is just the kind of grunt work he needs to start doing.

Shaq’s New Reality Show

Game On…Shaquille O’Neal is getting his own sporting competition reality show on ABC this summer. Starting on August 18th Shaq is taking on some of the world’s favorite athletes at their own game. Here are a few examples of who and what this Cleveland Cavalier is going to be doing. First up on the debut show, called “Shaq VS.”, Shaq is going to swim against Michael Phelps the Olympic Gold medal superstar. You will also be able to see him box against the legendary Oscar De LaHoya, play a little tennis with Serena Williams and bat against St. Louis Cardinals favorite Albert Pujols. What is he thinking? Here is his plan though…he is going to train hard for a week prior to each competition and by that time he will have a pre-negotiated handicap again each opponent to give him a fair shot. The 37 year old hopes that all this training will help him in his upcoming basketball season. O’Neal has won an NBA championship 4 times in his basketball career with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat and he hopes to help his new team achieve the same.

Beastie Boy, Adam Yauch has been diagnosed with cancer. A tumor was found on his salivary gland and he will be having surgery to remove it as well as some treatments after the surgery. Luckily the cancer was caught early and is treatable. He is going to be taking some time off to recover and then he promises to be back on the road again.  The band has a new album coming out that will be pushed back as well, but as soon as he gets the go ahead he will be back. The new album is called “Hot Sauce Committee Part 1”.
It seems that Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest are out doing damage control on this whole Paula Abdul not coming back to “American Idol” next season story that broke this weekend. Simon tells “Extra” that, “She’ll be fine. She’ll be on the show. I don’t get a lot of say. I’ve just make it clear that I want Paula on the show.” Awww…how sweet Simon. Ryan says, “I think as far as I know, you’ll see everybody back. I hope so.”  Idol fans are in an uproar at the thought and are going crazy on Twitter showing their support for Paula. Some Idol favorites as well are giving their support. You can find Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud, who are all on the American Idol Live Tour, leading the pack. Paula responded to all the support by writing on her Twitter page that, “I’m actually moved 2 tears upon reading the enormous amount of tweets showing me your kindness, love & undying support. God bless all you! If it weren’t’ for you, this specific time and situation would feel a lot worse! XoP”. I agree I think she will be back and that “American Idol” and FOX are loving all the hubbub!

IT’s a funny world we live in….I just watched the Chris Brown public apology video. He definitely said all the right things and he probably means what he said, it was just so weird to hear this kid apologizing to the world on a taped video statement. I am not quite sure what I think about it, just that it was strange. Again, you can tell he rehearsed it and he tried to come through sincere and it was probably something he was advised to do and may have really wanted to do, but I guess it was strange to hear an apology from this person who we do not even know and it is not really our business. It is something between him and Rihanna, not all of ours. That is just what I think.     

New Reality Show for Jessica Simpson

Here comes another new reality TV show and this one is being spear headed by Jessica Simpson. After the ordeal she went through personally when she wore those high waited unflattering jeans and the “body bullying” she experienced she has come up with the idea for her new show. At the moment the title is “The Price of Beauty. The plan is that she would travel around the world in order to find out “what people find beautiful and why”. She would take a friend and they would head out on this great road trip and find the answers to these questions. They would also delve into taking a look at some of the outrageous things women go through and do to themselves to look beautiful. Jessica would be taking a very active role in the show and feels that this is a very important topic to learn more about and make people more aware. At this time that is about all the details that are out there.

Big congratulations go out to Mr. George Strait who has been named artist of the decade by the Academy of Country Music. You can watch the show on CBS this Wednesday. It is an all star country music event with performances by all your favorites. Faith Hill and hubby Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and Martina McBride are just a few of the greats that you can see perform. This is quite a big award, since only 4 other people have been recipients, including, Marty Robbins, Alabama and Brooks and Loretta Lynn.

Well if you have been waiting to hear first hand from Chris Brown, the time has finally come. Chris who has a new album, “Graffiti”, coming out soon, has made a short video along with his friend Bow Wow. Chris is excited about his album and is ready to get back out there and put all the bad stuff behind him. Chris says “Everybody that’s haters, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love you all. I ain’t a monster.”Hmmm…doesn’t sound like an apology of any kind to me? You can see it for yourself and be the judge. It sounds like he wants to sell some albums and hopes he still has a few fans out there. The investigation to his case with Rihanna is still ongoing and could even be dismissed. That would be a shame, but it seems that police misconduct could have played a role and if that was the case the whole thing could just go away. There is another hearing today so we will just have to wait and hear what comes out of that.

