Cheech and Chong, Family Counselors

They say that the family that dines together stays together. They also saw that the family that laughs together stays together. I’m guessing that the family that pigs out on munchies together also stays together, and that family will enjoy the news that Cheech and Chong are headed back out on the road on the Light Up America Tour.

It will be interesting to see if the father and mother of a kid in their late teens is going to be able to laugh at the Sister Mary Elephant act or at the line Dave’ not here man. It will be interesting to watch as the drug movement has become entrenched in the fabric of society, so that parent and child alike know the inside jokes and the self-medicated references by the chronic comedians.

It will also be interesting to see what Cheech and Chong will do to make sure that their act is more than a rehash of their bits in the ‘70s and ‘80s. I’m guessing that kids will be able to recognize some “old stoner” signs by the end of the set and call their parents out.

Before the world can see the duo again, it will have to watch as a parade of has-beens and pander-ous picks roast them in Las Vegas on November 21 at the Caesars Palace during the TBS Comedy Festival.

I think Brad Garrett could be a funny host. I expect a little bit of Bob Saget shock for those who only know him as big brother Robert on Everybody Loves Raymond. I question the choices of the Rev Al Sharpton and Geraldo Rivera as roasters. I do not get it, nor do I want to imagine the conversation that went on in the boardroom when the list was selected.

I think that Comedy Central might actually be better at choosing original programming than TBS. I am actually surprised the network chose a pair like Cheech and Chong. Perhaps time has come when the basis of Cheech and Chong’s material has come into such household use that Las Vegas and TBS are finally getting the chance to make money off it. I’ll wait to see it live with Cheech and Chong tickets rather than watch Wilmer Valderrama make thinly veiled references to it.