Sad sad news on the story I told you about yesterday that involved Mike Tyson’s 4 year old daughter. After somehow getting tangled up and strangled by a cord on the family’s treadmill, the little girl did pass away after being on life support.  In a statement from Tyson, he says”We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and prayers from all over the world. There are no words to describe this tragic loss or our beloved Exodus. We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal”. The mother’s name has not been released and she had been doing some house cleaning at the time of the accident.       

Finally…Project Runway is Coming Back

Good news “Project Runway” fans…..the legal battles are been resolved and the show will finally return and will air this summer on Lifetime. I don’t really care about the details of the legal battle, I am just glad they have resolved their issues and Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn will all be back together again. This season the show has moved from New York to Los Angeles to have more of a Hollywood feel. Some celebrities that will appear on the show this year include, Rebecca Romijn, Christina Aguilera and Evan Longoria Parker. I wonder if she will bring husband Tony Parker, of the San Antonio Spurs, to meet the designers. At this point that is about all we know. There is no information out about the new cast members or even an air date, but at least we know it is coming. Bravo though is fighting back. Having lost “Project Runway” to Lifetime, they are launching a new design competition called “The Fashion Show” that will be hosted by Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny’s Child) and designer, Isaac Mizrahi. They have already announced the cast and the show will air May 7th.

A new anti -domestic abuse PSA will be begin airing on April 6th in theatres, but you can see it now on the internet. A British organization, called Women’s Aid, has put together this 2 minute very disturbing clip. The clip shows Kiera Knightley being beaten up by her boyfriend. “The clip is part of the ACT campaign – to Admit domestic abuse is a problem, Call it by its name and Talk to someone.” In light of the Chris Brown – Rihanna situation, people are starting to talk more openly about it. Oprah has dedicated several shows to it and the also put out their own PSA. Everyone who worked on the PSA donated their time including director Joe Wright, who directed Knightly in “Atonement” and “Pride and Prejudice”. One in four women are affected by domestic violence at some point in their life and 2 women die every week from domestic abuse.

Remember super model Kathy Ireland who was a cover girl for the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit addtion? Well you have to check out her before and after photos of her recent weight gain and spectacular weight loss. Kathy is a mom of 3 as well as CEO of her billion dollar company, Kathy Ireland World Wide, and before she knew it, like many other moms who are so focused on everyone but themselves, she gained 25 pounds. One of her kids even told her she looked pregnant and that was that. She said, “She didn’t even recognize the person that I saw. I saw someone who looked overwhelmed, overstressed, overweight and over – everything.” So with the help of a friend, who just happened to be a personal trainer and nutritionist, Kathy got her act together and lost her weight and got back in shape, the old fashioned way. She cut calories, made better food choices and worked out 3 times a week. She looks great and feels great and has a new book coming out called “Real Solutions for Busy Moms”. At 46 will she be the next bikini clad woman on the cover of People Magazine? Ireland says absolutely not, she just “wants to be healthy, to be there for my husband and kids.”          

Chris Brown and Rihanna Take a Break

Finally some good news in the Chris Brown and Rihanna story. The two have decided to take a break. They have not officially broken up by Rihanna has decided to take some time and focus on herself and her career. It sounds like she is finally coming to her senses. Rihanna is back in LA after spending some time with her good friends Beyonce, Jay – Z, Brandy and her manager. Maybe all the input from friends, as well as Oprah, who talked to the couple on her show and has also been focusing on domestic violence, finally got through to her. Whatever, it is a good start to getting her life back on track.

Justin Timberlake has something to celebrate as well as something to celebrate with. He is launching a brand new brand of tequila called 901, which just happens to be his old area code from where he grew up in Memphis.  The project has been in the works for more than 2 years and will be available in select markets in May.  The lucky markets are St. Louis, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Justin is keeping his plate full; he also has his fashion line as well.

Make sure you turn into The Tonight Show tonight to catch President Barrack Obama chat it up with Jay Leno. This will be Obama’s first live talk show appearance since he became President. HE plans on making a grand entrance and will of course talk about the economy and his economic plan.

I am still so saddened and shocked as we all are about the death of Natasha Richardson. Every time I see a picture of her it just does not seem real.  The autopsy has come back and shows the cause of death was an “epidural hematoma, due to blunt impact to the head, which led to profound bleeding between the skull and the brain’s covering”. My heart just goes out to her family and the people who knew her. It makes you realize how precious every day needs to be.

And the Cycle Continues

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor after reading the latest news…Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together (with her father’s support).Here is the latest scoop, The two are hanging out at pal Diddy’s  Miami estate working out their issues. Those issues seems pretty easily solved if you ask me…”you beat me up, I am done with you.” But I guess the issues go deeper than that and for some reason she is open to being him. Rihanna is 21 years old with the world at her finger tips and she wants to stay with someone who hits her? Although I was surprised, it seems the professionals say that her response is typical. The director of a domestic violence program at Manhattans Urban Justice Center says that ”the reality is that when you’re in an intimate relationship with anyone you tend to give people chances”.  While Rihanna has remained indoors during the Miami reconciliation, Brown has been out jet skiing and having a grand old time. Rihanna is a role model for so many young girls it is just hard to watch her send the message that it is ok for someone to beat you up as long as they apologize.

And here is one more appalling celebrity story for you. The divorce between Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons is final and all of the financial needs of his two girls Ming, age 9 and Aoki, age 6 are well taken care of.  Each girl will be paid $20,000 PER MONTH until they reach 19. The girls will also be provided with a car for their use until they reach 16 that is worth at least $60,000 and that will be replaced every 3 years. Honestly, what could the girls use all that money for every single month? What kind of message is that sending these girls and what kind of spoiled brats are they going to grow up to be? I guess there are some who are not affected by the economy. Now get this daddy is forking over all this cash every month yet he gets to see the girls only every 8th week during the school year and on selected holidays. During all of his visits the girls will be accompanied by a security guard as well as a nanny. That’s Hollywood for you huh?
In other happier news, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback, and the beautiful Gisele Bundchen officially tied the knot in California this weekend. It was a small private affair for the couple.    

The Week in Review

Ok, I know I promised no Rihanna Chris Brown talk this week but I can’t keep silent any longer. There has been a very unfortunate situation this week with the Los Angeles police department and the case. Someone leaked the official police photo of Rihanna taken right after the attack. Because of the nature of the photo the police had no plans to not release the photo but someone got a hold of it and did release it. Poor Rihanna cannot get a break from all this. The photo is pretty heart wrenching to look at and shows the beating that Rihanna endured. She has big bruises on the side of her forehead, blood around the sides of her mouth and darkened areas around her eyes. She looks like she is in a lot of pain. Chris Brown’s court date is set for March 5th

Ok now onto happier news. Donald Trump is a Grandpa again but don’t let him hear you call him that. Donald Trump Jr. has a new son and you will never guess his name….yup, Donald Trump the 3rd.

And how about a little Jolie- Pitt news. Papa Pitt took the boys to Las Vegas this week, while Angie hung out with the girls in New York. It must be nice to be one of their kids. Daddy and the boys spent some time at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as well as the boys got to go to the MGM Mansion to see the lions. The boys also took some time to check out a show and got to see the 200 show of the Cirque du Soleil KA show. Glad everyone took some time to relax before the big Oscar’s event this Sunday. Both Brad and Angie have been nominated for awards this year. Brad is nominated for Best Actor for his film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and Angie is nominated for Best Actress for her work in the “Changeling”. There is also speculation that this could be the first time that Angie and Jennifer Aniston actually come face to face. It is hard to believe it hasn’t happened before but both women are planning to attend this year. Jennifer says she is ready for it and it was bound to happen. She will be there with boyfriend Jon Mayer at her side. She insists there will be no cat fight but you have to admit it won’t be easy especially in front of so many people. You have come a long way Jen; don’t let Angie bother you in the least.

And lastly John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have started a foundation in honor of their son Jett who died unexpectedly earlier this year. The Jett Travolta Foundation will be there to “assist and provide relief to children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication, behavioral learning impairments or other special medical, environmental, health or educational needs.” I am sure a lot of children will benefit and we can only hope during this difficult time that can bring the family some comfort.    

Self- proclaimed Advocate Against Teen Pregnancy ? Bristol Palin Speaks Out

I don’t know about you, but I cannot take one more story on Chris Brown and Rihanna. It’s enough already. So we are not even going to talk about them this week and we are going to move on to something else, like I wish everyone else would.

The daughter of Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, is speaking out about her experience as an unwed teen mother. Monday night, Bristol Palin spoke to Fox New’s Greta Van Susteren, about life as a new mom.  Bristol wants people to hear her story and learn from her situation. Although she loves her baby, she says it is hard and that “it’s so much easier if you’re married, have a house and career.”  Bristol is just 18 and does hope to one day marry the baby’s father, Levi Johnston. Bristol also speaks out against her mothers beliefs of abstinence, saying that it is just “not realistic at all”.  Well Bristol, you have your work cut out for you because there are plenty of young kids who need a good talking too.

She can start with 13 year old Alfie Patten, from the UK, who just became a new dad at the age of 13. Yup you read that correctly, 13.His girlfriend, Chantelle Stedman, is 15 and just gave birth to their new baby daughter. And you should see little Alfie, seriously, he looks like he is 8 years old holding his baby sister rather than his daughter. Here is the thing, he is quite excited and committed to being a good dad. Of course the boy can have no clue what raising a baby entails at least at the moment he is trying. So far he has been to the hospital everyday and wanted to be the first one to hold the baby when she was born. I guess you have to think that is better than just ignoring the baby and going off and playing with his friends. On the reality side of the situation when asked how he plans to provide for the baby financially, Alfies response was “What’s financially?”  He was also asked what he would do about money for the baby and basically he shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t really get pocket money”.  For the time being the new family is living with Alfie’s girlfriend’s family, along with her 5 brothers. At the moment the girl’s father is unemployed.  IT is a pretty sad story, no matter how excited little Alfie is. You have to wonder about the parents because it is reported that Alfie would often spend the night at his girlfriend’s house even though he lived nearby. He even keep his school uniform over there, so he could get ready and go straight to school in the morning. Unfortunately it looks like the parents of these children are now going to be responsible for one more, when it doesn’t even seem like they could keep a handle on the ones they already had.    

Celebrity News Updates

After his appearance last night on the David Letterman show, we can only hope that Joaquin Phoenix is putting on an act. I have never seen anything like that on television before. Dave was the consummate professional but it was honestly painful to watch. Joaquin walked out in dark sunglasses and proceeded to barely even make eye contact with Dave or the audience. All his answers were, yes, no or I don’t know. He could barely name the two costars in his upcoming movie, “Two Lovers”, that he was there to promote. Dave continued to plow through the longest 10 ½ minutes of television I have seen. The silence and awkwardness was a bit alarming. If this was really him, Phoenix seems to be in big trouble. If he was acting he needs to know although a bit amusing perhaps not the best career move. After making a comment about him chewing gum, Phoenix seemed a bit miffed, took out his gum and stuck under Dave’s desk. As soon as the interview was over Phoenix jumped out of his chair and started to leave. IT was just very bizarre.

In another story we just can’t seem to get enough about, the latest news from the Octuplet camp, is that if you feel compelled to donate to their cause you can now do so with your credit card on the website that the mom now set up. So far they haven’t said how much has been collected, only that offers keep coming for donations of clothes and cribs for the newborns as well as things for her other 6 children. On the flip side of people who are being very generous there are those who have sent death threats to the mom as well as her publicist. Ok really, that seems to be going a bit overboard people. What’s done is done now the focus must be on helping those 14 children regardless of what you think of the mother.

And finally, a friend of Chris Brown is saying how Chris feels badly about the whole alleged assault incident with his girlfriend Rihanna. Oh how nice for him. I mean come on, doesn’t that seem obvious that he would feel badly. I would hope he feels really really really badly for what he did. The newest information is that Rihanna had a black eye, a split lip as well as contusions on her face. No wonder the poor girl keeps cancelling concerts.  At this point it is still unknown if the two have spoken and what the status of their relationship is. I will keep you posted.